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 Here's to an AWESOME & AMAZING APRIL  to all you WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE!!!!!   We know that APRIL SHOWERS bring MAY FLOWERS!!!  So now is the time to shower your April with parties, sales & sharing....so that you will be able to watch your flowers (new team members/customers) bloom in May.   Are YOU ready to have an awesome April??? Mary Kay is running a great promotion for new team members in April.  So it  is  a great month to share this awesome opportunity.    Perhaps...you'll get your 1st team member or move into RED or up to TEAM LEADER OR FUTURE DIRECTOR?  How about earning the 2nd month of the RACE FOR RED contest?  There are so many possibilites this month.   Whatever your goals.....put your plan together now & go to work!!!! We are 3 months from the end of the seminar year.  Amazing things can happen for you in these last 3 months.   I am so totally blessed  to have each of  YOU in my life.!!!  Love ya, Carol Lee


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