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100 Interviews

Fill out the following Interview Voucher for every person you shared career facts with (including your guests at events, classes, etc.).  Make sure you have a phone number so Linda can follow up for you!  If you know her interest level, please put that in the comments section.  Also list anything else important in the comments section.

Scroll down to see list of interviews.  If you do not see the name of the person you shared career facts with, please submit name and phone #!

July 2006 Interviews
June 2006 Interviews
May 2006 Interviews
April 2006 Interviews
March 2006 Interviews
February 2006 Interviews
January 2006 Interviews
December Interviews
November Interviews
October Interviews

Interview Voucher






100 July 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge
* faces seen in front of Director *

Lori Fett by Cristin Hoefert*
Joy Mohling by Cristin Hoefert*
Valoris Heezen by Cristin Hoefert*
Donna Fett by Cristin Hoefert*
Brenda Easton by Cristin Hoefert*
Dorothy Fawcett by Cristin Hoefert*
Becki Haiar by Cristin Hoefert*
Becky Dykstra by Cristin Hoefert*
Joan Hoefert by Cristin Hoefert*
Teresa Fauhaber by Cristin Hoefert*
Vicki Peskey by Cristin Hoefert*
Connie Larson by Cristin Hoefert*

100 June 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge
* faces seen in front of Director *

Kristen Klinkner by Kirstin Girard*
Brynna McKinney by Kirstin Girard*

Lucinda Albers by Heather Sieler*
Carmen Jensen by Linda Wicks*
Diane Riedesel by Linda Wicks*
Paula Becker by Linda Wicks*
Kendra Jensen by Linda Wicks*

Kim Wellendorf by Heather Sieler*

Jill Ballinger by Melissa Jensen*
Teresa Knutson by Melissa Jensen*
Lori Zweifel by Melissa Jensen*
Brenda Jensen by Melissa Jensen*
Lisa Zweifel by Melissa Jensen*

Courtney Grimsrud by Heather Sieler*
Andrea Verdegan by Heather Sieler*
Alison Anderson by Heather Sieler*
Morgan Meier by Heather Sieler*
Margo Law by Andrea VanLiere*
Carolyn Cunningham by Lindsey Krohg*
Candace Albers by Andrea Olson*

100 May 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge
* faces seen in front of Director *

Jennifer Barnes by Kirstin Girard*

Brandy Bearshield by Kirstin Girard
Myrranda by Kirstin Girard

Jill Moore by Kirstin Girard*

Katie Schroeder by Ashley Allcock*
Abbie Sterner by Ashley Allcock*
Robin Lykken by Ashley Allcock*
Jana Moen by Ashley Allcock*
July Leimkuhl by Ashley Allcock*
Rebel Dede by Ashley Allcock*
Rebecca Dirksen by Ashley Allcock*
Lynnette Seyer by Ashley Allcock*
Ashley Swanson by Ashley Allcock*
Ashley Burbach by Ashley Allcock*
Brittney VanderPol by Ashley Allcock*
Kathy Glanzer by Ashley Allcock*
Laura Viereck by Ashley Allcock*
Kate Rochleau by Ashley Allcock*
Laura Sapp by Ashley Allcock*

5-10-06 (Marketing Conf Call)
Natalie Carda by Heather Sieler
Stacie Oistad by Heather Sieler
Jenna Everson by Heather Sieler
Tiffany Hrdlicka by Heather Sieler

Smita Chandran by Andrea Olson*
Hyejin Park by Andrea Olson*
Cassandra Kotten by Kellie Stout*
Melissa Jensen by Kirsten Girard*

Lindsey Bergjord by Kirstin Girard
Katie Melby by Kirstin Girard
Emily Christianson by Kirstin Girard
Mindy Luze by Kirstin Girard
Jennifer Nolte by Kirstin Girard

Abby Knobbe by Heather Sieler*
Amanda Knutson by Heather Sieler*

100 April 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge
* faces seen in front of Director *

Jessica Couch by Amber Corral *
Angela Chase by Amber Corral *
Valorie Loken by Amber Corral *
Katie Cox by Amber Corral *
Sara Foss by Amber Corral *
Ashley Allcock by Amber Corral *
Serena Senske by Line Stevens *

Brandi Buss by Melissa McGreevy
Lindsay Damire by Feather K.

