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 WOW!!!  Seminar was so awesome.  What a thrill it is to represent ALL of you as one of the best units in ALL of Mary Kay.  Do you realize there were only 145 Circle of excellence units out of about 8000 units.  Gang...it is a really big deal.  YOU truly are among the best of the best!!!!  I know YOU will continue to soar to new heights.     What great things can YOU  accomplish in August?   Mary Kay has some great new products coming out this month & some great sales tools as well. If you did PCP, you can order on the 10th, everyone else is can order on the 15th.   YOU want to get those orders in right away!!! Being a star consultant this 1st qt of the new MK year? (your only chance to be a 4 qt star).  Earn the gorgeous new charm bracelet?  It is so gorgeous!!!   Getting your 1st team member? or moving up the career path to star team builder or director?  There are women out there looking for what we have to offer...but we need to share ASK!!!!  Who will you ASK this month?  Whether they are new to MK or prior consultants...now is the time to ask.  Set your sights on moving up the Career Path!!   Do YOU realize by sharing you will also increase your income????    You just have to ASK!!!  Please know I'm here to help you...just ASK!!    Work on  booking, selling & sharing are the keys to success in a successful business.     I am so totally blessed to have each of YOU in my life.!!!  Now is the time to get a jump start on the new Mary Kay year.   TOGETHER....WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!   I believe in YOU!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee 


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