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11 Special Lessons

So, you have invested in your future by purchasing your "Starter Kit". Congratulations! You have just begun a fantastic journey that can take you anywhere you want to go. But what's next? Here is a quick outline of what you should be doing in the next two to three weeks:

Your starter kit should be on its way. You don't have to wait for it to arrive to get started with your training. Your training will consist of four training sessions, two observations and studying the Career Essentials that will come in your showcase. Arrange this with your Director/Recruiter to view the Top Selling Consultants at work.

Work with your Director/Recruiter to schedule your Business Debut. Confirm it on both your calendars

Make a list of every woman that you know (that has skin). These are going to be the women you invite to your Business Debut and the women who will be your initial hostesses.

Make a list of every woman you know that you believe could benefit from a career in Mary Kay. These are going to be the women who we utilize as practice ears as you train on how to present the Mary Kay Marketing Plan. (These are the ladies that will help you with your Power Surge)

Create a Weekly Plan sheet and block off all the times you are NOT available to work your Mary Kay business. This will allow you and your Director/Recruiter to determine how best to fit your new business into your particular life schedule.

Attend the first available Success Meeting and receive your Mary Kay logo pin with honor. You may want to invite your friends, sister and/or other family members to join you and share in your first moment in the spotlight. (Then plan on being there every week to achieve optimum success.)

Begin your business right - with a positive attitude. You can achieve all you desire with your business! Believe in yourself! DO NOT let anyone rain on your parade!


Mary Kay Image: You are now a professional beauty consultant representing the most respected company and the best selling brand in the United States for the past seven years. I know you would agree that your image should reflect this. When representing Mary Kay you should be dressed professionally in a skirt, suit or dress. Please, no pants. In addition you should have properly applied Mary Kay makeup with neatly manicured nails and clean professional hair.

Mary Kay Ethics: The primary factor that sets Mary Kay apart from other companies is our principles and ethics. It goes without saying that you will always be honest and never make claims of the product other than those provided by the company. In addition, always practice the golden rule. Never take anyone elses customer. Honor the Mary Kay guarantee completely and cheerfully. When in doubt, always err on the side of the customer.

Mary Kay Conduct: You ARE Mary Kay to everyone you meet.
Please do not smoke in front of your customers, even if given permission.
Do not accept alcoholic beverages to drink at classes.
Never get into controversial conversations at classes, or with customers. Never get into gossip at any time!
If your car has the Mary Kay sticker on it, OR BETTER YET, if you drive a FREE Mary Kay career car  keep your car clean and drive with courtesy.

Attitude Is Everything:
Be positive and enthusiastic: DONT say negative things, especially at your Success Meetings.
Attend ALL Success Meetings and Mary Kay events such as Seminar in July/August, Career Conference in  March/April. These events are for your success and continued education.
Listen to Mary Kay and other motivational tapes DAILY. Say, yes to the tape of the month when placing your order. Read your Applause magazine. In addition, read at least 15 minutes a day out of your Career Essentials. Anyone who puts POSITIVE things in their minds DAILY will be successful.
Never share down times with a sister consultant. Call your Director if something is bothering you. Remember, the more you talk about something bad, the worse it becomes.
When you start to doubt yourself, remember the thousands of sister consultants who ARE DOING IT and YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Pick up your Applause and look at the winners.
Discipline yourself to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Company statistics show that 97% of successful Mary Kay car drivers and directors attended success meetings EVERY WEEK to build their business. Invest in yourself to get yourself as far as you deserve to go!!!
Check in the Announcements for a "Success Night Near YOU!"

Success Meetings are your opportunity to gain additional training, motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. They allow you to be recognized for your achievement, and once a week, to plug back into the pink bubble. Regular attendance is critical to your success.

Make it a point to bring a guest with you each week to learn more about the products and the career. Each week (unless otherwise specified) we will have something fun for your guest to enjoy and sample. Please be sure to advise them that the dress is professional.

