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Team Building


* Working Woman Myth *
* Perfecting the Interview by NSD Pam Shaw *
* Career Path *

* Why Mary Kay? *

Interview Guide*
Marketing Plan*
Practice Scripts * Use this script to perfect your interviewing skills. Along with the Interview communication sheet below:
Interview Sheet *
Did You Know* (Fill out and return to your Director after every interview.)
Have You Ever Pondered Pink 1/2 Sheet* (Another great one to use at events.  Always give to your director.)
10 Perfect Reasons to Consider a Mary Kay Business * - Great to use at the end of your parties
Career Path 2010.doc *
Recruiting - 2010 Your Future *

Use this proven Recruiting strategy at your skin care parties. Four Point Recruiting Plan

Use this postcard to invite others to hear Caterina's story
This is an excellent Team Building Layering Piece

Recruiting Notebook
*Recruiting Notebook *
The Diamond Dozen * - Who are you looking for
Recruiting Notebook *
Updated Car Flyer *
Recruiting Notebook for mini album size *
Print the recruiting notebook for mini album size on card stock and cut down and put in mini photo album.  Then it can stay in your purse, ready to go for on the spot interviewing! Purchase a Portfolio to put your notebook in.  
You will need this recruiting notebook for New Consultant Bootcamp Training IV.  If you have a problem printing the Recruiting Packet try printing it one page at a time
(This is how I built my career with Mary Kay with a recruiting notebook and the photo album size notebook which I carried in my purse for quick 5 minute interviews.- Caterina Harris)

General Flyers
Summer Pilot Program * 2010
African American NSDs * 0909
Leads Notebook Thank you Brenda Valley
Recruiting Flyer *
Starter Kit Flyer *
Imagine the Possibilities *
Wanted Educational Professionals *

Marketing Plan
2009 Marketing Leaflet *
Career Booklet *
Your Future in Mary Kay marketing plan *
Recruiting Brochure Avenues of Income Marketing Plan *
Marketing Sheet *
Mary Kay Career Opportunity *
The Value of Drving Free *
GC Recruiting Brochure -Imagine the Perfect Career *
Sharing the Mary Kay Pie * (A Marketing Plan Presentation)
Marketing Plan Diagram *
Tuck this into your Customer's Order *
1 New Recruiting March *
 Maybe she needs me poem - click here *

Emails with attachments
Letter to a Potential Recruite *

* Caterina's Career Brochure *


* Starter Kit Contents FLIER *
* Starter Kit Contents LIST *
* What's New or Changing *
* Start Earning Now *
* Mineral Powder Foundation Tips *
* Mineral Powder Foundation Video *

* Ready, Set, Sell Brochure *
* New Consultant Bonus Chart *
* Look What You Could Get FREE with Your 1st Order *
* Inventory Worksheet *

* Business Debut Invitation *
* Business Debut Checklist *

You are a valued customer & we'd love to have your honest opinion of this quick, motivating Video about our wonderful Mary Kay Company.
Just for listening & then giving my Director a quick 6-8 min. opinion,  YOU get to pick 1 Mary Kay Product at 1/2 price & your name will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Basket.  Click HERE.  Listen then Call your consultant asap.

SNSD Kathy Helou
Video Marketing Plan

1) How old was Kathy when she started her Mary Kay business?2) How much does it cost to have a Personal Website? Is there a monthly fee?3) Are there quotas ?4)  How old is the Mary Kay Company?5)  Is Mary Kay a pyramid company?6) What does the Mary Kay Foundation support ?7) Kathy won her Mary Kay skin care set on what TV show ?Click here to watch Kathy win Mary Kay on TV !!! Part-Time ProgramsAvailable with Mary Kay!Mother/Daughter Program Mothers and daughters team up to build the business! Mom has herown contacts through friends and coworkers, and daughter has her own friends as well ... not tomention that all her friends have moms too! What better way to bond, have fun, and make someextra cash together?Office Program You can work your Mary Kay business while working your normal job. This isgreat for women who work with other women (offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes,etc.). Women love the convenience of shopping on the job or on lunch break instead of being awayfrom the family to shop. Its simply show, tell, and smell!Web-site Program You can work your business on your computer! Mary Kay offers everyConsultant an opportunity to have her own Web site for $25 the first year. Women love the convenience of shopping online... especially when wearing their pajamas! Mary Kay is ranked #4 world-wide in Internet sales!Family Program You can supply yourself, your family, and your friends! Why not shop with MaryKay for half price for the rest of your life. You definitely want to look at this program if you arecurrently using our products and plan to continue to use them!Bridal Program You can build a business working with Brides and the Bridal Parties. Most bridalparties get their hair done professionally for the wedding ... why not supply their cosmetics. You willmake the Brides day (and their pictures) even more special!Gift Program Help prepare yourself, your family, and your friends for the many gift-givingoccasions that arise during the year. They will love your convenience and service during: ValentinesDay, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. Graduations, Birthdays, the Holidays, etc.Holiday Program Work your Mary Kay business for the Holidays ... 1-4 months. What a GREATTIME! Everyone is looking for the perfect gifts for their family and friends ... why not have them shopwith YOU?! Every Mary Kay product can be appreciated as a gift. Plus ... get your own gifts at halfprice this year ... this can be your First Debt-Free Holiday!Who do you know that would enjoy one of these Part-Time Programs?ANDWhich Part-Time Program could possibly fit into your own life?Please Contact:     

