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Halloween Mary Kay Style
Halloween Sales Ideas

Welcome to the  October/Halloween
Sales Ideas Page!  Glad you stopped by and I hope you'll take the time to SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK to say hi!  We love hearing from all of our Mary Kay Friends.  Just click on the turning pages at the bottom of this page. 

              MARY KAY STYLE!

You all remember the HOLIDAY FUN PACKET, right?  Well, this is the same thing, with a "Halloween" twist for great sales in October!  It's called the GHOST HOSTESS!

Offer all your great customers that work with other women, the chance of "treating themselves" to a HALF OFF SHOPPING SPREE by taking the Ghost Hostess Bag to work and getting 20 outside orders ... be sure to give a DEADLINE!

Simply copy off the sheet available here, and tape it to a 9X13 envelope ... tuck in a Look Book and the I'M INTERESTED IN sheet, and that's it!

The envelope informs all that purchase:
1. When the products will be delivered.
2. To make the check out to you.
3. If anyone is interested in being a customer, hostess, or consultant ... the sheet inside the envelope to write their name, phone number, email address and what they're interested in.
4. That when all orders are in, the Ghost Hostess will draw two numbers, and whoever has ordered on that
 WINS 1 Free Glamour item!

                   CLICK HERE for the Ghost Hostess Sheet

 Here's another GREAT IDEA  (thanks to NSD Sherril Steinman)...

HALLOWEEN TREAT BAG INSERT ... download the sheet and print off as many as you like ... there are 6 various slips on 1 sheet.  Then take a small cello bag and tuck in 1 Halloween slip ... tape a penny to bottom of slip ... a lipstick or eye sample, and 2-3 pieces of pre-wrapped Halloween candy and then tie the bag with seasonal ribbon. 
Here's a couple of ways of how to use the TREAT BAGS.   When you see a fun and smiling woman, ask, "Have you been tricked or treated this week?" *smile*  "I'm a Consultant with Mary Kay and I'm treating every smile I see to a Boo-tiful Treat and there's a penny in there that'll buy you a Free Eye Colour if you treat yourself to a 1 hour Pamper Session with me, as long as you don't already have a Consultant!"      

Great for meeting women!

           CLICK HERE for the Halloween Treat Bag Insert

And here's the "coupon" that's also in your October Newsletter.  Again, print off as many copies as you like and wrap the "coupon" around a hand cream sample or spa sample and hand out with the kiddies Halloween Treats for their Moms.  Last year, I did mine on Orange Paper and tied it with
                                                Black Ribbon.
                        Click on the WITCH for the coupon.

And now, for my next trick ...

Here's ANOTHER "coupon" that you can tack to the back of your business card and hand out while you're out and about ... it's an offer for a FREE MASCARA when someone books a FACIAL with you.  CLICK ON THE PICTURE

         Mary Kay Halloween Parties for Moms AND Kids!!

Plan your HALLOWEEN PARTIES (not on Halloween, but other dates before Halloween night!)  Call every woman you know who has children and invite them for a “Boooo-tiful You” Night (or afternoon)

Have the Moms in one room for TRICKS” (glamour tips and more!)

Hire a Teenager to have the Kids in another room for “TREATS” … candy, games, bob for apples, etc.!

Everyone goes home with a GOODY BAG … samples for Moms & candy for kids!

How many will YOU book before Halloween?!  Remember, if the Kids are involved, the Moms will want to do it!  How many of you every wished that YOUR Kids had somewhere else to use/wear their Halloween costume … do it here! J

Use this invitation to have your own HALLOWEEN PARTY or have a Hostess ... CLICK HERE


