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$1000 Day

$1000 DAY!!..  BY E-MAIL.. OR CALLING!!

       "Hi _______ (personalized and emailed individually), this is _______, your Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I am SOOOO excited!  I am in a very special sales contest right now, and in
order to qualify I must have $1,000 retail in 24! hours!!   Sounds like a
lot, doesn't it?  This is where you come in.
        I am asking all of my  preferred customers and friends to
inventory their countertops and cosmetic drawer(s).   (Here I inserted
personal notes regarding product I know they like; or reminded them to
replaced their mascara; or "don't forget" sunscreen on upcoming vacation;
      **I am giving each person who orders on this day a 15% DISCOUNT on every product ordered!
 Saturday  (date)  .  You may email me your order (email address)  or phone in to (your #).  Please leave a message if I am notimmediately available.  
As you know, it is my policy to have product on hand at all
times and I want to have it for you to ship that day. For this special Challenge I am giving .., free shipping! 
Don't forget Mary Kay offers great gifts for Father's Day, Graduation,
Teacher Thank-you's, Bunko gifts, and Baby Shower and Wedding Shower gifts.
As a preferred customer, I would be happy to spend some time with you
one-on-one or share an hour with you and two or three friends to select the
perfect look for you.   There are so many new products for me to show you.
I am tickled "pink" about this challenge!  Since your time is so valuable, I
felt e-mailing  (or mailing  or calling) was the "today thing" to do.  I appreciate you, and thank you
for helping me achieve my goal....  Can't wait to hear from you!! BYE _____!"

 My phone number is ____________