What's stopping you from working your Mary Kay business FULL-TIME?   * Part-Time MK Career vs. Full-Time MK Career * YOU DECIDE!  * How Secure is Your Future? *

How many hours are in YOUR week?There are 168 Hours In A Week
168 Hours minus
-56 hours (fulltime job 5 days X 8 hours plus travel time included)
- 8 hours (errands)
- 7 hours (cleaning)
- 9 hours (family, children / carpool)
- 10 hours (cooking / clean up)
- 3 hours (church) -56 hours (sleeping)

Total of 20 hours left unaccounted for in a week.  A facial (1-2 people) takes 1 1 hours how many could you do in a week?If your boss said that you could make an extra $75 - $100 per week for working 1 hours more, would you find a way to do it ??  If you knew that you would continue to make money from 1 hours of work in your Mary Kay business (reorders) as long as you stayed in Mary Kay, would you find a way to do 1, 2, 3 or 4 facials a week?So, why not declare this your INDEPENDENCE DAY and build your own business?

* Recruiting is a Layering Process *

Information for Recruiting * Generation Y *

Guest Forms
* Have You Ever Pondered Pink? *

Recruiter's Responsibilites

As soon as you recruit someone (this means that you have submitted their Beauty Consultant Agreement on-line, by mail or walked it into the Distribution Center) you want to do the following: Call my office immediately at 925-634-7827 and read ALL of the information off the agreement.

Recruiter's Responsibilities Checklist to help them along the path to success.  Learn how to be a great support to my team members.  Click *HERE* to watch the Recruiter Responsibility Webinar Training.  Click here for *Recruiter's Notebook*.


2nd Chance Plan
* 2nd Chance Letter *
* 2nd Chance Offer *

DISC Personality Styles
(Thank you NSD Pam Shaw)
* The 4 Personality styles *
Recruiting for Results*
The DISC Personalities are critical skills to develop to master the recruiting and interviewing process.  I have taken hours of training in this area and you will find all of the top women in our company have.  Start by figuring out what your dominate style is.  You may possess several, but we all have a natural dominate style.  Then learn the other personality types and communication styles.  The same communication styles will not work with everyone.  The one that is the most trained in communication will always be the better recruiter.  We do business naturally with people that are our same personality type, but 75% of the population is different than your personality type. People want to do business with people they like and people that learn to express an interest in themselves.  Learning this will help your marriage, relationship with children, family and in business.  For additional training material, contact Bill Cantrell  P.O. Box 6077 Arlington, TX 76005 - Tapes 800-866-6903.  He has a DISC Tape Series.

To take the test yourself go to www.personalitystyle.com - take standard profile $7 online 24 page read out of personal style and get more information about style. Go to left hand side. Click on print version and read carefully and right click and save as a reader in my documents and email to your director.  Save a copy so you can retake it every 6-8 months

Click here for Interview Guide - (NEW) Interviewing - Thank you Linda Toupin for this great interviewing guide.  It is similar to the one in the Team Building Brochure.  This is great to use at every interview and provides a great record to file to remember all of your prospects.  Follow the guide and watch the recruits come.  Remember  you will close 1 out of 4.  Hold Perfect Classes - Sell sets, get at least two future classes booked and book at least 2 interviews.  Interview the hostess, plus at least 1 other person. 
<><> < <><><> 
When you hold perfect classes with 2 interviews at each class and you close 1 out of 4, then you will get a new business associate at every 2 classes.  That means that you are 2 classes away from being a Senior Consultant (1), 6 Classes away from being a Star Recruiter in your Red Jacket (3) and only 16 Classes away from DIQ (8)!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will earn a car in the process.  It only takes 12 business associates for your car.  So that's only 24 classes away from a FREE car!!!!!!!!! 
Go for it. 