Do You Have A Cosmetic Graveyard?? 
A spooky drawer full of old, "rotting' colour make-up??
Sweep that drawer clean between October 27 - 31st!!
Bag up your old "Brand-X" color products and trash them with me
for a comparable Mary Kay product! 
You will receive $1.00 off for each item you "trash"
- up to 10 Items!!
Are Your crows feet beginning to look like "cobwebs"???  Try Mary Kay's TimeWise Eye Cream for only $25.00. . regular price is $30.00!
Afraid your epitaph will read . . .
Purchase any TimeWise product and get a second TW Product of equal or lesser value at 25% off! 
(Includes Both TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleansers, Cleansing Bar, Both Age-Fighting-Moisturizers, Day or Night Solution, TimeWise Visibly Fit Body Lotion)
Does your Sweetie think every day is Halloween??
Then maybe you should TREAT yourself to one of our Mary Kay "Mask" products at 13% OFF!!
ULTIMATE Performance MASKara
Reg Price $15.00, Spooky Price $13.00!
Mary Kay Classic Moisture Rich, Revitalizing or Clarifying MASK
Reg Price $12, Ghostly Price $10.00!

Are You Like A Zombie . . . .
Locked into the same old "Make-Up" Routine?

If your answer is yes - schedule your
Fall makeover with me right away!
Try one of our HOT NEW Color 101 Looks designed
by the fabulous makeup artists at Mary Kay!!
Your Funny Mary Kay Lady - PUT YOUR NAME HERE
(or call me at ______________)
P.S.  Questions to Ponder . . .
Does your current job leave you feeling "dead" at the end of the day? 
Is a chance for a promotion as "thin as a skeleton?" 
Do you have a "ghost" of a chance for a pay increase? 
How many of your co-workers could "ride a broom to work?" 
Does the thought of being in your current job 5 years from now make chills go up and down your spine? 
If your answers to these questions are SCARY. . maybe you should consider a change! 
I am currently looking for some sharp women to work with me part-time or full-time as Skin Care Consultants and I am also training Holiday Gift Consultants right now in time for the Holiday selling season!  Contact me for more info at no obligation to you or me!  J

And CLICK HERE for a flyer to send out to your customers to advertise this cute GRAVEYARD SALE!

And, here's a Breast Exam flyer for your customers with a HALLOWEEN TWIST.  CLICK HERE

"Trick or Treat"

I remember the first time I was allowed to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween night with just my friends. (Of course I'm sure my Dad was following along at a safe distance but he'll neither confirm not deny that accusation!) Our mission was a singular one - get as much candy as possible in the shortest amount of time. In other words, I wanted my big plastic orange pumpkin overflowing with goodies.

We literally ran from house to house as we scoured our neighborhood intent upon our goal. On occasion, we approached a house, rang the bell, and nothing happened. The lights were on but no one answered the door.

Put in that situation, what do most kids do? They move on to the next house.


“Come on, let's go” and they're headed down the block.

·        They don't stop for a second to wonder why the owners didn't answer the door.

·        They don't take it personally.

·        They don't think that they're wearing the wrong costume.

·        They don't walk around the house peering in the window trying to see why the owners didn't answer the doorbell.

·        They don't sit down on the front step and pout.

·        And can you even imagine that they would just quit and go home? No way.

You see, kids are neat people to observe with regard to how they handle rejection. It just never occurs to them that the rejection is about them! And why? Because it's not. Kids have a unique ability to observe the world just the way it is.

As we grow up, our self-esteem takes a few hits and we start to think that everything that happens to us is about us.

It's not.

When you hear no, no thanks, I'm not interested, it's not for me, I don't like selling, please don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever call me again for any reason is about them, not you and not the opportunity you have to offer.

Run to the next house, and the next one, and the next one.

That's where the candy is.

Remember, your goal is a full plastic pumpkin, and you don't care which houses or how many houses it takes to make that happen.

- Ann Vertel

What will you be for Halloween?

As Party Plan People, we all wear different “hats” in our businesses: consultant, leader, salesperson, teacher -

So this season, to have a little fun, let’s do the TWIST and look at the kind of costumes you can wear to add more Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits to your business:

Be a Witch by asking customers:

  • Witch date do you want?
  • Witch product did you like the best?
  • Witch host gift do you want at your house?
  • Witch of my company benefits appeal most to you?
  • Witch payment plan works best for you - retail, wholesale or FREE?


