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Every Day Heroes

Everyday Heroes
Enriching Women?s Lives
A special message from the heart!

In honoring Mary Kay?s 40th anniversary, and in keeping with Mary Kay?s tradition of enriching women?s lives, our unit is putting together a ?before? and ?after? portfolio of women who live lives that make a difference in the lives of others!  Our mission is to seek out 40 women who have made a difference in your life or the lives of those around us.  I call them Everyday Heroes.

  For example, you might look for a woman wh

  • Always has a smile and a kind word for everyone
  • Has some special quality that she shares with other
  • Is in a helping profession, such as a nurse, teacher or childcare worker
  • Is a friend
  • Is a member of your church
  • Is a volunteer or community leader
  • Has a giving heart
  • Goes out of her way to help others
  • Has impacted your life in some way
  • Has supported you in your business (your best customer)

These everyday heroes deserve to know that what they do makes a difference and the way they live their lives really matters.


All you need to do is to follow the attached script.  Then fill in the profile sheet, attach the ?before? and ?after? pictures and put it in your Everyday Heroes book.  Turn the book into me by May 1st.  Our goal is 40 heroes in each book!


I hope you?ll join us in this special project to recognize and celebrate the everyday heroes in your life!  What better way to honor Mary Kay?


Believing in you and this special Mary Kay mission,

Hi, __________, this is ___________. How are you? Great! Listen, I?d like to share something with you.  This is Mary Kay?s 40th Anniversary year and I?ve decided to do something special.


In honor of our 40th anniversary year and the company?s ongoing goal, ?To Enrich Women?s Lives?, I?m having a special celebration of my personal ?Everyday Heroes.?  These are women, who just by the way they live there lives, make a difference in others lives.  They may be a mother, a friend, a church member, a nurse or teacher.  You get the picture, right?!  Well, ________, that?s why I?m calling.  I consider you to be an Everyday Hero in my life and I just want to say, ?Thank you!?  You?ve always been there for me in good times and bad, encouraging, and supporting.  ____, are you surprised?  You shouldn?t be.  You are a very special person.


____, to honor my heroes, I?m inviting them to a special day of pampering at my house and putting them in my ?Everyday Heroes Portfolio.?


But that?s not all!  You?ll receive one of the Brand New MK Signature Nail Polishes and a matching lipstick of your choice as my personal ?thank you? for enriching my life. And, your name will be put into a drawing for a special gift basket.  How does that sound?  Great!


I have Saturday the 15th or Saturday, the 22nd available.   Which works best for you?


Great!  Would you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening?  Wonderful, I have you down for Saturday the _________ at ______.


Now, ______, I?d like to invite a couple of your friends that you would most like to spend some quality girlfriend time with.  You know the ones you?re always meaning to get together with or who may need some pampering themselves.  Give me the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 5 or 6 girlfriends and I?ll send out an invitation and follow-up with them as well.  As a thank you for helping me honor you, they?ll also receive a special gift from me.  O.K.?  Great.  May I get the names from you now so that I can get the invitations in the mail ASAP?  I?d like them to have enough time to make plans.