Welcome to our Training Center!

  Booking with Roses

This is a great idea to get 30-40 leads in less than an hour!!!  Get a buddy and go.  Go to Sams or Cosco and buy 2-3 dz roses in a couple different colors.  (cost  $14 dz) October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so buy all pink (maybe a light and dark)  to represent that.

Works better if 2 people go together.  One carries the roses and the other carries a small bag with those tear off tickets.  All you are doing with the tickets is having them write their name and phone number on the back.  Don't have them fill out address and all that stuff because it will look like you are soliciting.  You want to get in and out fast.

Then go to businesses and offices where woman work and do the following!

Were with Mary Kay and were out in the area today honoring working women with a free rose, (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month)  what color would you like?

Were also doing a drawing at the end of the day for up to $50 in free product; just put your name and the best number to reach you on the back of this ticket.

If there are only 1 or 2 women around when you come in but looks like a fairly big office, always ask:  Are there any other women in the office because I wouldnt want to leave anyone out.

Also, if there are men around, give them a rose to take home to their significant other or special woman in their life (mother, sister, grandmother) and have them enter that person in the drawing.


Roses call back script

Hi Angie this is Adrienne with Mary Kay, do you have a quick minute? If you remember I gave you the rose yesterday.  Did it make it home or did you leave it at the office?  (yo are just breaking the ice) Well I am so excited to let you know that you were my grand prize winner (or one of my winners).  Have you ever won anything before?  Well, you have won a complimentary pampering session and a gift certificate for $20.  Now my job is to find what time works best for you so that I can spoil you rotten and you can use your gift certificate.  (We always do facials at our meetings and we do them on Sat mornings.  If you are set up that way you would say "I am avail on Monday at 6 or Sat. at 9:30am what is better for you"?)

I am going to send you a packet in the mail with a catalog, the gift certificate, directions to (my house, studio, or training center) and my business card in case you have any questions before we meet.  I will call you on Thursday to see if you have received your packet and ask you a few questions about your skin.

 Mail out packet:

Look Book (because the eye buys) with gift certificate stapled to the front and appointment card with directions to where you do facials with the date and time of appointment on front.  (You can find a sample of what we use locally if you hit the Monthly newsletter icon and look for Gift Certificate and meeting directions)

Callback either that night or the next day while rose is still fresh!  Mail packets that day or next and follow-up within two days of mailing to pre-profile and have one more point of contact.