Jessica Henry by Heather Sieler *
Danielle Hemmer by Heather Sieler *
Tiffany Schmidt by Heather Sieler *
Ashley Larson by Heather Sieler *
Ashley Ingalls by Heather Sieler *
Amy Law by Heather Sieler *
Chelsea Johnson by Heather Sieler *
Jamie Gosch by Heather Sieler *
Amy Mueller by Heather Sieler *
Amanda Nenaber by Heather Sieler *
Gretchen Hinders by Heather Sieler *
Heidi Miles by Heather Sieler *
Michelle Monson by Heather Sieler *
Laura Fridley by Sandra Menzel *

Steph Kreie by Melissa Arthur *
Janell Mehlhoff by Melissa Arthur *
Michelle Hamm by Andrea Olson *
Lindsay Meier by ?? *
Ann Konechne by ?? *

Kelli Jo Minett by Cheryl Nelsen
Natalie Madsen by Cheryl Nelsen
Darcie Beier by Cheryl Nelsen
Kristy Nafziger by Cheryl Nelsen

Megan Blake by Andrea Olson*
Pat Blake by Andrea Olson*
Peggy Corbin by Andrea Olson*
Reina Hope by Andrea Olson*
Katie Kannenberg by Andrea Olson*
Jen Gross by Andrea Olson*
Amanda Boersma by Andrea Olson*

Brandy Bearshield by Kirsten Girard*
Heather Duba by Kirsten Girard*
Becky Miles by Kirsten Girard*
Angela Guidne by Kirsten Girard*
Jackie Sondreal by Kirsten Girard*
Jill Moore by Kirsten Girard*
Sarah Doescher by Kirsten Girard*

Teresa McGreevy by Melissa McGreevy*
Barb Langner by Melissa McGreevy*
Liz Fladmark by Melissa McGreevy*
Angie Foster by Melissa McGreevy*
Brandi Boss by Melissa McGreevy*
Becca Roetzel by Melissa McGreevy*

Adrian Hensley by Kirstin Girard*
Rebecca Dirkson by Ashley Allcock

Abbie Sterner by Ashley Allcock

Jenny Ballard by Ashley Allcock

Heather Duba by Kirstin Girard (2nd interview)

100 March 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge
Kim Goettsch by Bryn Anderson
Deb Anderson by Bryn Anderson
Lindsay Pierce by Bryn Anderson
Samantha Halverson by Bryn Anderson
Nicole Scheiber by Bryn Anderson
Courtney Herrig by Bryn Anderson
Renee Weber by Bryn Anderson
Kellie Anderson by Bryn Anderson
Stacy Lester by Bryn Anderson
Becky Brown by Bryn Anderson
Gloria Goettsch by Bryn Anderson
Bree Andereson by Bryn Anderson
Tara Lindahl by Bryn Anderson
?? by Bryn Anderson
Deb Erb by Becky Fesler
Miranda Holberg by Amber Corral
Rose Corzilius by Amber Corral
Sarah Franssens by Amber Corral
Emily Alesch by Amber Corral
Andrea Masters by Amber Corral
Latrisha Jenkins by Cheryl Nelsen
Nancy Peterson by Linda Wicks
Amber Tolley by Cheryl Nelsen
Karla Fox by Cheryl Nelsen
Jamie Larson by Kellie Stout
Kati Vanderwal by Becky Nelson
Sarah Doescher by Becky Nelson
Heather Sieler by Threasa Hopkins
Danielle Harmdierks by Bryn Anderson
Jess Esscheid by Bryn Andereson
Kelli Carstenson by Bryn Anderson
Nicole Scheiber by Bryn Anderson
Chelsy Bornhoft by Bryn Anderson
Kayla Goehring by Bryn Anderson
Kayla Petersen by Bryn Anderson
Jess Eischeid by Bryn Anderson
Nicole Scheiber by Bryn Anderson
Natalie Madsen by Bryn Andereson
?? by Bryn Anderson
?? by Bryn Anderson
Kelli Minett by Linda Wicks
Alyssa Olson by Linda Wicks
Lindsey Roberts by Andrea Olson
Christy Klarenbeek by Andrea Olson
Carissa Hofer by Andrea Olson
Audra Matson by Andrea Olson
Nelly Sandaval by Linda Wicks
Elizabeth Moreno by Linda Wicks
Lisa Wise by Kellie Stout
Beth Weinmeister by Sandra Menzel
J. by Sandra Menzel
Sara Foss by Amber Corral
Ashley Allcock by Amber Corral
Rebecca Dirksen by Amber Corral
Abbie Sterner by Amber Corral
Kirstin Girard by Becky Nelson (YES!)
Jenni Taylor by Feather
Carmen Jensen by Feather
Lindsey Dumire by Feather
Malori Moberg by Feather
Amber Wosje by Feather

