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ABC's of Consistency by ENSD Gloria Mayfield-Banks
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ABC's of Consistency

By Gloria Mayfield-Banks
(as she shared at the TopGun National Area Debut!)

A-    ATTITUDE: 90% of game.  You're in control and you design it.  If a negative person comes your way, turn and RUN!


B-    BELIEF: key to increasing

1.      Increase imagination

2.      Visualize it and see it clearly

3.      Affirmation, have a powerful one

4.      Tell people who believe in your goal

5.      Work as if it is already done.

C-    CONFIDENCE:  Competence drives Confidence.  It is built by small  successes.

CHANGE: Get excited about change.

CUSTOMERS:  Get a lot of them

CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE:  Improve the quality of people you hang around.

COMMUNICATION:  Develop firm hand shake, no fingertips.  Look them in the eye and say to yourself, I'm confident, I'm fun, and I'm taking all your money tonight with a big smile on your face.


DELEGATION:  Get help in home, first thing.

DISCIPLINE:  It will FREE you.


ENERGY:  Watch what you eat and do.  Increase your energy because you give it away.

F-    FEAR:  Face it.

G-   GOALS:  Goals give passion and passion increases creativity.

H-   HUSTLE:  Learn how to get job done.  BE driven.

HIGH STANDARDS:  Surround yourself w/those who support and increase your standards and get away from those who diminish them.

HABITS:  You can't change habits but you CAN/MUST replace them.

I-      IMAGE:  Get it!  Make sure it's slammin.

J-     JUDGEMENT:  Don't judge others.  God is the only one who can judge.

K-   KNOWLEDGE:  It gives clarity.

L-    LEADERSHIP:  It can be developed.

LAUGHTER:  Have to have times of gut-wrenching laughter.

M-  MONEY MANAGEMENT:  Manage it or it will manage you.

MEN:  Can do it with or without them but not against them.  Cold hard cash wins them over and a lot of it makes them romantic.

N-   NUMBERS:  Work them.

NAVIGATE:  Through life.  Don't drift.

O-   OPPORTUNITY:  Share it.


OBSTACLES:  We all have them, keep going anyway.

P-    PEOPLE SKILLS:  Learn them.

PAYCHECK:  Design yours.

Q-   QUALITY WORK:  make your work irresistible.

R-   RESPECT:  Respect your position

RECOGNITION:  Learn how to give it.

READ:  You are what you read, what you listen to, who you associate with.  Read, listen, and associate with good quality.

S-    SKILLS:  School is never out for the pro.  Develop them.


STARS:  Always be one.



TRACK:  Track your activity seven days at a time.

TALENT:  Write yours down and that's what you give to others.

U-   UNDERSTANDING:  Rules, people, and patterns.

V-    VISION:  Have a clear picture of where you're going.

W-  WORDS:  Watch every word that comes out of your mouth.

WINNING:  You've got to want to win.  Learn to compete. 
Competition is good.

X-    X-TREME FOCUS:  Put all excuses aside.

Y-    WHY:  What is your why?  Are you doing what you need to do to take care of your folks, your kids?  The choices are NOW.

Z-    ZEAL:  Get in the ZONE and get ZEAL for more.  See world differently and create zeal for more.  More means better choices!