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Referral  games

Tic Tac Toe 1
Tic Tac Toe 2
Tic Tac Toe Game this one has 2 different tictactoe sheets.  The 1st pg is better

The Mary Kay Left Right Story

Deserted Island 

MK Treasure Hunt


Scavenger Hunt 2

Marketing Card Game!

Here it is!  Are you ready to take your game to the next level?!?  Have fun making money with the MK Card Game!  Put cards in a basket and have guests try to guess what MK Blessing goes with each card...give them $1 off for each correct answer!

Marketing Card Game *
Thank you, Sherril Steinman!

   CLICK HERE Marketing Fill in Sheet for Guests with Answer Sheet for Consultants

Winning the Age Game

Pick A Diva Deal

Lipstick Personality

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Take the
Color Personality Test
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Games, Games, Games
Thanks to Rita Knox for creating and thanks to Penny Hunter for forwarding

To get your Hostess in the party spirit, give her this Hostess Scavenger Hunt. This is a list of 30 different types of people. If she has 10 of them at her party, give her a special gift. Each person counts for only one category.

1. A good friend                                                 16. A lady on a diet
2. A relative                                                       17. Someone with size 9 shoes
3. A grandmother                                               18. A babysitter
4. Someone she works with                                19. Someone who lives on corner     5. Someone with a camper                                 20. A former neighbor
6. Someone with red hair                                    21. An Avon Lady
7. A neighbor                                                    22. Someone who books a party
8. Someone who wears glasses                         23. A lady with a cat
9. A person who lives in a tri-level house             24. An old school friend
10. A person who lives in a mobile home             25. A mother-to-be
11. A Sunday School teacher                             26. Someone with all daughters
12. A secretary                                                 27. Someone with all sons
13. A bowler                                                     28. A teacher
14. Someone with a station wagon                     29. A person with a green car
15. Someone who just moved                             30. A hairdresser


Take four items and put prices that are wrong next to each one. Guests have to place the items in order, matching the price with the correct item. You can even make the whole party a Price is Right theme. Your commercials can be showing Bonus Buys, Booking Gifts, etc. You will be showing the merchandise while playing the game.

Also, to get everybody to play the game, put their name in a hat or bowl and draw four names. Those four people bid on an item (guess the price) and the person closest gets to play the game. On the next round, repeat the procedure.


Have guests keep score of their points on their order forms. You can then look over the forms at home to find the person who might be a good candidate for recruiting.

1. 50 points  Do you own a color TV

2. 50 points  Are you a two car family

3. 25 points  Do you own a washer

4. 25 points  Do you own a dryer

5. 25 points  Do you work outside your home

6. 25 points  Are you a one car family

7. 30 points  Are you bored with being a homemaker (cooking, cleaning, etc.)

8. 25 points  Do you wish you had a new wardrobe

9. 25 points  Do you need new carpeting or curtains

10. 25 points  Does your budget need some help

Give everyone a gift and tell them  Everyone is receiving a small gift right now from my game gifts, but some of you will be even bigger winners. I'll be calling you in a day or two with news about that. The next day you can call a guest and tell her about becoming a representative. By looking at the scores, you will know her needs or wants and be able to help her get them.


Help the guests visualize! Pick a guest seated in a fairly large chair and start piling on the free merchandise she'd get with a $300 party. Ask another guest to keep a total on how much it all adds up to. Don't forget to include Guest Club Gifts, Bonus Buys, Early Bonuses, or any other company specials. It's sure to leave a super impression!


Have guests list 10 gift giving occasions. After they have completed their list, call off occasions and have guest check off if they have it listed. First one to complete their list wins. After the game, mention that you are going to show a line of merchandise that has gifts for ALL of these occasions and ALL are affordably priced or FREE by holding a party!

*Note: Start with the least thought of, with the most common to be read last.


Have each guest write the names of two friends, two relatives, two co-workers, two neighbors and two club members. Give a prize to the first person finished. After they are through, tell them their guest list is already made out for their home (or book) party.


Have guests write on a sheet of paper as many items as they could order with $50 in free merchandise. They may select only one of each item they choose. The person who orders the most items without going over $50  and comes closest to the $50 total wins.