Liana Meheula by Feather Kaleimamahu
Melinda Raff by Melissa McGreevy

100 February 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge

Emma Volz by Cheryl Nelsen
Allison Richards by Cheryl Nelsen
Summer Hendricks by Cheryl Nelsen
Lindsay Reinesch by Cheryl Nelsen
Krista Jacobs by Sandra Menzel
Kristy Nafziger by Cheryl Nelsen
Darcie Beier by Cheryl Nelsen
Staphanie Eide by Cheryl Nelsen
Claire Schreiner by Threasa Hopkins
Brenna Mader by Threasa Hopkins

Amy Pfeifer by Leah Breberg
Teresa Seefeldt by Linda Wicks
Kayla Goehring by Sandra Menzel
Nicole Scheiber by Sandra Menzel
Bryn Anderson by Sandra Menzel
Brooke Dickmeyer by Leah Breberg
Megan Kleinhans by Linda Wicks
Breanne Heisinger by ??

Rachelle Leiseth by Sandra Menzel
Valerie Schramm by Threasa Hopkins
Carmen Jensen by Linda Wicks
Becky Doerr by Becky Nelson
Elisabeth Hunstad by Threasa Hopkins
Emily Jepsen by Sandra Menzel
Kate Gronewold by Leah Breberg
Maggie Eilers by Threasa Hopkins

Heather Lee by Becky Nelson
Judy Barnhart by Becky Nelson
Miah Barnhart by Becky Nelson
Leah Murfield by Linda Wicks
Joyce Carman by Linda Wicks
Susan Slaughter by Linda Wicks
Shirley Todd by Linda Wicks

Megan Albertson by Sandra Menzel
Bethany Weinmeister by Sandra Menzel
Donna Campbell by Linda Montrose

100 January 2006 Interviews/Guests Challenge

Rebecca Anderson by Leah Breberg
Rosanie Basquin by Threasa Hopkins
Devon Kreis by Sandra Menzel
Denise Wehrkamp by Roxanna Williams
Alissa Scholten by Roxanna Williams
Ashley McKinney by Roxanna Williams
Ashley Williams by Roxanna Williams
Sarah Keppen by Roxanna Williams
Shannon Barry by Kellie Stout
Cheryl Hubbell by Kellie Stout
Liz Mette by Cheryl Nelsen
Latrisha Jenkins by Cheryl Nelsen
Kari Ullom by Becky Nelson

Katy VanMaanen by Threasa Hopkins
Beth Castetter by Line Stevens

Darla Bochman by Linda Wicks
Angie Bauer by Roshal Franken
Beth Adams by Roshal Franken
Emily Olsen by Roshal Franken
Nikki Bauer by Roshal Franken
Kayla Kalkman by Roshal Franken

100 December Interviews/Guests Challenge

12-5-05 (Success Night!)

