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   WOW!!!  Can you believe it?  Its already November & the holidays are upon us.   This time of year represents our best selling & sharing season!!!! Not only do we have great  holiday products, but some awesome new winter products yet in Nov.)   Its time to plan your Holiday selling along with finding women who are looking for a way to make extra income.   So now is the time to share this great opportunity.   Make a list of prospects.  Its up to us....to make it work.  Have YOU put a plan together for a great November?  How many parties do you plan to hold?  What about a Holiday Open House. Who will YOU share with?   Shoot to be a star consultant this qt.  Work to  earn the November bracelet.   Remember.... Whatever it is you want......YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!   I am so totally blessed to have each of YOU in my life.!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee 


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