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Thanksgiving words from Mary Kay

Mary Kay always talked about Thanksgiving being her favorite holiday ... so appropriate that was the day she went to be with the Lord.  She always gathered with her family on Thanksgiving and gave them their Christmas gifts, so on Christmas they could be in their own homes. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ I continue to give thanks for every one of YOU!

The following is a Thanksgiving excerpt from Mary Kay from one of her From the Heart messages in our Applause years ago.


We are about to enter that special and meaningful time of year - the holiday season.  I have always felt that Thanksgiving festivities are a wonderful way to herald in the holidays.

Thanksgiving should be a day of reflection for all of us.  It's a chance to think back on the past year and the many things for which we are thankful, to reflect on the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays and what they mean, and to look ahead to the New Year and the opportunities it holds.

Just as the Pilgrims were thankful for what God had done for them, I am so thankful for what He has done for our Company.  When I look at the success of Mary Kay Inc., I know that man alone could not have built such a special organization without God's blessing.  He has drawn to us so many caring and capable Independent
Beauty Consultants whose desires, like mine, are to serve Him and acknowledge the work He is doing in our lives and in our Company.

Richard C. Cabot wrote the beautiful words:  "When you say to me "thank you," remember I could not have done for you what I did, had it not been for what hundreds of other people have done for me.  Neither could they have done for me what they did, had it not been for what thousands of other people had done for them.  And so the thing goes on in infinite time and space.

Therefore, when you say "thank you," you really meant to say "thank you, God."

Thank you God, for our wonderful Company, our fine sales force, our capable staff and the many personal blessings you give to each of us daily.

~~Thank you Mary Kay for these wonderful words!