Dalene White - "what I learned from Mary Kay"

What I Learned From Mary Kay Ash

Featuring Independent Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Dalene White

Independent Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Dalene White
has received rave reviews for her appearance on the Fall/Holiday 2006 Pink Link DVD. Her words of wisdom reached out to Independent Beauty Consultants everywhere, motivating them and giving them the benefit of her experience, especially her experiences as Mary Kay's close friend and first Beauty Consultant.

Dalene remembered that Mary Kay always held people accountable for their responsibilities, and she detailed some responsibilities that a Beauty Consultant might have today: responsibilities to her customers, to her recruiter and to her Sales Director to give the best of herself so she could be a magnet for other people. Dalene also shared great advice about holding more skin care classes in order to increase production and learning and using that good old "three-foot rule" in order to build your customer base.  She says, "If you develop that open-mouth policy when you're within three feet of people, it all folds together with a lot of joy and much greater ease."

It is easy to see why Dalene has been so successful -- her enthusiasm for the opportunity is still increasing, especially with the new fall advertising campaign. She said, "Oh, to be an Independent Beauty Consultant again. I would have a ball! It's important for Beauty Consultants, I think, to understand that advertising gets the name out there, but what?s more important is for them to use it as a booking tool, as a sales tool, as a team-building tool. If I were a Beauty Consultant today, I would carry those magazines with me everywhere I went and use them to give greater credibility so that people can be impressed with the respect with which our Company and our product is held around the nation."

To listen to this amazing 11 & minute interview with Dalene White CLICK HERE