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   WOW!!!  Fall is definitely in the air.  With fall...it means the Holidays are right behind.  This time of year represents our best selling & sharing season!!!! (what great new holiday products we have!!)   With double credit, what a better time to share this awesome opportunity. Many women are looking for a way to make extra income. this time of year.   So now is the time to share this great opportunity. MK has given us the tools with double credit in sales & sharing....Its up to us....to make it work.  Have YOU put a plan together for a great October?   Make a list of prospects. Shoot to be a star consultant this qt.  Work to  earn the October bracelet.   Remember.... Whatever it is you want......YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!   I am so totally blessed to have each of YOU in my life.!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee 


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