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   Fall has definitely arrived which means we are coming in to the best selling season in the Mary Kay year. Now its time to think about what you plan to accomplish in October.  What is your goal?  Where do you see yourself on Oct 31st???   This is the month to really work your business.  We have great new holiday products & most are limited & will be early sell outs!!   PLUS, Mary Kay is running Operation Double this is the month. This helps both YOU & our unit.  This means for every wholesale $1 you order, it counts double for both you & our unit towards year end goals!!!!   This is HUGE!!!    This is the  perfect month to book yourself solid!!!  People are already doing their holiday shopping so you might already want to book a Holiday Coffee to introduct people to our Holiday line.  Also, set up a holiday display at your parties.      Who will be the 1st to do the 10-10-$1000 & earn a copy of Luis Casco's book??? This is the perfect month to do it!!  Who will have a  $1000 month? $2000 or more?  Who will  share the opportunity?  Put your plan together now & go to work!!!!   I believe in YOU!!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee


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