1.  Kristi Soukup by Sandra Menzel
2. Chezarae Huntsinger by Sandra Menzel
3.  Dana Permann by Sandra Menzel
4. Kayln Longstaff by Sandra Menzel
5.  Alison Heinabaugh by Jane Tschetter
6.  Breanna Miller by Jane Tschetter

12-8-05 (Madison Guest Event)

7.  Jennifer Strang by Sandra Menzel
8.  Ashley Hammer by Sandra Menzel (under 18)
9.  Amber Hammer by Sandra Menzel (under 18)
10. Tari Dudley by Kelly Stout
11. Amanda Dudley by Kelly Stout (under 18)

12. Carol Dreyer by Kellie Stout
13. Tari Dudley by Kellie Stout

14. Melisa Eich by Becky Nelson
15. Heather Lee by Becky Nelson

16. Elizabeth Thon by Rebeka Worthley
17. Autumn Pankonin by Rebeka Worthley
18. Megan Borsgard by Rebeka Worthley
19. Amanda Buresch by Rebeka Worthley
20. Pauline Buresch by Rebeka Worthley
21. Alyssa Jackson by Rebeka Worthley
22. Katie MacKee by Rebeka Worthley
23. Amy Harrington by Rebeka Worthley

100 November Interviews/Guests Challenge
1.  Lisa Johnson by Linda Wicks (YES)
2.  Whitney Wojahn by Amber Corral
3. Lynn Witte by Linda Wicks (YES)
4. Melissa Stoware by Jane Tschetter
5. Jenny Steele by Jane Tschetter
6. Britta Streff by Jane Tschetter
7. Rachel Berens by Jane Tschetter
8. Sarah Elrik by Jane Tschetter
9. Heather Whetham by Jane Tschetter
10. Katie Boendee by Jane Tschetter
11. Melissa Miller by Jane Tschetter (Vicki Miller)
12. Crystal Hieb by Jane Tschetter
13. Christine Garcia by Jane Tschetter
14. Danielle Garcia by Jane Tschetter
15. Melissa Zephier by Candice VonEye
16.Deb DeWitt by Linda Montrose
17.Barb Ahartz by Linda Montrose
18.Sharon Klein by Jane Tschetter
19.Emily Anderson by Sandra Menzel
20.Leigh Bacon by Sandra Menzel
21.Chez Huntsinger by Sandra Menzel
22.Rachel Hahman by Sandra Menzel
23.Rabeka Worthley by Jane Tschetter (YES!)
24.Kellie Stout by Amber Corral
25.Denise Wehrkamp by Cheryl Nelsen
26.Roxanna Williams by Cheryl Nelsen
27.Lynn Raymond by Cheryl Nelsen
28.Holly Pfeifer by Jill Pruitt
29.Janel Muscha by Jill Pruitt
30.Paige McCracken by Jane Tschetter (YES!)
31.Melissa Daugherty by Jane Tschetter
32.Andrea Haugen by Jane Tschetter
33.Jazmine Boutte by Jane Tschetter
34.Giselle Boutte-Sporkman by Jane Tschetter
35.Sarah Buchholz by Dusty Holen
36.Deana Smithers by Rita Kelley
37.Amber Smithers by Rita Kelley
38.Lee Bailey by Rita Kelley
39.Megan Jordahl by Rita Kelley
40.Janice Zillgitt by Amber Corral
41.Lana Zillgitt by Amber Corral
42.Nicole by Jenna Zempel
43.Takara Hrdlicka by Jenna Zempel
44.Lynn Lendt by Jenna Zempel
45.Shayla Fredricks by Jenna Zempel
46.Lori Fett by Merridy Fett
47.Dani Fett by Merridy Fett
48.Cherie Sauvage by Merridy Fett
49.Dorothy Fawcett by Merridy Fett
50.Cathy Albrecht by Merridy Fett
51.Donna Bucher by Merridy Fett
52.Elaine Hallberg by Merridy Fett
53.Jean Gerlachs by Merridy Fett
54.Bette Thompson by Merridy Fett
55.Joan Hoefert by Merridy Fett
56.Becki Hoefert by Merridy Fett
57.Joyce Erpenbach by Merridy Fett

