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As an Independent Beauty Consultant, you are an independent contractor with the right to control your own business. The ideas shared with you here are simply suggestions that may help your build your business. Enriching Resources & Kissa's Kreations is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mary Kay. Mary Kay├?┬« and InTouch├?┬« are trademarks of Mary Kay, Inc.

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Seasonal Sales Ideas*

Seasonal Sales Ideas!
A Reson To Celebrate Every Month!
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Holiday: Other Observances, Celebrations, or Events that may occur this month:

New Years Day Jan 1
Save the Eagles Day  Jan 10
Amelia Earhart Day  Jan 11
Ben Franklin's Birthday  Jan 17
MLK Jr. *  3rd Mon in Jan

100th Day of School   
National Thank You Month
National Eye Care Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

National Freedom Day  Feb 1
Groundhog Day  Feb 2
Candlemas  Feb 2
Boy Scout Day  Feb 8
Valentine's Day  Feb 14
Presidents 'Day *  3rd Mon in Feb
Lincoln's Birthday - Feb 12
Washington's Birthday - Feb 22

American Heart Month
National Dental Month
Black History Month

Fat Tuesday  
Mardi Gras  
Ash Wednesday  
St. Patricks Day  March 17
Read Across America Day/Dr. Suess Birthday  March 2
First Day of Spring

National Nutrition Month
National Women's History Month
Save Your Vision Week - 1st week in March 
National Poison Prevention Week - 3rd week in March
Girl Scout Week - March 10-16

All Fool's Day / April Fools  Apr 1 Daylight Savings Time
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Monday  
Earth Day  April 22
Administrative Professionals Day
Arbor Day

Cancer Control Month 
Alcohol Awareness Month 

May Day
Cinco de Mayo  May 5
National Teachers Day
Nurses Day
Mother's Day  2nd Sunday in May
Armed Forces Day
Victoria Day
National Maritime Day
Memorial Day Last Mon in May

National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Steelmark Month
Law Day  1st Day of May 
Loyalty Day  1st Day of May 
National Day of Prayer  1st Thu in May
National Safe Boating Week  7 day period ending on last Fri before Memorial Day
National Transportation Week  Week that includes 3rd Fri in May
Police Week  Week in which May 15 occurs
Peace Officers Memorial Day   15th day of May
National Defense Transportation Day  3rd Fri in May

Flag Day  June 14
Father's Day  3rd Sunday in June
Juneteenth  June 19
Emancipation Day
St. Baptiste Day

National Rose Month
National Dairy Month
World Environment Day 
National Flag Week  Week of June 14th 
Honor America Days  June 14th thru July 4th 

Canada Day
Independence Day  July 4th
Bastille Day
Parent's Day


Friendship Day
Assumption Day
National Aviation Day
Women's Equality Day


Labor Day 1st Mon in Sept
Grandparents Day  Sun after Labor Day
Patriot Day
Stepfamily Day
Citizenship Day
Native American Day
Gold Star Mother's Day

National Hispanic Heritage Month  Sep 15th thru Oct 15th
Constitution Week  Sep 17th-23rd - U.S.

Child Health Day
Leif Erikson Day
National Children's Day
Columbus Day 2nd Mon in Oct
Thanksgiving (Canada)  2nd Mon in Oct
Boss Day  Oct 16
Sweetest Day  3rd Sat in Oct
United Nations Day
Mother-In-Law Day
Halloween  Oct 31

National Disability Employment Awareness Month    
National Hispanic Heritage Month  Sep 15th thru Oct 15th
National School Lunch Week  Week beginning on 2nd Sunday in October
National Forest Products Week  Week beginning on 3rd Sunday in October
White Cane Safety Day 15th of October

All Saints' Day  Nov 1
All Souls' Day  Nov 2
U.S. Pres. Election Day  1st Tues after 1st Mon in Nov (every 4 years)
Guy Fawkes Day 
Veterans DayNov 11 
Remembrance Day
Armistice Day
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thurs in Nov

Good Nutrition Month
Aviation Month 

AIDS Awareness Day  Dec 1
Nat'l Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Human Rights Day
Wright Brothers Day
Pan American Aviation Day
Forefather's Day
Christmas Day Dec 25
Kwanzaa  Begins Dec 26
Boxing Day  Dec 26
New Year's Eve 


