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  HAPPY NEW MARY KAY YEAR!!!   I love the new Mary Kay year as the slate is clean...everyone is back at 0.  It doesn't matter what happened last year....its a fresh start in July.   It is time to set new goals & have new dreams for your business. What  will YOU accomplish in your business this new year?  Now is the time to put a plan together.  I am more than happy to help you with your goals & put that plan together.  I might remind you that this year director Leadership is in LA in January.  Who wants to debut at Leadership in the gorgeous new Purple Directors suit?   Set your goals today!!  I can tell you that as a unit we have SUPER HUGE goals for this year as well.   Mary Kay always said to us, "Many a Race is won at the starting gate!" I hope you all have your tennies on as a new race has begun!!!    I soooo believe in YOU!!!!  Together....we are going to rock the MK world in 2015-16!!!  Hugs, Carol Lee                                              

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