58.Sherrie Taylor by Lisa Johnson
59.Sue Johnson by Lisa Johnson
60.Stacey Owens by Lisa Johnson
61.Judith Luty by Lisa Johnson
62.Judy Mountain by Lisa Johnson
63.Terri Hunt by Lisa Johnson
64.Jodi Yanz by Lisa Johnson
65.Shannon Robinson by Lisa Johnson
66.Steph by Moody by Lisa Johnson
67.Maureen MacPhrail by Lisa Johnson
68.Teresa Willkom by Lisa Johnson
69.Gladys Valencour by Lisa Johnson
70.Shelly Johnson by Lisa Johnson
71.Jonelle Johnson by Lisa Johnson

72.Brooki Crocoran by Lynn Witte
73.Desiree Nelsen by Lynn Witte
74.Birdie Sanchez by Lynn Witte
75.Sarah TreeTop by Lynn Witte
76.Pat Schmidt by Lynn Witte
77.Martha Reinfield by Lynn Witte
78.Shasta Westn by Lynn Witte
79.Kiya Esquivel by Lynn Witte

100 October Interviews/Guests Challenge
1.  Amy Helsler by Jane Tschetter
2.  Jessica Page by Jane Tschetter
3.  Katherine Puetz by Jane Tschetter
4. Lois Tschetter by Tschetter
5.  Meredith Petersen by Linda Wicks
6.  Jenny Imholt by Jane Tschetter
7.  Melissa Daugherty by Jane Tschetter
8.  Bekki Wirt by Jane Tschetter
9. Cassie Fick by Jane Tschetter
10. Carissa Haight by Jane Tschetter
11. Jazmine Boutte by Jane Tschetter
12. Rebecca Maca by Jane Tschetter
13. Dana by Jane Tschetter
14. Amanda Garcia by Jane Tschetter
15. Ashley Munsterman by Jane Tschetter
16. Alyssa Voss by Linda Wicks
17. Chelsea Clarksean by Linda Wicks
18.  Laura Kemig by Leah Breberg
19.  Jessica Claeys by Linda Wicks
20.  Josie DeGroot by Leah Breberg
21. Val Kazmerzak by Leah Breberg
22. Rose Zachariasen by Linda Montrose
23. Lisa Jacobson by Threasa Hopkins
24.  Stephanie Searson by Shannon Clemens
25.  Danette Block by Shannon Clemens
26.  Mona Kampmann by Shannon Clemens
27.  Stacy Enestvedt by Melissa Rademacher
28.  Jill Moser by Melissa Rademacher
29.  Delvet Davis by Melissa Rademacher
30. Jenna Zempel by Linda Wicks
31. Libby Tolzin by Linda Wicks
32. Jennifer Sirory by Linda Wicks
33. Erin Zempel by Linda Wicks
34. Katie Fritz by Sandra Menzel
35. Louisa Soli-Holt by Sandra Menzel
36. Cortney Costello by Linda Wicks
37. Stephanie Swedlund by Sandra Menzel
38.  Erin Tappan by Sandra Menzel
39. Aileen Hopkins by Threasa Hopkins
40. Christy Gee by Cheryl Nelsen
41. Teresa Mallett by Cheryl Nelsen
42. Shelly Roth by Cheryl Nelsen
43. Jessica Roth by Amber Corral
44. Amanda Hanley by Amber Corral
45. Kaylee Brandt by Melissa Goetz
46. Sarah Seidel by Melissa Goetz
47. Kelsey O' Sullivan by Melissa Goetz
48. Nicole Rasmussen by Melissa Goetz
49. Jacqueline Pepper by Melissa Goetz
50. Erica Sattler by Sandra Menzel
51. Erin Borns by Sandra Menzel
52. Crystal Wigdahl by Sandra Menzel
53. Sara Oslund by Sandra Menzel
54. Alisha LaCourse by Sandra Menzel
55. Jennifer Vogel by Jenna Zempel
56. Erica Johnson by Jenna Zempel
57. Kara Beilke by Jenna Zempel
58.  Carol Straw by Jane Tschetter  (YES!)
59.  Lynn Witte by Linda Wicks (YES!)
60. Terra Grieve by Amber Corral
61. Colleen Hogan by Amber Corral