Interview Challenge
Team Contest
60 second Interview
Interview Scripts

Script to buld your personal team
Practice Interview Script
Interview Call
Gloria's Words on talking to a professional snobby woman
Mary Kay Interview
Document 1 Sheet
30 Minute Interview

Mary Kay Interview May 2002

Closing and Overcoming Objections
Overcoming Objections 
168 Hours in a Week
Top 10 Reasons NOT to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Training Tips

Make the Decision to Move Up
Click here- Want to move up? -  checklist
click here - Is working for somebody else really worth it?
from Deanna Spillman  - This is from a sister Director - please do not call the number included.

click here for strategy
click here for game plan
click here for tracking chart
click here - Top 10 Reasons to Become a Director
(Thank you, Cleta Mitchell, Sr. Director)

Drive for Free with Mary Kay!
Would you like to be one of the first to earn the use of a Career Car?

GrandAchiever Tracking Sheet
New Car Goal Poster
Get a Car by Career Conference
Driving Free
Vibe Tracking Sheet
Value of Driving Free
29 things to do

Click here - Creating an I-Story with Charisma and Passion 
click here for flyer - Caterina Harris' Career Opportunity Flyer
Harriet Pennick
Angela Blount, Lily Orellana, Donna Melnychyn, and Monique Todd
Menina Givens
Gloria Mayfield Banks' Story- Please note this should be printed on 11 x17 paper.
Gloria Mayfield-Bank's Accolades- Use this in your recruiting packets when you give out a recruiting video.

Mary Kay propels former engineer to the top
Great article on NSD Debi Moore and her daugher

who do you know?

who will you ask to listen?

what will you do to share Mary Kay's legacy?

what you give out, you'll get back.

remember you're the gift.

are you putting your gift in the closet, packing it away so it looks nice, neat and pretty?

or, are you giving your gift away to others, so they may reap as well.

what you give out, you'll get back!

Dacia is the youngest NSD (27 yrs old).  She came into this company when she was 22 right out of college and was yet another whose parents went nuts after they spent $60,000 on her education to hear she was going to sell cosmetics.  I'm sure they are ok with it now, thanks to her 1099 form from last year stating that she earned,

are you ready????????   $433,000.  from her Mary Kay Career!!!  Talk about girls size pay right.

Dacia came into the company in July 2001 and 6 months later became a Director.

Her first year in the company she was in the Queens Court of Recruiting and QueensCourt of Sales at Seminar. 

Her first year's income was      $ 65,000

Her Second year's income was   $150,000

Her Third year's income was     $220,000

Her Fourth year's income was    $433,000

Her highest commission check was $60,000 in ONE MONTH...quite a fun shopping spree can be had with that......not to mention could pay for four years of college!!

She and her husband recently purchased a $1.5 Million home, 3,000 sq. ft.

And ya know, with all of that said Dacia was so sweet, so warm and friendly and down to earth. 

The room was packed and as you can imagine lots and lots of women decided to join us and begin their journey in Mary Kay.  I know each and every one of you can make YOUR DREAMS come true.   Hey, she even recruited her Mother-in-law who is 55yrs old and is one of her Directors!!  Can't beat that!

Feeling inspired?  Wait until you
read about Allison LaMarr!

Recruiting Tools

You should have recruiting packets available and ready to hand out at your classes, when doing interviews and even when warm chattering! This is a list of Caterina's recruiting packet. The packets are all put together in a cute cello bag and ready to give to anyone you have with whom discussed the Marketing Plan.

Consider the Possiblities
Did you Know...?
Imagine the Possibilities Survey
Consider the Possibilites Questionaire

Listen for Lashes Coupon
At A Glance Pamphlet
Mary Kay 

Fact Sheet
Coffee Cream and Dream
I am recommending that you use this form with all marketing tapes that you hand out.  You include this along with the accolades sheet for Gloria Mayfield Banks.
click here for the Ponder Pink Guest Sheet
Click Here - New Pondering Pink Recruiting Survey
Recruiting the Corporate Women by Pam Shaw -
Some email messages are so dog gone good that I send them to my email to save them for the future. 
This is an incredible skill.  If you click on the attachment and it does not open then - To listen to this message you need to download the free realplayer at www.realplayer.comand be sure to get the FREE one not the one that costs.  Listen to this message go to Unit Message Center and select the Real Player file.
I also recommend that you go to www.readymade4u.com and order NSD JoAnne Barnes marketing video.  Use Gloria's video to show to vision and the BIG picture and I am telling you that for the snooty corporate women that needs the straight talk - Joanne will get them.  Also I use the Choices tape  from www.topdirectortapes.comfor the women who needs a softer approach from the heart.  Having the tools is so important.  There are so many incredible tapes that are available and I will honestly tell you that I NEVER EVER EVER have been cheap when it comes to investing in tools to increase my skill or to use for team building or for training my consultants.  How many training tapes do you have in your car RIGHT now in your bathroom right now (do you have a tape recorder or cd player in there).  There are great ones available.  Listen to this message and put it in to practice immediately.

