NEW!!!!  We have what women want with the most cutting edge breakthrough foundation on the market!  YES!!!

Age-fighting formula:  Skin instantly looks firmer, younger & healthier. A moisturizing complex enriched with jojoba delivers lasting comfort and hydration.
For nomral to dry skin.
A luminous/dewy finish... AMAZING!


Age-fighting formula:  Skin instantly looks firmer, younger, and healthier. Special microspheres work all day to absorb oil and control shine.
For combination to oily skin.
Matte Finish… FABULOUS!

How to find a perfect Match:

1.     Hold the NEW foundation selector close to the jaw line of your customer to find the
closest color match. (found on Section 2 for $5)

2.    Stripe test a small amount of either the New Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation or New Matte-Wear Liquid foundation on their cheek to neck area.  You want to use retail products to demo. (You will want to try 2-3 shades to find the perfect shade that seems to disappear into their skin tone)

3.    Use the NEW FOUNDATION PRIMER to create a perfect canvas to extend the wear of foundation and reduce redness.

4.    Apply Mary Kay Foundation with our NEW MARY KAY LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH!
5.    Top it off with a light dusting of our Mineral Pressed our Loose Foundation Powder.


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