100 September Interviews/Guests Challenge
1.  Laurel Hellman by Melissa Rademacher
2.  Jennifer Easton by Merridy Fett
3.  Sue Easton by Merridy Fett
4.  Neva Bullivant by Linda Montrose
5.  Colleen Aaron by Linda Montrose
6.  Brittany Dean by Sandra Menzel
7.  Danielle Strohm by Sandra Menzel
8.  Ashton Carlson by Sandra Menzel
9.  Megan Richmond by Sandra Menzel
10.  Kari Pederson by Amber Corral
11. Allison Heeren by Sandra Menzel
12.  Casey Miller by Sandra Menzel
13.  Danielle Currier by Sandra Menzel
14. Melissa Goetz by Cheryl Nelsen
15. Kaylee Brandt by Cheryl Nelsen
16. Anna Keenan by Linda Wicks
17. Lacey Kraemer by Linda Wicks
18. Stacy Kiecker by Linda Wicks
19. Aubrey Graham by Linda Montrose
20. Whitney Vandelaholti by Linda Montrose
21. Sara Mogler by Linda Wicks
22. Jessica Claeys by Linda Wicks
23. Barbara Mogler by Linda Wicks
24. Kathleen Harwell by Sandra Menzel
25.  Regina Tillson by Sandra Menzel
26. Erica Eisenbraun by Sandra Menzel
27. Julie Groeneweg by Linda Wicks
28. Jodi Groeneweg by Linda Wicks
29. Amy Whitethorn by Linda Wicks
30. Mira Wilde by Sandra Menzel
31. Roxanna Williams by Cheryl Nelsen
32. Stephanie Searson by Shannon Clemens
33. Barb by Amber Corral
34. Lana Zillgit by Amber Corral
35. ?? by Shannon Clemens
36. ?? by Shannon Clemens
37. ?? by Cheryl Nelsen
38. Tessa Clercx by Sandra Menzel
39. Malissa Halliday by Sandra Menzel
40.  Christa Friedrich by Sandra Menzel
41.  Stepahnie Squibb by Sandra Menzel
42.  Alyssa Radrietz by Sandra Menzel
43.  Kelly Spartz by Sandra Menzel
44.  Latoya Grable by Sandra Menzel
45.  Ashley Ammon by Sandra Menzel
46.  Erin Borns by Sandra Menzel
47.  Dru Coughlin by Sandra Menzel
48.  Emily Letsche by Sandra Menzel
49.  Staci Duffy by Sandra Menzel
50. Jenna Zempel by Linda Wicks
51.  Cortney Costello by Linda Wicks
52. Elizabeth Byrum by Amber Corral
53. Shannon Hendry by Amber Corral
54.  Megan Bearmer by Amber Corral
55.  Michelle Beamer by Amber Corral
56.  Jacqueline Pepper by Cheryl Nelsen
57. Melissa Goetz by Cheryl Nelsen
58. Trudy Schmieding by Teresa Hopkins
59.  Jennica Quale by Linda Wicks
60. Amy Reis by Amber Corral
61. Lana Zillgitt by Amber Corral
62. Doris Limmer by Amber Corral
63. Theresa Skluzacek by Amber Corral
64. Katie Fritz by Sandra Menzel
65. Louisa Soli-Holt by Sandra Menzel
66. Shari Jensen by Shannon Clemens
67.  Deb Cleveland by Shannon Clemens
68.  Carrie Johnson by Shannon Clemens
69.  Megan Cleveland by Shannon Clemens
70.  Barb Ryhak by Shannon Clemens
71.  Amy Manna by Shannon Clemens
72.  Lenore Eberhardt by Shannon Clemens
73. Ashley Brown by Melissa Hanson
74. Dana Peterson by Deb Gaffney

