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   WOW!!!  Can you believe it?  It's a brand new year...HAPPY 2017.   What are YOUR goals?  What are YOUR dreams?  You need  to have a daily plan,(I suggest you have a 6 most important list each day)  a weekly plan & that should lead you to your monthly plan which will take you to your 6 month goal.  Will YOU earn the January bracelet?   Will YOU be a star this quarter (ends March 15)?    Who will YOU share with?  Whether they are new to MK or prior consultants...now is the time to ask.  I'd love to see YOU all in the gorgeous RED JACKET!!!  Set your sights on moving up the Career Path!! I can see a ton of RED JACKETS walking across stage at Career Conference. Work on  booking, selling & sharing are the keys to success as we start 201!!! Make YOUR prospect list.    I am so totally blessed to have each of YOU in my life.!!!  Lets totally rock it out in January!!! I believe in YOU!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee 


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