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As an Independent Beauty Consultant, you are an independent contractor with the right to control your own business. The ideas shared with you here are simply suggestions that may help your build your business. Enriching Resources & Kissa's Kreations is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mary Kay. Mary Kay├?┬« and InTouch├?┬« are trademarks of Mary Kay, Inc.

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Star Consultant Information

Star Consultant Tracking Sheet *
New Ladder to Success *
Ways To Star *

Star Consulting Propels Your Business!
How Many Stars are on Your Ladder of Success?

 Did you know that almost every Company-sponsored selling and team-building challenge available to you throughout each Seminar year leads to one goal? They all incorporate activities to help you achieve Star Consultant status. And that includes the monthly Pacesetters challenges!

Below, in the column next to the Consultant's name is the # wholesale purchased during the current quarter.  The second column indicates total contest credit (may include team member credit) so far this quarter.  The following columns reflect wholesale that would be needed to reach the star levels specified.  Each new Qualified Team Member a Consultant sponsors into the Company during the current quarter bumps the Consultant up to the next Star Consultant level.



Pick out your prize illustrated in the Star Consultant Prize Brochure and at the Mary Kay Intouch web site. Star Consultant prizes are hand-picked by Mary Kay Inc to reward stellar-achieving Consultants. Many of the Star Consultant Prizes are created exclusively for Mary Kay and are only available to Mary Kay Star Consultants.

Star Ladder of Success Pin!

BE A LADDER LEADER!  The Star Consultant "Ladder To Success" Pin is the "Report Card" that you wear on your shoulder.  It displays your Star Consulting success - quarter after quarter a visible representation of your efforts, your customers and your customer service.  Proudly wear it everywhere you go!

Career Advance to Career Car and INDEPENDENT Sales Director!

While maintaining Star Consultant Status every quarter, you are building your foundation as a Company Leader.  Consistent Star Consultant status every quarter supports team building and is one of the requisites to completing Sales Director qualification.  See the "Advance Online" at www.marykayintouch.com for more details.

Company Customer Referral

As a Star Consultant, your name and contact information will be displayed as a priority on the Consultant Locator System at www.marykay.com. And when potential clients call the 1-800-MaryKay phone number asking for a Consultant in their area to service them, ONLY Star Consultant contact information is given to callers. That's PREMIUM advertising placement!

FREE Bonus Products! 

Whether it is your new Consultant Bonus described in the Ready, Set, Sell brochure or the current seasoned consultants BizBuilder's Product Bonus, Mary Kay gives you FREE Product when you place your qualified orders!  Use your free bonuses as gifts, promotions, personal use, or sell for 100% profit!


Star Consulting is Key! 
Star Consulting every quarter is easy!  It just takes consistent effort on your part!  Consistently selling $300 every week will sell enough product to finish every quarter as a Star Consultant and have CASH (profit) for you! 


$300 retail sales x 4 weeks = $1200 retail sales

($600 Wholesale / $600 Your Profit) x3months = Sapphire Star!

$400 retail sales x 4 weeks = Ruby Star

$500 retail sales x 4 weeks = Diamond Star

$600 retail sales x 4 weeks = Emerald Starand so on

Team Building Credit!

Plus, for every Qualified Team Member you add to your Team during the quarter, the Company adds $600 Star Credit once you are a Sapphire Star! A Qualified new personal Team Member is one whose Agreement and a minimum of $600 in wholesale Section 1 orders are postmarked within the contest quarter.  What that means - Sell $300/Week for your Sapphire Star Status+ add 1 Qualified Team Member and you are a RUBY Star!

Seminar Awards Seating

Also, earn special Seminar Awards Arena Seating when you qualify!  See Seminar information available quarter 2 or 3 for more information.

I truly believe that it was the Star Consultant program that made me goal-oriented.  Through the 18 years Ive had my Mary Kay business, a top responsibility of mine was to be a Star Consultant. It has, in turn, given me a track to always run on.  I just believe its the most important personal-tracking system that a Beauty Consultant can use for her business.  For me, it was the pride in the Ladder of  Success pin itself and the small successes of being a Star Consultant every quarter that helped build my self-esteem. Every Independent Beauty Consultant should be striving to become a Star Consultant.  Its where everything in a Mary Kay business starts."

Pat Nuzzi, Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director

4-Quarter Star Consistency

Is more than a goal...it is a STANDARD
My thought every quarter is not "if" I will be a Star Consultant, b
ut "what level?"
That is what keeps my business strong, growing, And on the cutting edge.

-Gretchen Runkle, Sales Director

Most people start out with good intentions and want to make significant achievements. 
But too often they fall short of their ambition because they lack discipline. 
Because it takes true commitment to fulfill a long-term goal, Mary Kay Cosmetics has a 
Ladder of Success, with the way to take each step clearly defined in black and white. 
Each person, through her own efforts, promotes herself.
 - Mary Kay Ash