100 August Interviews/Guests Challenge
1.  Dara French by Sandra Menzel
2.  Helen Bergeron by Rita Kelley
3.  Betty by Laurene Clark
4.  Kellie Warner by Sandra Menzel
5.  Alice Nordbye by Sandra Menzel
6.  Betsy Yseth by Linda Wicks
7.  Kari Schmidt by Linda Wicks
8.  Erika Carlson by Linda Wicks
9.  Deana Smithers by Rita Kelley
10.  Angela Carruthers by Amber Corral
11.  Carly Carruthers by Amber Corral
12.  Becki Hoefert by Merridy Fett
13.  Christin Hoefert by Merridy Fett
14.  Kim VanGorp by Merridy Fett
15. Alice Nordbye (2) by Sandra Menzel
16.  Jocelyn Smith by Sandra Menzel
17.  Cidna Smith by Sandra Menzel
18.  Arielle Smith by Sandra Menzel
19.  Kayce McCutcheon by Sandra Menzel
20.  Judy Tarply by Linda Wicks
21.  Karen Kreul by Linda Wicks
22.  Jean Hagg by Linda Wicks
23.  Deann Hildebrandt by Sandra Menzel
24.  Nancy Peterson by Linda Wicks
25.  Dorothy LaMoux by Linda Wicks
26.  Joyce Carman by Linda Wicks
27.  Carla Kreul by Linda Wicks
28.  Amber Smithers by Rita Kelley
29.  Melissa Hanson by Cheryl Nelsen
30.  Shannon Clemens by Amber Corral
31.  Joan Hoefer by Merridy Fett
32.  Dani Fett by Merridy Fett
33. Cherie Sauvage by Merridy Fett
34.  Jodell by Linda Wicks

100 June Interviews/ Guests Challenge
1. Alyson Dufault by Linda Wicks
2. Lim Koenders by Linda Wicks
3. Sara Nelson by Linda Crowe
4. Mallory Petersen by Linda Wicks
5. Rachel Petersen by Linda Wicks
6. Garnet Petersen by Linda Wicks
7. Kristi Murfield by Linda Wicks
8. Kristin Haggerty by Linda Wicks
9. Tiffany Hinzmen by Linda Wicks
10. Carole Quiriam by Sandra Menzel
11. Hermine Keith by Sandra Menzel
12. Mary Lou Grantham by Amber Carrol
13. Alice Carruthers by Amber Carrol
14. Angela Carruthers by Amber Carrol
15. Laury Carruthers by Amber Carrol
16. Morgan Lebahn by Amber Carrol
17. Janice Zillgitt by Amber Carrol
18. Amy Reis by Amber Carrol
19. Melissa Reis by Amber Carrol
20. Lana Zillgitt by Amber Carrol
21. Cheryl Clark by Laurene Clark
22. Katie Clark by Laurene Clark
23. Angela Pillatski by Linda Wicks
24. Carissa Poncelet by Linda Wicks
25. Frances Walker by Sandra Menzel
26. Victoria Erickson by Sandra Menzel
27. Michelle Triebwasser by Cheryl Nelsen
28. Stacy Keith by Sandra Menzel
29. Sheri DeRungs by Sandra Menzel
30. Ann Molstad by Linda Wicks
31. Jill Molstad by Linda wicks
32. Penny Boatwright by Sandra Menzel
33. Lana Zillgitt by Amber Corral
34. Jan Zillgitt by Amber Corral
35. Rita Kelley by Amber Corral
36. Verna Graff by Laurene Clark
37. Kristina Munderovski by Judy Wertheimer
38. Bernadette Weise by Candice Von Eye
39. Lori Keith by Candice Von Eye
40. Kristina Jaacks by Candice Von Eye
41. Edith Christianson by Candice Von Eye
42. Barb Kneebone by Candice Von Eye
43. Jamie Blum by Candice Von Eye
44. Laura Weatherly by Candice Von Eye
45. Jan Christianson by Candice Von Eye
46. Beth Nelsen by Cheryl Nelsen
47. Laurene Clark by Sandra Menzel
48. Phyllis Fuller by Sandra Menzel
49 Kim Wolff by Linda Wicks
50. Victoria Erickson by Sandra Menzel