All career-building functions (success meetings and other Mary Kay events) are professional meetings, so please leave the children at home. Let your guests know that this is time to leave their kids at home so they can participate and have tons of fun without distractions. Its their time to be pampered! Let your guest know up front everyone will be dress for success...they may wear slacks but everyone in MK will have on a dress/skirt.

You cannot sell what you dont wear. Your customers will buy what you show them. You will show them only what you love and have confidence in. You will gain confidence by correctly using your products daily! Follow the most logical first step
Toss your other brands! If you are not currently a Mary Kay user, you cannot promote what you do not wear and love. If you already use Mary Kay products, fill in the blanks you might be missing.
Set up your shower; sink area and vanity with your PERSONAL USE PACKAGE.
Listed here is a starter set. You will want to EXPAND AND EXPERIMENT with our entire line and seasonal limited editions. Include this in your initial inventory order, or order it alone.
The Consultant Personal Use Career Package:
Timewise Skin Care (all three parts)
Advanced Skin Care
Day and Night Solution
Night Time Cream
2 Eye Creams
Satin Lips Set
Triple Action Lip Enhancer
Private Spa/Body Care
Shower Gel
Moisture Lotion
Satin Hands Pampering Set
Salon Direct
Hand Bag
3 Nail Colors
3 Cheek Colors
8 eye Colors
3 Eye Pencils
3 Lip Pencils
1 Brow Pencil
Loose Powder
5 Lipsticks
Pressed Powder w/compact
Multiple Applicators

Isnt it exciting to have your own business? YOU are the chairman of the Board. YOU are in control. Think for a moment of all the things that would be involved if you were opening a dress shop. We will use that analogy as we discuss a variety of ways to look at the subject of inventory for your business.
Getting Started
There is no requirement that you start with inventory. You may conduct your first classes using the Beauty Starter Kit and then take orders, collect the payment, send an order to the company and then deliver the products to your new customer. This would be like opening your dress shop with pictures of dresses, taking orders, collecting a deposit or payment in full, buying the dresses at wholesale, then making delivery to your customer.
Starting with inventory is another option. It is a proven fact that when you have products on your shelf, you will sell 65% more! The more product you have, the more product you will sell and the more profitable you will be.
In addition, experience has shown that there are advantages to having inventory on hand when you begin:
Women are impulsive buyers and will delight in being able to take it home immediately
When she takes it home immediately, she remembers how to use it.
If she has to wait two weeks for delivery of the product, she has more of an opportunity to change her mind.
It is a time saver for you. You do not become an order taker and delivery lady.
Having product on your shelf motivates you to work consistently and confidently.
Booking from your classes for review facials will be easier.

If you tried on a dress and decided to purchase it, then learned that you would have to wait a week or so to receive the dress, you could lose your enthusiasm, couldnt you? Or perhaps, you would go to the store next door.

Your recruiter or Director will go over the various inventory options. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and your Director/Recruiter will help you place your first order. To secure your inventory, you may choose to use a personal credit card you have already established, apply for a MK card designed specifically for your business (information enclosed), apply for a personal bank loan or secured loan, or ask someone who loves you to invest in your business. Make your inventory decision as soon as possible to assure getting your business off to a great start!
Your Goal Should Be To Have Full Inventory.

Regardless of whether you start with or without inventory, you will eventually want to have full inventory on your shelf. This will enable you to continually service your customers, and to hold classes with confidence that you have everything a customer would want or need. Just as you would want to have every size of dress in your shop!


