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Organization and Time Management - Sheryl Steinman's Color-Coded Daily track 7/07

   * Focus On Income Producing Activities*
                                           Thank you Pat Ringnalda!

*1. Tessy's Choice of Weekly Plan Sheet - Color Coded!*

   CHANGE your Mary Kay business forever ...
get the Weekly Plan Sheet working for you!
Get out your Highlighters ... what are you really doing with your time?!?  Now plan your ideal MK week ... and work your plan!  What are YOU willing to change to make your career more successful?!?

 2. Great Way to Keep Focused Monthly --- Tessy

   *PRINT*  and attach the 4 pages to a
folder and you will have a GREAT FOCUS FOLDER

3. Tessy's Choice - Daily Tracking Sheet

Sheryl Steinman's Daily Color-Coded Tracking Sheet

How to De-Stress Your Life

File It! Pro - Would you like to have more time to work your business?  Ever written warm chatter information on a gum wrapper?  Our Filing and Business Management System can help.  You should be out in front of people, not digging through piles of paper.   File It! Pro- Filing & Organization Tools for Independent Beauty Consultants and Directors

 4. File It! Don't Pile It! by Tessy Domingue, Sr. Sales Director


Product/Sample Organization


Product Display Photo Examples.

Eyeshadow and Blush Display Trays

Neutral Lipstick Holder Top View

Neutral Lipstick Holder - Front View

Lip/Eyeliner Holder
Lipstick and Lip Liner Holders

Color Merchandising Bag

Storing and Transporting your demonstrators and products. 

Quick Zip bags for foundation demonstrators, concealers and applicators.

Face Case-prepacked


Using the Plano Tackle Box to store and transport color cosmetics.

The Plano Over and Under Tackle Box is a portable storage for Retail Color Cosmetics.

Tackle Box Filled

This Plano organizer tray is a great addition to your tackle box.

The organizer tray nestles into the tackle box.

Second Tackle Box

A Second Tackle Box can be used for Foundations, Concealers and Powders.

A Second Tackle Box can be used for Foundations, Concealers and Powders.


You may also choose to purchase the great organizer bags from MK Connections!

IPA Tracking Sheet 

Time Management Tips- By Arlene Lenarz

Working Your Business
 - 6:22 minute audio clip.

10 Sins of Inefficient Time Management
- by Arlene Lenarz

IPA Postcard
- Income Producing Activities are the keys to your income!  And accountability is the key to consistent activity in the direction of your dreams!  Print this postcard and complete one every week!  Return them to me every Monday - no matter what is on it!

Work Week- Are you tired of where you are?  Are you ready to step up a level (or two) in your business?  It all depends on you and your work habits!  Organize your time, work efficiently and I guarantee you are going places!!!

K.I.S.S. Office Organization- Keep It Simple, Sweetie!  That is the theme of this sheet of suggestions to help get your Mary Kay Office set up and operating!  It's best if you can display your product for easy viewing... even a full store can be put on a couple of standing shelves.

Working Woman Time Management - Are you trying to fit your Mary Kay career around your current J.O.B.?  It can be done!  Check these helpful hints and tracking sheet!