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  Oh my gosh!!!  Can you believe it is already April?    Spring has definitely sprung & we are down tot he last 3 months of the Mary Kay year!!!  There is still time to reach all your Mary Kay goals & dreams!!! What things can YOU accomplish in your business in April?  How about the "Glow & Tell" challenge!!  How fun is that?!!  Think of the extra ca$h & prospects doing this challenge can do for you & your business!!  Who can YOU share this awesome opportunity with?    Who wants to earn the gorgous new RED JACKET? Who wants to be wearing the hot new Purple Directors suit?   Debut on stage at seminar?????  Set your goals today!!  What can you accomplish today?  this week?     It is all there for you....all you have to do is go to work & achieve your dreams & goals!!!  I soooo believe in YOU!!!!   hugs,  Carol Lee                                                   

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