New Year's 2008 countdown banner

1/1 - New Years Day
*January Sale* | New Year PC*
*Inventory Spreadsheet*
By Kissa's Kreations

*SuperbowlPool2012 | Superbowl Sale 1 | Superbowl Sale 2*
*SuperbowlSalePostcard1 | SuperbowlSalePostcard2 *

*superbowl special*
*superbowl special 2nd choice*
*superbowl contest ideas*
*superbowl grid blank*
*Superbowl Sales Flier*
*Superbowl Sales Flier2*
*Superbowl Contest and "How to"*
*Superbowl Grid2
*Superbowl Pool*
*Superbowl Sale Postcard*
*Super Bowl Specials Flier*
*Super Bowl Football Season*
*Super Bowl Squares*
*Super Bowl Give A Way*

Groundhog Day countdown banner
2/2 - Groundhog Day

Mardi Gras countdown banner

Valentine's Day countdown banner
2/14 - Valentines Day



Valentines Day $10 Coupon.pdf
Valentines Day Girlfriend Gift Certificate.pdf

I love You Fun Pack.pdf

Valentines Day Secret Cupid.pdf


 *Valentines Day Postcard | Valentines Day $10 Coupon*

Did you really MAX OUT your potential on HOLIDAY SALES??  If not......you get a SECOND CHANCE!! 
 VALENTINES DAY!!................but you have to HURRY!!

Valentine's Day is only a little over 2 weeks away.
Have you noticed retail stores everywhere are already promoting this very fun and romantic Holiday.  I simply adore this special day...hearts and flowers (and  a huge holiday selling opportunity for us) just my thing!!
I encourage you to start making your list of the customers you will be calling on.  Remember, Valentine's day gifts aren't just for sweethearts...gift giving extends to other members of the family!  It is also an excellent time for "secret girlfriend pampering packages" or in this case "secret cupid pampering packages" (see attached dialogue).
I have also attached a certificate you can use to personalize in the "highlighted area" with your name or the name of the person giving the gift, through you.  Lot's of options here :)   Ok, let's go girls....huge sales, NEW CUSTOMERS, and tons of BOOKINGS are waiting just for YOU.
*Valentine's Day $10 Coupon*
*Valentine's Day Girlfriend Gift Certificate*
*Valentine's Day Secret Cupid*
Thank you Melinda Balling for sharing.

*Valentine's Day Script*
*Valentine's Day Wish List*
*Valentines Day Gift Brochure*
*Valentines Card Gift Certificate*
*Valentines Day Pillow Gift Card*
*Valentine I Love You Tags*
*Valentine's Day Queen for a Day*
*Valentines Day Certificate*
*VD Sweetheart Collection*
*VD Sweetheart Collection Rollup*


*Eyes of March Postcard*

Daylight Saving Time countdown banner
U.S. begins (Spring Forward) at 2 a.m. on the Second Sunday in March  (set clocks forward 1 hour)
March 10, 2013
March 9, 2014
March 8, 2015

St. Patrick's Day countdown banner
3/17 - St. Patricks Day
*St. Patricks Day Silent Hostess | St. Patricks Day Sale

Spring countdown banner
3/20 - Spring Begins

* Spring Fling *
* Outside Order Form *
* Spring Cup of Tea For Reorders *

April Fools Day countdown banner
4/1 - April Fools Day

*April Silent Hostess*

Easter countdown banner 

* Honey Bunny Basket  | Honey Bunny Basket Instructions | Egg-cellent Easter Idea *
* Easter Egg Labels | Easter Egg Warm Chatter for Businesses *  
* Easter Egg Warm Chatter | Incentive For Referrals | Easter Egg Warm Chattering *

Administrative Professionals Day
Administrative Professionals' Week
*Letter of Introduction* Word Document
*Letter of Introduction* PDF Document
*Sales Brochure*
*Administrative Professionals' Gift Certificate*
*Administrative Professionals' Week Postcard*
Created By Karissa Watson
* Secretary's Day Poem *

Mother's Day countdown banner
*Prom Certificate*

5/4 - Teachers Appreciation Week
*Teacher Appreciation Flyer*
*Teacher Gift Certificate*
*Teacher Gift Certificate*
*Teacher Gift Certificate* black/white
*Teacher's Pampering Bag*
*Teacher's Poem*