Let your customers know:

  • Owl be glad to teach you how to________________ (how your product/service will benefit her)
  • Owl call you back when you ask
  • Owl give product demonstrations to educate and entertain your friends
  • Owl work with you to have the best home party you’ve ever had
  • Owl show you how you can make money, not just qualify for gifts
  • Owl provide an extra service to you by mailing written invitations to your party


  • Cat you see how lucky you are to have me as a consultant?
  • Cat you host a holiday party?
  • Cat you bring a guest to the party?
  • Cat you increase your paycheck anytime you want to
  • Web’s be business partners


  • Web’s be business partners
  • Web’s schedule a party for Halloween
  • Web’s get a head start on holiday shopping

Don’t be spooked when it comes to talking to your customers! Connect with them and explain the treats you offer at your home parties! Get out and HOWL about what people will WIN when they schedule a party with you.

Thanks to Chelle Hill & LeeAnn Elimon!

Selling Ideas for Fall

With fall here and Halloween just around the corner, here are some Spook-tacular ideas you and your unit members might want to use to help boost sales:

1.Why not hold a Tailgate Party on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon during the football games. Suggest that your customers come dressed in one of their favorite teams sweatshirts. You could provide the pretzels or popcorn and let them shop.

2.Provide a Trick or Treat Special the weekend before Halloween. This would provide a great reason to contact all your best goblins (customers). You might even offer a Halloween Mask incentive on Indulge Soothing Eye Mask, Satin Lips Lip Mask or any of our classic basic facial masks or a Mas-scary incentive on mascaras.

3.You could attach color samples to your business cards and hand them out along with candy to the mothers of the trick-or-treaters who come to your door on Halloween. You could even attach a card that says, This is no trick. Treat yourself to a complementary facial!

4.Offer a Make Yourself Boo-tiful Night at your home. Do quick one-hour appointments and feature one of the looks on the new Trend Look Cards

Are you chained to your OLD SPOOKY ROUTINE?
Escape today  - use these handouts to liven up your Halloween sales!









Click here-- Halloween Witch
Click here-- Halloween treat
Click here-- Halloween Specials
Click here-- Halloween IS THE SAME OLD Look
Click here-- Halloween coupon for Class


Offer all your great customers that work in offices with tons of women the chance of 'treating themselves' to a HALF OFF SHOPPING SPREE by taking the Ghost Hostess Bag to work and getting 10 outside orders by Wednesday!
(directions: simply copy off the sheet available here, and tape it to a 9X13 white envelope...tuck in a Look Book, and that's it!)
The envelope informs all that purchase:
1. When products will be delivered.
2. Who to make the checks out to YOU!
3. If anyone is interested in being a customer, hostess, or for them to note at bottom of page.
4. That when all orders are in, the Ghost Hostess will draw two numbers, and whoever has ordered on that line, 
WINS 1 Free Glamour item!
This will bring you added sales, new contacts, and just maybe a regular Ghost Hostess that'd like to do this again!!
Work to get out 5 per'll love the Cash Flow!
Click here for your Ghost Hostess Sheet

Here's a 2nd version with 20 lines....(Thank YOU Sr. Dir Judy Tucker)

Here's the HALLOWEEN TREAT BAG INSERT the sheet, there are 8 various slips on 1 sheet.  Then take a small cello bag (can find in the candy making dept at Wal-Mart) and tuck in 1 Halloween slip, tape a penny to bottom of slip...a lipstick or eye sample, and 2-3 pieces of pre-wrapped Halloween candy...tie up with seasonal ribbon.  Work to make up 8-16 treat bags to give away per week! Here's how to use: when you see a fun and smiling woman, ask, 'Have you been tricked or treated this week? smile, I'm a Consultant with Mary Kay and I'm treating every smile I see to a Boo-tiful Treat...there's a penny in there that'll buy you a Free Eye Color if you treat yourself to a 1 hr Makeover appt!"       Great for meeting Women!
click here for the Halloween Inserts




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