Initial Training
Regardless of your goals for your Mary Kay Business, when you become a Beauty Consultant you represent our company and are therefore expected to attend a training session. Check with your director/recruiter for the training class schedule.
School is always in session for the PRO...
In addition to the Weekly Meeting training sessions, you will want to observe at least two actual skin care classes with your Director/Recruiter plan to go to work with them. You may assist if the leader/recruiter requests your help, otherwise simply watch,  and take notes.
Perfect Start
For those consultants expecting to work their business as a hobby to part-time basis, you will want to begin your business in Mary Kay style by booking a Perfect Start. Book 8 skin care classes and hold at least 5 that incorporate at least 15 faces within two weeks of beginning your training. This starts your business rolling and eliminates the fear of booking when completed; you will receive a lovely gold tone PS pin from your Director.
Power Start
For those consultants wishing to work their business on a part-time to full-time basis and build a career, you will want to continue from your Perfect Start success. Complete two Perfect Starts back to back (10 appointments/30 faces in 30 days) to achieve your Power Start and ensure an initial customer base of at least 20 people. When completed, you will receive a beautiful crystal PS pin from your Director.

Power Surge

For those consultants wishing to work their business as a CAREER , you will want to add 10 Practice Interviews to your Perfect/Power Start and have your Recruiter/Director to do your interviews as you watch and listen. You will then feel fully trained and ready to reach your goals. You will receive from your Director the Mary Kay Watch.


Order your business cards. You will find an order form enclosed in your Welcome Packet. One of the business starter kits is the best way to go for new consultants. Ordering your business cards will make you feel professional and official about your business.

Establish a location in your home that will be your office (even if you do not have a separate room for it). This will be your workspace and should be set up, ready for you to work all the time. This will also make you feel official and professional and will help keep you organized as you establish the systems that work best for you.

Establish a location in your home where you will stock and arrange your Mary Kay inventory. You will want to have it organized in such a manner that it is easily accessible for reorders and classes. Under no circumstances should you store your inventory in a non-climate controlled location, such as the garage.

Open a checking account for your business. It is important to have a personal checking account specifically for your Mary Kay business. Keep your personal accounts separate from your business accounts. All Mary Kay income will go into that account and you will pay all Mary Kay expenses out of that account. It is important to NOT co-mingle funds.
Find a Bank that can offer you a DEBIT CARD to allow you to order ONLINE from your 60% account.

Purchase additional supplies such as cotton balls, headband, hair clip, cosmetic sponge wedges, pens, inexpensive washcloths or Mary Kay disposable facial cloths.

Begin tracking your cars mileage for your taxes. Keep a small spiral notebook in your car and log the starting and ending mileage of any miles used for Mary Kay.

Create two large, manila envelopes for each month. One for income and one for expenses. Save all your receipts and put them in the expenses envelope.

Each week, turn in or email your completed Weekly Accomplishment Sheet to receive your unit prizes and awards. Email your director with each $100 Day.


Beauty Consultant Mary Kay Pin
This beautiful goldtone pin is presented to you at a special Ceremony by your recruiter or director. This will take place at your first Unit Meeting.  As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant you will earn 40% to 50% on your sales once you have your Inventory on PROFIT basis.
Senior Consultant Pearl Enhancer
You are presented with your Sr. Consultant Pearl Enhancer as soon as you have your first active recruit. This beautiful enhancer encircles your Mary Kay pin. You will now be earning a 4% commission on your team members monthly wholesale orders.
Order your Red Jacket
You go on target for your Mary Kay Red Jacket as soon as you have your second qualified recruit. Call the company to order your RED JACKET
Star Recruiter Pin/Monogramed Red Jacket
You will earn your Star Recruiter Pin as soon as you have three active recruits. Plus you will receive a $50 Gift Certificate from Mary Kay Cosmetics that goes toward your official Red Jacket, which you now have the right to wear. You continue to earn 4% on your team members monthly wholesale orders.
Team Leader Pin
The Team Leader Pin is awarded to you when you have reached Team Leader status by having five active recruits. Your commission increases to 9% or 13% and you earn a $50 cash bonus for each new, qualified team member. At Team Leader status you have the privilege of going On-Target to earn the use of a Victory Red Grand Am Career Car.
Future Director Pin
With eight active recruits you earn the title of Future Director and can, if you choose, enter qualification to become a Sales Director.
Grand Achiever Pin
Once you have acquired 12 active recruits and are red hot & rolling, driving the sporty red Pontiac Grand Am. You will be awarded the Grand Achiever Pin.
Sales Director Sales Director Suit
Having completed qualifications to become a Sales Director you accept the additional responsibility and privilege of mentoring other women. Your commission increases to up to 26% and your unit recruiting bonus increases to $300. In addition you can earn unit production bonuses of $500 to $5000 per month.
National Sales Director
When you have assisted other women in achieving their dreams and goals and have the qualifying amount of offspring Sales Directors, you can earn the position of National Sales Director. Mary Kay National Sales Directors are the highest paid women in America earning an average $300,000 per year.


