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Stop N Shop Party
Thank you Angelee Murray for your always excellent work!


"Stop and Shop" Appointments

Book your hostesses with this plan:  
A) $100 free product with 13 women and a minimum of $300 retail sales.
B) $75 free product with 10 women and a minimum of $200 retail sales.
C) $50 free product with 5 women and a minimum of $100 retail sales.
** Bonus $50 free product when 2 parties are booked from yours and held within 14 days!

You will need to set up 3 stations:  
1) Satin Hands/Satin Lips (hostess shares it)
2) The Holiday Limited Edition products (you use the Holiday Product Survey Sheet to sample the products)
3) Glamour Display (view themselves)
** Bring is all in a small rolling suitcase and bring lots of Look Books!

"Hi _____ !  This is _____, your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  Am I catching you at a busy time?  Great!

I am calling because I am so excited about a new type of Party for busy women like yourself.  It's called a "Stop and Shop" Party.  What I love about it is that our quests can just drop by, anytime during a 2 hours period, for even 15 minutes ~ sip on a cup of cider and browse or sample the fabulous Mary Kay products ... including the new Holiday line!  We have been doing these in the home and even at the office over the lunch hour.

You won't believe the amount of free product that Mary Kay is giving those women who share a Stop and Shop Party with some friends!  Anywhere from $50 to $150 FREE - based on the number of guests who drop by.

My calendar is filling up fast with these quick little parties so I wanted to call you right away.  I know how much you love the product, and that you would enjoy all that free product for yourself and for Christmas gift-giving.  Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to schedule yours? I know it would be so much fun for your girlfriends and so worthwhile for you!

Be quiet!