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Skin Care Class

Click here for all the files Caterina currently uses in her "SKIN CARE PARTY TRAINING"

Caterina's Skin Care Class Outline
* Order of Application *
* Order of Application Inserts *
* Basics & Supplements *

* Botanicals Tray Undersheet *
* New Black Case Tray Set Up *
* Botanicals Placemat *
* Spring 2012 Closing Sheet *
* Special May & June Closing Sheet *
* Foundation Labels Matte *
* Foundation Labels Luminous
* Product Knowledge
Theme Parties
* Party Tray
* Group Close
* Serum +C Results
 * Starter Kit 2011

Recruiting at the Skin Care Party
* Why Mary Kay? *
* The Ticket Game
4 Point Recruiting Plan *
Bag Marketing *
Bag Marketing Cards *
I-Story *
Positive Questions *

Additional Closing Sheet Options
* Closing Sheet Back *
Beauty Menu *
Cijis Opinion Poll *
New Roll Up Closing Sheet *

From Director Connie Ackroyd
* Why Mary Kay? *
* The Ticket Game *
* 10/12 Starter Kit *
* Tray Set-up w/ TW Repair *
* Most Popular Sets w/ TW Repair *
* Holiday Placemat *

Coaching from your Director -
*At the end of each class please call your director live or on her 24 hr number and tell her about your class. This is what she wants to know. 
Tell her about hostess
# of Faces
# of Bookings - Did you give them Hostess Packets
# of Skin Care Sets Sold - Did they receive the product
# of Referrals you got
# of Prospective Team Members - Did you give them a Team Building Packet
$ Amount Sold
Who did you invite to the Success Meeting to be your Model or to hear more about the Career
How Did you feel about your presentation - Opening, Closing, Product Knowledge, 4 Pt Recruiting Plan, Correct Booking Approach, Tentative Date Booking Approach

How to Party Your Way to Success * (Want to know what it takes to move up and make some serious cash?)
*How to have $1000 Weeks* (David a personal friend that teaches amazing sales tips.)

Packing for a Class

* Packing for the Class *
What to Bring to a Party* (There are things on this sheet that don't come in your starter kit.  Add them from your first inventory orders.)

Set up

* Goody Bag Option 2 * pictured above (Optional - look for ways to beautiful your table and simplify your class while giving the guests a great experience.  This is one way.) (Prepare goodies for each bag in zip lock bag.  I put them in the small bags when I arrive.  That way the bags don't get smashed in transit.)
* How to fill your Skin Care Class Tray * (You will want to order extra trays so you have at least 10 on hand.  Pack your Guests' supplies in a zip lock back.  1 bag per guest)

*Caterina's Skin Care Class Opening Script *
* Script Cards *

During the Party
* Skin Care Class Script * (Thank you NSD Pam Shaw)
Learning the art of asking questions is critical for sales and recruiting.  These are some great openers. 
Click here for David Cooper's 75 Opening Questions.
* Flip Chart * (word format)
* Lip Tic Tac Toe ReferralGame * *Tic Tac Toe Form*


*Closing Like a Pro * (You can purchase the Webinar online for $5 and view it on your Computer.) 

Closing Sheet and Opinion Poll

* Caterina's Hostess Flier *


Table Close
Closing the Class 

The Individual Consultation

Individual Consultation
8 point close*
Class Closing Script* (This is my favorite way to close the party.  It requires memorization.)
* 4 Buying Objections *

*Closing Binder* for your Class should include: (I use a binder and page protectors to divide and hold things.) 
1. Calculator
2. Beauty Books, Profile Cards, Sales Slips , Meeting Invites *Meeting Invitation*
3. Referral Sheets *Tic Tac Toe Form
4. Create a Roll Up Sheets * Fall 2010 Closing Sheet * (Watch your sales soar by using this to close your Party) 
5. Look Books
6. 5 Hostess Packets *Caterina's Coaching Packet* (Placed in Page Protector: The Working Full Circle Sheet is folded and removed by me when I hand it out. Add the Company Hostess Brochure, Your Business Card and a Look Book. The Virtual Makeover Postcard is cut and printed front to back.  I add a 3 copies of the Outside Order Sheet and 2 of the Guest Sheet. I leave the Look Books out when I make them up in Bulk so they are not so fat.  I add the Look Book as I mail it or hand it out at the class.)
7. Recruiting Packets *Party Prospect Packet*  (Each packet is in a Page Protector.  I have extra Company Team Building Brochures and Recruiting CD/DVD's that I add to the packet before I give it to her.) *African American NSD's* (You can add this where appropriate.)
8. Agreements
9. *Order of Application*

Recruiting at the Party
* 4 Point Recruiting Plan * (Want to find new team members at every party? Memorize this.)
I-Story * (Write out your own personal I-Story and take 3 minutes to share it at that party.)
* 4 Point Recruiting Plan and Lisa Madson's Script * (Here is a sample of words from Top NSD Lisa Madson.)
* 4 Point Recruiting Plan Clip Art *( Put each of these in a place where they will act as an anchor for your brain to remind you of each of the points.  Owl - put on your Acrylic Caddy, Crakerjack on your foundation bag to remind you to share before you do foundation, Gift - place a gift in the middle of the table and Pick - put in front of your inside Datebook Cover.)

There are lots of ways of sharing the Marketing Plan.  (I tell a little bit about MK before I share my I Story.)
*Marketing Cards* Pass to guests to read.  Some guests may need to read more than one.
*Candy Bar Marketing * Use this to present the Mary Kay Opporunity at your Skin Care Party
* Bag Marketing at Skin Care Classes * This is another option for the Mary Kay Opportunity
* 10 Perfect Reasons to Consider a Mary Kay Business *
* Have you ever Pondered PinkPlease have all guests at your skin care class complete this sheet and give it to your Sales Director immediately.  If you live out of town then send the information via email or fax to Caterina at 925-779-7997.
* Marketing Bag Cards

Post Party
* Post Party Checklist *
* Skin Care Class Follow-up*

Second Appointment/Color Appointment
* Closing Set Sheet/Placemat *

Packing for a Color Class
* Color Display Labelsuse clear Avery 8660 labels
Place your Mineral Samples in a LARGE 3-ring binder:


 click HERE for Audio Training
given by NSD Sabrina Goodwin Monday

* Magic Family Flyer *
furnished by ENSD Gloria Mayfield Banks

* T
he 10 Show Week Top Tips *
by NSD Sabrina Goodwin Monday

Hostess Incentive *

Applause Article *



* 30 Minute Skin Care Class  * - Thank you Amber Schaffner
Tray Set-up for Older Pink Trays * (Old)
* Create a Roll-up Sheet * (Classic Time Wise Skin Care - old sheet)
Opinion Poll * (Goes with Create a Roll-up Sheet above)

Other Party Ideas

Botanical Facial on the Go
     * Normal *
Dry *
Oily *