Friends, relatives, neighbors, people you work with, people you once worked with, former classmates, people from your husbands job or organization, recreation contacts this is a way to get started. Use Booking Dialogue (How To Book Your 1st Eight Classes.)

Promotion Dialogue How to Book Your 1st Eight Classes. Change to say you are getting a promotion to Star Consultant, Star Recruiter, Team Leader, etc. use with family, friends, former hostess, etc.

Before & After Portfolio one of the most successful ways to book appointments. All women love to be a model.

Second Facials to everyone who buys the basic set.

To Win for those customer who couldnt afford all the product they wanted.

Selective Approach people you just like.

Hostess Contest Re-book hostess, having a contest and just thought about you.

Tentative Date Approach use when a hostess is unsure of the date.

Facial Boxes put in doctors offices, restaurants, florists, cleaners, dress shops, etc.

People in your neighborhood or apartment send a flier or use the Introduce Yourself Letter from the company.

Telephone Book use a survey.

Welcome Wagon newcomers to your church or neighborhood.

Beauty Books leave everywhere, doctors office, dentists office, beauty shops, store bulletin boards, reception areas, large buildings or mall bathrooms, restaurants, etc. (Make sure your name and number are on the books!!)

Warm Chatter Use a survey or portfolio booking approach.

Book to Look Have a basket in the center of a table and when they book, they get to draw for an extra hostess gift.

Glamour Classes invite preferred customers to your home where they can try glamour products.

People who have postponed or canceled.

Mothers Day Class all of your customers who are mothers receive a Mothers Day gift from you.

Birthday Class all of your customers who have a birthday in the same month.

Clubs, Organization, Drill Teams, Cosmetology Classes, Home Economics Classes, Physical Education Classes offer to do a special talk, do two models, get names of everyone attending and follow up from individual consultations.

Half-price Sale for anyone who didnt by the basic set. Call and offer the basic at half-price if they share a facial with 3 ladies you havent facialed.

Offer a Special Gift for having 6 people at a skin care class.

Mini-Class use these words when someone says they dont want to invite friends over for a skin care class. Have them only invite 2 friends for a mini-class.
Business Cards spray with cologne and insert when paying a bill, making a bank deposit, giving a check, paying with cash or a credit card.

Wear your Mary Kay Pin Upside-down people will tell you that it is upside-down. Thank them for telling you and offer to give them a free facial for being so nice.

Give To Your Hostess give your hostess an extra special gift if she has three bookings before you arrive to do her class.

Wedding Parties look in the local newspaper and call the brides from engagement announcements and offer to do their wedding party.

New mothers look in the local newspapers and call the new moms and offer to do a free makeover.


Comfort Zone
I used to have a Comfort Zone
where I knew I couldn't fail,
The same four walls and busy work
were really more like jail.
I longed, so much, to do the things
I'd never done before
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone
and paced the same old floor.
I said it didn't matter
that I wasn't doing much,
I said I didn't care for things
like diamonds, cars, and such.
I claimed to be so busy with
the things inside the zone
But deep inside I longed for
something special of my own.
I couldn't let my life go by
just watching others win!!
I held my breath and stepped outside
to let the change begin!
I took a step and with new strength
I'd never felt before,
I kissed my Comfort Zone good-bye
and closed and locked the door!
If you are in a Comfort Zone
afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners
were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise
can make your dreams come true,
Greet your future with a smile,
success is there for YOU!!!