100 May Interviews/guests Challenge!!

1.  Jessica Arter by Linda Wicks
2.  Rhea VonEye by Candice VonEye
3.  Candice King by Candice VonEye
4.  Stephanie Anderson by Candice VonEye
5.  Michiele Sanow by Candice VonEye
6.  Ashely Pringle by Renea Bessler
7.  Bobbi Bury by Linda Wicks
8.  Teryn Pomerenke by Linda Wicks
9.  Kira Horner by Sandra Menzel
10.  Laura Haug by Cheryl Nelsen
11.  Erin Iwen by Cheryl Nelsen
12.  Tara Heinricy by Cheryl Nelsen 
13.  Michelle Bunkers by Sandra Menzel
14.  Wendy Allen by Sandra Menzel
15.  Katie Doblar by Jill Pruitt
16. Mallory Buche by Ashley Ahlers
17. Rhiannon Tye by Ashley Ahlers
18. Maureen Norgaard by Threasa Hopkins
19.  Sandy Shephard by Candice VonEye
20. Tracy Flanagan by Becky Fessler
21. Joan Hofert by Sandra Menzel
22. Becky Hofert by Sandra Menzel
23. Merriday Fett by Sandra Menzel
24. Melissa Zephier by Candice VonEye
25. Laura Weatherly by Candice VonEye
26. Anne Jn Pierre by Threasa Hopkins
27. Kim Blondell by Judy Wertheimer
28. Catherine Bennett by Judy Wertheimer
29. Karen Kunkel by Judy Wertehimer
30. Heather Coleman by Judy Wertheimer
31. Julie Larson by Judy Wertheimer
32.  Deb Heffernan by Linda Montrose
33.  Amber Corral by Cheryl Nelsen
34.  Lori Pehnson by Leah Breberg
35. Karen Jencks by Threasa Hopkins
36. Barb Kneebone by Candice Von Eye
37. Tammy Schachuer by Leah Breberg
38. Gloria Graven by Leah Breberg
39. Elsie Holton by Leah Breberg
40. Ruby Schutte by Leah Breberg
41. Eleanor Glabstad by Leah Breberg
42. April Pehrson by Leah Breberg
43. Pam Lannquist by Leah Breberg
44. Becky Anderson by Leah Breberg
45. Becky Schutte by Leah Breberg
46. Pam Breberg by Leah Breberg
47. Naomi Johnson by Threasa Hopkins
48. Jan by Threasa Hopkins
49. Kristen Petersen by Deborah Dyer
50. Kate Shaw by Candice Von Eye

April Interviews/guests
1.  Candice VonEye by Sandra Menzel
2.  Lori Keith by Sandra Menzel
3.  Kimm Sundal by Sandra Menzel
4.  Bonnie Dudley by Sandra Menzel
5.  Traci Miles by Sandra Menzel
6.  Kristi Hay by Cheryl Nelsen
7.  Cheryl Gillette by Linda Crowe
8.  Darla Virelli by Linda Crowe
9.  Samantha Holter by Threasa Hopkins
10.  Brittney Bullis by Threasa Hopkins

March Interviews/guests
1.Kathy by Deborah Dyer
2.Barb Dyer by Deborah Dyer
3.Terry Anderson by Deborah Dyer
4.Karen Belau by Linda Wicks 
6. Jackie Hay by Cheryl Nelsen
7.Kristi Hay by Cheryl Nelsen
8. Renae Bessler by Linda Wicks
9.Shannon Clifford by Linda Wicks
10. Darlene Gronewold by Leslie Gronewold
11. Jennifer Gronewold by Leslie Gronewold
12. Lil Pearson by Threasa Hopkins
13. Darla Virelli by Linda Crowe
14. Natalie Albers by Linda Wicks
15. Kim Eberhart by Linda Wicks
16. Steph Akers by Linda Wicks
17. Bonnie O'Kane by Linda Wicks
18. Chilatie Bluseke by Dawn Arends
19.  Judith Tenai by Dawn Arends
20. Chama Kaoma by Dawn Arends
21.  Jackie Maina by Dawn Arends
22. Talam Marione by Dawn Arends
23.  Candice VonEye by Sandra Menzel
24.  Hermine Keith by Sandra Menzel