Ask the guests how much they'd expect to pay for a gift. They'll usually say $10-$15. Hand a $50 bill to a guest and tell everyone that each time an item is priced lower than what they expect to pay, to pass the buck to the next guest. Everyone pays closer attention to the demonstration and this helps them realize how reasonable the prices are. They person left holding the buck at the end of the party wins.


Choose an item in your display that is pictured small and almost hidden in the catalog. Name and describe it for the guests. The first person to find it in the catalog wins. This really gets the guests to see everything in the catalog.


You will need: 4 envelopes and a basket with your inexpensive door prizes. Inside each envelope, put a small piece of paper folded several times so they can't see it. On one, write $1.00; another $2.00; another $3.00; and another $5.00. Tell everyone what is inside and that they are gift certificate for tonight! Have the first person to your left pick one of the envelopes. But tell her she CAN'T LOOK!!!!

Now, play one of the "Right-Left" game and the envelope travels right and left. At the end, tell the person with the envelope "DON'T LOOK" ~ Because I want to "Make A Deal" with you. Say: "Since you didn't pick the envelope, maybe your luck is better than you can trade for another envelope if you want to" (Hold the other envelopes out). Usually everyone is hollering "trade" or "don't trade").

Next, say, "DON'T LOOK!" ~ "I'll make another deal with you...(Pull out your gift basket) "I will trade you the envelope for an item in my basket....that envelope could be worth $5 or maybe just $1" (Everyone is again yelling "trade" or "don't trade"). She then makes her choice.

Then say, "DON'T LOOK!!!" ~"I have another deal to make with you....I will give you your envelope back and DOUBLE what's inside or give you TWO prizes from my basket IF you will book a show tonight and help (Hostess) out."

If she doesn't book she gets either what's in the envelope or her gift but MOST of the time they will book.


This is a great game for the guests to get acquainted and to become relaxed. Each guest says her name and then makes a sentence using every letter in her name. Lots of laughs and complete nonsense.

Example: Chris = Chris Had Roses In Shoes

Linda = Linda Is Near Darling Arnold


This is a cute game to get everybody smiling. How can you not have a good time when you're smiling? Have each person smile as big and wide as they can. Measure and record their smiles. The biggest smile always wins!


Stand in front of the guests and tell them, I'm going to Hawaii as you point to each guest one by one. That guest must tell you two things they would take to Hawaii with them. If they cant think of two, then they are out of the game. The last guest able to tell you two things is the winner.


Start by introducing the Hostess and saying something nice about her. Then have her introduce the person on her right and say something nice about her. Continue around the room until each person has introduced the person next to them and said something nice about that person.


As each guest arrives, give them a slip of paper with the name of an occupation written on it. Guests must mingle and ask questions of each other to determine the occupations of the other guests. The guest with the most correct answers wins.


This is a fun game to relax everybody. Give each person a piece of paper. Tell them to lay in on the catalog and turn lengthwise on their laps. Tell them to close their eyes and keep them closed for the entire game.

We're going on a Hawaiian vacation, so draw an island in the middle of your paper.

---to the left of your island, draw a ship

---you are surrounded by water, so put some fish in the sea

---this is Hawaii, so put a palm tree on the island

---its a nice day, so put some birds in the air

---that ship didn't get there all by itself, so put a sailor on the ship

---he might get hungry, so draw some coconuts on the palm tree
---sailors like to see where they are going, so put some port holes on the ship

---sailors like entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island

---it's a sunny day, so put a sun in the sky


Now you can open your eyes! We are going to see how well you did.

Score points if:

Your island is in the middle  10 points

Your ship is to the left of the island, but not touching  10 points

For each fish you have  5 points

For the base of the palm tree being on the island  5 points

For each bird you drew  5 points

If the sailor is on the ship, not swimming  15 points

If any coconut is on the tree  5 points

If the porthole is on the ship  10 points

If the hula dancer is on the island  15 points

Now the sun:

If to the left  20 points

If to the right  15 points

If in the middle  10 points

Highest points wins!