'Choices' Tapes is a must have tool for recruiting -
I primarily use the Road to National Video of Gloria Mayfield Banks and then back it up with the Choices Tape when women need another layer.  The video gets them pumped and the Choices tape is great to appeal to the head and the heart.  Great for S/C Personalities.  - Caterina Harris

How to order Choices Tapes:
So that you may have your own CHOICES CDs ready to give to your prospective team members, you are welcome to order directly from Wholesale Tape & Supply Company.  They usually arrive within 2 days!  (I believe a minimum order is 25 of them, and if you are serious about building your team that is not too many!  You can also split the order with a sister consultant.)  You will want to put your labels on them and get them back during your follow-up within 48 hours of handing those out (or better yet, give it to your NEW TEAM MEMBER as a gift she can use to give to HER prospective team members!).
Tapes $1
CDs  $2
1-800-218-7228  ext. 211  ask for Larry Russell  (if he is not available you can still place the order!)

 Recruiting at Classes
lick here - 4 Point recruiting Plan
Guest Packet Event Handout
click here - Presentation of the Marketing Plan at the Skin Care Class


Skin Care Class Recruiting
Mrs. Cab Marketing Plan
Mrs. Cab Guest
Mrs. Cab Dar
Mrs. Cab Consultant
MRS. CAB- 08/07


Marketing Plan Game Card*
Put cards in a basket and have guests try to guess what MK Blessing goes with each card...give them $1 off for each correct answer!  (FOR THE DIALOGUE ON HOW TO START AND FINISH THE GAME, CLICK THE DETAILS BELOW)
click here for details to play this game!!

Team Building Tools
Click here- Candy Bar Marketing - use at your classes.  Fun way to do the marketing plan.  (Purchase mini versions of the Candy Bars

Click here- Candy Bar Profile sheet - Get their opinion

Interview Sheet
Phone Interview Sheet

Recruiting Tips
Team Building 1,2,3
 5,4,3,2,1 Sheet to add to your recruiting packets.  - This is great to show how much you can earn per class.  Each class takes only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
NEW - Problem Identifier -
Click here

Here are some good answers for some commonly asked MK questions.

QUESTION:  What do you do for a living?  
ANSWER:  I am a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics out of Dallas TX.  (NOT...I am a bank teller, and I do MK on the side....)

QUESTION:  Would you really drive a PINK car?  
ANSWER:  Of course!  By the way, what color of Cadillac does your company reward employees?  (NOT "well, I probably won't ever have to worry about that")

QUESTION:  Are you really selling lipsticks, now?  ANSWER:  Actually, I am in qualification to earn my first FREE car!  (NOT.....well, I thought I might just give it a try...)

QUESTION:  Why does Mary Kay ask you to always wear dresses and not pants?   
ANSWER:  It has been proven that career women who wear skirted outfits actually make more money, on average, than women that wear pants to work.   Also, Mary Kay, herself, asks us to uphold the company image by always appearing professional at all company functions including meetings,
appointments, and deliveries.  
(NOT.....I don't know why we have to wear dresses!  I would rather wear jeans!)

QUESTION:  Isn't Mary Kay one of those pyramid things?  ANSWER:  Actually, no.  Harvard Business School teaches Mary Kay's marketing plan as the BEST dual-marketing plan ever! In Mary Kay, we never get any of someone else's profits, like in a pyramid.  In Mary Kay, commissions are paid to recruiter's out of COMPANY PROFITS, not out of the new recruit's pocket.

QUESTION:  Why can't we try on lots of glamour at our skin care class?   
ANSWER:  Actually, the first appointment that we will hold together will focus on skin care and supplements, so that we can make sure that your skin is in it's BEST  condition before we try all of the other "stuff".  At your 2nd appointment, we will make sure that your skin is reacting properly to the skin care system that you are using, and if it is, then we will dive into the glamour!  (NOT....well, we can do whatever you want to do at your show)

Recruiting Close

Follow-up Script for Interviews 
Recruiter's Responsibilites

As soon as you recruit someone (this means that you have submitted their Beauty Consultant Agreement on-line, by mail and walked it into the Distribution Center) you want to do the following.

Call my office immediately at 925-634-7827 and read ALL of the information off the agreement.  

Recruiter's Responsibilities Checklistto help them along the path to success.


Learn how to be a great support to my team members.

Click HERE to watch the Recruiter Responsibility Webinar Training.

Click here for Recruiter's

After the Yes
Full Circle Team Building - Click here