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Pentapeptide 3 in Mary Kay Products

I was just on the phone with Consultant Medical Relations and I asked the following questions and in blue are the answers given regarding our products:


1) Is Pentapeptides 3 truly the "breakthrough" in fighting fine lines and wrinkles?

 Yes, as well as Retinyl Palmitate they are both great Vitamin A Derivitives


2) Why are Pentapeptide 3 and Retinyl Palmitate included in our products:If you read the boxes of the Age Fighting Eye Cream and The Night Solution you will find the information to share with your customers.  The Age Fighting Eye Cream and the Night Solution are the only 2 products in the Mary Kay Product line that currently contain Pentapeptides 3.  Diane then read the box to me: "A specialized peptide and Retinyl Palmitate (a Vitamin A Derivative) enhance your skin's ability to produce collagen for a firmer look.   If you check other Mary Kay products they may  not contain the Pentapeptide 3 ingredient but they may contain Retinyl Palmitate for example Day Solution does contain Retinyl Palmitate but it does not contain Pentapeptide 3.  Day Solution still does help your body to produce collagen but it is not as strong as a product that contains both Pentapeptide 3 and Retinyl Palmitate.


3) Why does our skin need Collagen:  Diane said: Collagen pumps up the skin and causes it to look firmer.


4) So what does Pentapeptide 3 do for our Collagen: Diane Said: First of all, Collagen is a skin conditioner that imparts smoothness of the skin.  The ingredients Pentapeptide 3 and Retinyl Palmitate both cause your body to produce it own collagen which causes the skin to look pumped up (firmer).


5) Why do we now have Pentapeptide 3 and Retinyl Palmitate instead of Alpha Hydroxy Acids: 

Diane said:  They took the place of Alpha Hydroxy Acids because the Pentapeptide3 and Retinyl Palmitate ingredients are much more gentler for our skin and because they are a Vitamin A derivative your skin needs many vitamins but Vitamin A is what has the most effect on helping your skin to produce it's own Collagen.


6) Do our products contain Vitamin C to help reduce and repair Sun Damage: Yes, many of them contain Ascorbyl Palmitate, which Doctors say is the best form of Vitamin C and yes it does help to repair Sun Damage and can protect the skin from UV damage.    Night Solution and Day Solution both contain Ascorbyl Palmitate "Vit C"


7) What about Vitamin E is it in our products:  Oh yes but you will see it called Tocopheryl Acetate on the packages.   Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) is stronger and more effective at repairing skin damage.  Just to name some of the products that Tocopheryl Acetate "Vit. E" is in:

Night Solution, Day Solution, 3 in 1 Cleansing Bar, Age Fighting Moisturizer SPF 15, Time Wise Visibly Fit Body Lotion, both Age fighting Moisturizers, Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin, Intense Moisturizer, Oil Free Hydrating Gel, Medium, Dual Coverage Powder and Full Coverage Foundations, Satin Lips Mask and Balm, Eye Primer.


8) I have heard that Vitamin B is also good for our skin do we have it in any of our products:

Well, Vitamin B is super for providing your skin with a healthy glow and also for moisture retention that helps prevent drying out of the skin.  When skin dries out it is like a raisin it can form wrinkles.

Vitamin B is in our products but it is called Niacin and also Pantothenic Acid.  Vitamin B is really good for those with Sensitive skin.   Be sure to read the ingredients on the boxes to see which products contain Vitamin B, but be sure to look for Pantothenic Acid or Niacin.


9) I have heard that Vitamin K is great for Dark Circles is it really? and is that all it's good for?

Actually Vitamin K does help to repair dark under eye circles but, it is also a good defense for discoloration under the eyes.  Vitamin K is also great for redness, spider veins and bruises.  Vitamin K is also used as a treatment for Spider Veins because it enters through the pores all the way to the damaged capillary or artery and helps the blood to clot, thus stopping any seepage (which is often the cause of dark circles) and allowing the tissue to heal itself.  However Vitamin C is also known for it's ability to diminish dark circles.  Vitamin K can be found in the Ingredients list on our products but the name you need to look for is: Witch Hazel, Glycerin and Ascorbyl Palmitate.


Here is a website that I found that has the ABC Vitamins for Skin Care




The ABC Vitamins for Skin Care


VITAMIN A - Greatest skin benefits: Helps with fine lines and wrinkles. As some have learned the hard way, attempting to hide fine lines and wrinkles behind layers of make up is a losing battle. Better to improve the condition of your skin with products containing retinoids. Prescription products like Retin-A and Renova utilize Vitamin A derivatives to great effect, but some people's skin may react with uncomfortable stinging, redness or scaling. Fortunately, "Retinol," a non-prescription Vitamin-A derivative contained in many over-the-counter products can provide much of the same benefits with less risk of irritation and sun sensitivity. However, due to the lower levels of retinoids in some consumer products, it may take a bit longer to see the desired result.

VITAMIN B's - Greatest skin benefits: A healthy glow, moisture retention. Vitamins B-3 (niacin) and B-5 (pantothenic acid) have become popular additions to skin-care products because of their ability to assist in retaining moisture. B-3 is a relatively new ingredient on the marketplace but has demonstrated great promise, offering a milder alternative to acidic exfoliators like glycolic and salicylic acid, which some feel is too harsh for their complexions. B-5 is a more common skin-care additive, and is widely recognized for its (along with Vitamin E) moisturizing ability. It's also good for those with sensitive skin, as some creams made with Vitamin-E have been known to cause irritation.

VITAMIN C - Greatest skin benefits: Repairs sun damage.
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) has been one of skin-care's hot sellers for the past several years due to its proven effectiveness as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are a critical natural defense against "free radicals," unstable molecules that age the skin as a result of pollution, smoking and sun exposure. Topical Vitamin C can protect the skin from UV damage caused by prolonged sun exposure by reducing the amount of free radical formation. However, while it can help safeguard against skin damage and reduce discoloration, it should be used in conjunction with, not in place of, a good sunscreen. Yet another benefit of Vitamin C is its ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen: a critically important skin protein that strengthens structural support and resilience of the skin.

VITAMIN E - Greatest skin benefits: Repairs dry, rough skin. Vitamin-E (alpha tocopherol) is another powerful antioxidant that is commonly used in lotions and creams for its moisturizing ability. Though some of the "miraculous" healing claims of Vitamin-E supporters have been exaggerated over the years, it is still widely recognized for its proven ability to help retain moisture in the skin.

VITAMIN K - Greatest skin benefits: Repairs dark, under-eye circles. night's sleep is always recommended, topical Vitamin-K is a good additional defense against discoloration under the eyes. Often used as a treatment for spider veins, topical Vitamin K enters through the pores all the way to the damaged capillary or artery and helps to clot the blood, thus stopping any seepage (often the cause of dark circles) and allowing the tissue to heal itself. In addition to K, Vitamin-C is also known for its ability to diminish dark circles, and using a product (or products) containing both vitamins is a good bet.