5/8 - Mother's Day
*Mother's Day Gift Book | Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Crazy Daisy Sale PC*

*Where Would We Be Without Mother*
*BIG Profits in May*
*Mother's Day Plan*
*Mother's Day Gift Certificates*
*Mother's Day Gift Ideas*
*Mother's Day Poem*
*Queen for a Day*
*Gift Ideas for Moms*
*Garden Poem*
*Amazing Mom Poem*
thanks Denise Flowers

5/12 - Nurse's Day
*Nurse's Gift Certificate*

*Nurses Gift Certificate*
*Nurses Gift Certificate*
*Nurses Gift Certificate* black/white

5/12 - Mary Kay Ash's Birthday

*Flier & Tracking Sheet*
*Mary Kay's Birthday Sale Postcard*
*Mary Kay's Birthday Ideas*
*Birthday Cards for your Customers*
*Anniversary Cards for your Customers*

Their Special Day Was Just as Special to Her
In honor of Mary Kay's birthday on May 12, it's fitting to remember that she always wanted to make others feel even more important than herself. Especially on their birthday! The following is a reminiscence from long-time Mary Kay Museum Director Jennifer Cook and Mary Kay Inc. retiree Erma Thompson.

"We had a little system back in the 1960s. When a new Independent Beauty Consultant started her Mary Kay business, her name was entered into a notebook. The date of the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement and her birth date were entered, and the person received a card every year from Mary Kay, for her anniversary and her birthday. Over the years, we moved to another building to accommodate our growing Company, and the independent sales force continued to expand as well. One day one of the executives said to Mary Kay, 'Mary Kay, you know we'll have to quit doing these birthdays. We have too many.' And she just said, 'Oh no we won't.' There was no arguing with her, as she would just smile sweetly. Mary Kay wanted every woman to have a birthday card because 'some don't get many cards.' When she was a salesperson herself, she had customers who told her she was the only person who sent them a card on their birthdays, and some Independent Beauty Consultants wrote to thank her and said the same thing. That touched her deeply. She didn't want anyone to feel less than special on their birthday."

Memorial Day countdown banner
5/30 - Memorial Day
*Memorial Day Mission*

 * Color Party 2010Fresh Face #1Fresh Face #2 * Get That Summer Glow *
* Get Your Glo On * Girls On The Go * Mineral Focus Group *
* Mineral Makeover 1 & 2 colors * Mineral Makeover - New Colors *
* Mineral Makeup * Summer Beauty Kit * Sunsational * Tanning *
Thank you Director Only Services for these great documents!
Flag Day countdown banner
6/14 - Flag Day

Father's Day countdown banner
6/19 - Father's Day
* 2010 Men's Product Flyer *

Summer countdown banner
6/21 - Summer Begins
Spring/Summer 2010 Spa Pedi Hostess Flier
Spring/Summer 2010 Spa Pedi Party Invitation
*Sunless Tanning Tips | Summer Telephone ScriptsSister Sandal Pledge*
*Thank You UPS Driver!*

Beach Party Beauty Bash!
* Why ** Hostess Invite ** Hostess Tips ** Set-up ** Party Outline ** Booking Script *
* Guest Invite ** Confirming Script ** Fast, Fun Facts ** Guest Survey ** Product Treasure *
Thank you Patty Webster

* Printable Flyer | Pineapple Escape Party | Pineapple Escape Invitation *
* Pineapple Fun Pack | Pineapple Fun Pack #2 | Summer Products Trunk Show *

4th Of July countdown banner 
7/4 - July 4th

 *Back To School Flier*
*Back To School Post Card*

Labor Day countdown banner
9/5 - Labor Day

9/11 - Grandparent's Day

9/13 - Mary Kay Inc. Anniversary

Fall countdown banner
9/22 - Autumn Begins
*Fall Harvest Post Card*

*Product Of The Month*

10/16 - National Boss's Day 

Breast Cancer Awarness Month
*Breast Cancer Cause Post Card*

Halloween countdown banner
10/31 - Halloween

* "Batty" Look Postcard *
* Free MASKara Booking Postcard *
* Ghost Hostess *
*Halloween Ghost Envelopes*
* Ghostbuster Calendar Challenge *
* Cosmetic Graveyard Sale *
* Halloween Gift Certificate *
* Halloween Ideas/Sales Suggestions *
*Free Mask-cara*
*$10 Gift Certificates*
*Trick or Treat Bag Inserts*
*October Goal Sheet*
*Halloween Scavenger Hunt*
*Fall Selling Ideas*
*Fall Selling Ideas2*
*Halloween Hostess Flyer*
*Halloween Treat*
*Halloween Treat2*


