Go-Getter's Training Center
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print- new 5/14

CLICK HERE - Why Mary Kay? 2012
CLICK HERE- Think Pink Survey by Angie & Pam
CLICK HERE- 25 Reasons to Think Pink
CLICK HERE- Team Building Appointment

CLICK HERE- Zero to Directorship in 4 months
CLICK HERE- for NSD Dacia's Story

( November 2010)
CLICK HERE - 8 Reasons why women start a MK Busines
CLICK HERE - New Placemat - thanks J. Semelsberger (8/10)
CLICK HERE - Recruiting Starter Kit Flyer
CLICK HERE - Scripts - the right words
CLICK HERE - Sales Outside Order Forms
CLICK HERE - Recruiting Ponder Pink Profile
CLICK HERE - Hostess Credit What's it all About
CLICK HERE - Christmas - 10 Reasons to begin a MK Career

How To Build Your Team...
Your Future in Mary Kay Chart- July 2007
Company Benefits - Fill in Sheet NEW April 07

Avenues of Income - Revised 2005
Team Building Tips to Get You Buzzing!
Decision Tree- This is fantastic! An easy to follow flow chart for overcoming objections! Now you will never be at a loss for words! Thank you, Donna Bayes, for putting this together and sharing!
Team Building Easy as 1,2, 3by NSD Pam Shaw
Red Hot Marketing Answers- new Feb 2008

Movin' Up
10 Steps to Your Red Jacket
How to be a Director in 6 Months
Director Tracking Sheet for 2005-2006
Over the Next 21 Weeks - See how you can move up with Consistency

Why Should You Become A Director Now?

Team Building Notebook
thanks Carrie Gotto Sundaram DIQ
CLICK HERE~ Teambuilding Cover
CLICK HERE~ Recruiting Notebook
CLICK HERE~ Pondering Pink Questionnaire
(a couple of these files are huge so I suggest right clicking on them and saving them to your desktop and opening from there)