Daylight Savings Time countdown banner
U.S. ends (Fall Back) at 2 a.m. on the First Sunday of November (set clocks back 1 hour)
November 3, 2013
November 2, 2014
November 1, 2015 

11/6* - Election Day

Veterans Day countdown banner
11/11 - Veterans Day

Thanksgiving countdown banner
11/24 - Thanksgiving Day

A Mary Kay Thanksgiving Dinner
The Table
represents the support for the entire meal.   This is similar to unit meetings, education and the support you receive from your Sales Director and sister Consultants.

The Silverware and Utensils
are the tools for successfully completing the feast.  In Mary Kay, your Beauty Kit, brochures, CDs and ideas are the tools for your success!

The Turkey
is the main event!  Everything is built around the turkey.  In Mary Kay, this is the skin care class where everything takes place --- booking, coaching, selling and team building!  The turkey must be prepared correctly and thoroughly, and in a skin care class this is done by coaching the hostess and pre-profiling the guests.

The Stuffing
is having the right attitude and having your priorities in order --- God first, family second, and career third!

The Gravy
is, of course, the money and financial rewards you can earn in your Mary Kay business.  The turkey must be prepared before the gravy can be made.  In other words, everything comes from the skin care class!

The Vegetables
represent all of the personal growth in Mary Kay.  There are a variety of personal benefits you can receive from your business.  You decide which of those benefits you would like to have.  You might not have tried some of the vegetables before, but you will love them.  They taste great.

The Cranberry Salad
is the tartness.  Its the challenges that make you step out of your comfort zone.  It gives you a new perspective that makes everything taste sweeter.

The Relishes
are the friends you meet and cherish throughout your Mary Kay career.  The variety of the relishes is plentiful!  In Mary Kay you get to choose those you want to work with!

All the choices
on the table represent the flexibility in Mary Kay!  You can take everything and have a great big plate, or you can pick and choose and have a little plate.  You get to be your own boss!

The Pumpkin Pie
is the recognition you receive when meal is is served and enjoyed!  This is the sweet taste of success for a job well done!  Praise and recognition surround you.  The sweet feeling you have about yourself after you have accomplished a goal is irreplaceable!

The Dirty Dishes
must be cleaned and put away for future meals.  This is the final step and it prepares you for the first step again --- another delicious meal! Adding up the sales, filling out the weekly accomplishment sheet, cleaning the mirrors and trays, and putting everything away gets you ready for the next class.

The Leftovers
are the bookings leftover from your class.  They are so easy to just heat up in the microwave.  You dont have to do any shopping or a lot of preparation for them.  The leftovers are the BEST!

The Nap
is long awaited and much appreciated!  Enjoy!  You deserve it!

* November Hostess Flyer 50% Off *
* November Hostess Flyer $100 Free *
* Sales Strategy for Thanksgiving Week
* Silent Hostess Sales Sheet *
* 'Colored Turkey' Hostess Order Form
* Script For Booking Thanksgiving-Day Virtual Party
* Thanksgiving-Day Virtual Party *
* Happy Thanksgiving Customer Postcard *
* 'Turkey Team' Sales Idea *
* Thanksgiving Week Strategy *
* Thanksgiving Talkin Turkey Challenge *
* Thanksgiving Tower For All *
* November Hostess Flyer *
Thanksgiving Gift Certicate
* Thanksgiving Fun Pack *
* Deer Hunting Post Card *
*Thanksgiving Week Strategy*
*Day/Weekend After Thanksgiving Sale Flyer*
*Another Thanksgiving Sale Flyer*
*Thanksgiving Day Sale Postcard*

Hanukkah countdown banner

Winter countdown banner
12/21 - Winter Begins

Christmas countdown banner
12/25 - Christmas Day

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