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Think Pink 2010

NEW!!!  Team Building Notebook
Thank you Kissa's Kreations

Marketing Bag Cards

Practice Interview Dialogue

Team Building Objection Flashcards*

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Full Circle Tracking Sheet

What Do You Know About Mary Kay?

6 Month Plan for National Court of Sharing

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Are You Helping or Hindering Your New Recruit?*







Candy Bar Marketing
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Starter Kit
Career Car Value
Best Recruiting Packet

A. Purchase 15 folders preferably red.
B. Enclose:

1. A copy of the updated Recruiting Packet
2. Career Car Value

3. Starter Kit Flyer Visual
Team-Building CD (Optional)
5. current Look Book
6. 3 Sales Tickets

Share your recruiting packets with your prospective recruits. Ask her to help you by reading the enclosed materials and to listen to the CD. OFFER a 50% discount on any 1 item from the Look Book just for giving you her Opinion. Tell her that you'll call for her opinion no later than 48 hours since this is a Challenge from your Sales Director. (write down the time on your date book). FOLLOW UP!

Ask her opinion. If interested, set up an appointment (tell her no longer than 45 minutes) to see her within 24 hours. Ask permission to send an INVITE... 

If not interested, encourage her to pass your Recruiting Packet to one of her friends that might be interested in a Mary Kay career. That when her friend qualifies, you'll give her a very special gift for helping you!!!

Get EXCITED and put it into ACTION!!!


?What Women in America Are Looking For? Survey




Wow!   I wonder just how many of us would "prejudge" and not even offer?!?! I promise you...this will start your 'outside the box' thinking!!! 

Cybele Woon, M.D.  is the adopted Director of Tasha Summit, consultant in Houston 
thought you night enjoy her "I" Story
 Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director
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Cindy Leone, a Mary Kay national sales director, shows off her pink Cadillac outside her Burlington County home. The car is the eighth she's earned in 21 years with the cosmetics company.


Recruiting Notebook
Recruiting Mini Album Opening Questions
Recruiting Notebook Mini Album
Top Signs You Need a Mary Kay Career

Proven Script  NEW

Team Building with tapes  NEW

Accelerate Recruitingby Arlene Lenarz  NEW

WOW! Thanks Candy Costello for this?.If you are unsure of HOW to share info. about our company and DO an interview?its ALL HERE in the recruiting mini notebook!! Print this notebook out..and put in a binder ready to go and then set your interview goals of how many sharp women you will share with daily and weekly!!  Usually 1 out of 5 people that you share with and interview end up recruiting?.so IMAGINE if you thought BIG and did MASSIVE interviews?.IMAGINE the results!!  Please DO READ CANDYS note below as well about HER SUCCESS?its quite impressive as well!! Enjoy!! 

Classes per Week
What MK Can Do 4 YOU!




Mrs. Cab Short Version



This is a great new Mrs Cab flier to use ( thanks to NSD Martha Railes and my friend Dir Karen Kurst)... especially if you are new or never did many interviews. ( there is the interview sheet and also a study sheet on what to say for each part of the MRS CAB) I double dog dare you to sit down with 10 women and go through this  even if you think they couldn't possibly be interested.  Have them do it as a favor and give them a little thank you gift.  I will never forget the day 20+ years ago when I set down with a double masters degreed Dr. who absolutely adored our products because my Director challenged me to interview 5 women who intimidated the do-wha out of me.  SHE RECRUITED on the spot.  I know my mouth must have viably hung open.   From those 5 interviews I got one recruit and referrals from a aeronautic engineer,  A state senators wife, and a dean of students at Central Florida College that eventually resulted in 3 strong, excited team members.  You never know where someone is in their life.  Some of the most successful women in business are miserable doing what they do and just need a new vehicle to accomplish great things in a new career.    You could be interviewing a National Sales Director by doing this challenge. 

Recruiting Home Based Business Comparison

Holiday Pilot Program

From the Pam Shaw website? Thanks NSD Pam Shaw!!

Ready to Drive the Vibe?
Team Building 123
Ready to Win Your Car?By NSD Lisa Madsen (29 things to do to Earn Your Vibe!)
How Secure is Your Future? 

The Classy Way to Succeed
Wear Red in 30 Days!



Who is She?

Top Reason you need to do MK

Interview Guidethanks NSD Ronnie D'Esposito Klein for sharing!
Interview Tipsby Pam Shaw
Phone Interview Procedureby Michelle Tufenjkian
Practice Interviewby Teresa Gregory
Mini Interview Sheet

The Pilot Program
Summer Pilot 2013
Summer Pilot Program Flyer

MARKETING CARD GAME:  Here is the Game I play at my classes these days called the "Marketing Card" Game that has helped me to recruit at least ONE person from each class right then!!

Marketing Plan Dialogue
Marketing Game Cards
Marketing Game Insert





    Top Signs You Need a Mary Kay Career






The Oprah Winfrey Show      

Working Moms vs Stay-at-home Moms:
Oprah's show 1/23/07 talked about statistics
These statistics make me think of all the possibilities - I think that this proves (what we already know) that a good portion of the women we are encountering would be possibly 'open' to the idea of having a business like Mary Kay to be able to quit work or start working outside the home!!!!
Who will YOU interview today?
Your 'courage' to ask them could change their life forever!
Here's the information from
It's an issue that strikes at the hearts of millions of American women:
Can you be a great mother and a successful career woman?
Is it possible for women to have it all?

In an poll, more than 15,000 women?both stay-at-home and working moms?opened up about their feelings on motherhood.

Two-thirds (66%) of the working moms who responded said they would quit work and stay home with their kids if they could. More than 90 percent said they work for financial reasons.

Among the stay-at-home moms, more than one-third (36%) wished they worked outside the home.
We have an opportunity that they are looking for (Full-time income with part-time hours & flexibility)
Who do you know that your can contact TODAY and let her in on the Mary Kay secret........shhhh!



NSD 2006
TEAM BUILDING - How to have TONS of Interviews

As you're closing the class and doing the individual consultations with each guest present.Total her sale and offer her $10 off of her purchase @ that sale in exchange for her time. 

Tell her : " I am in a challenge to share company information with 10 women this week . Just for listening you would be helping me reach my goal and I would like to give you $10 off tonight because I appreciate your ears and your time. Now I know that Mary Kay is something that you probably would never consider-and that's OK. I'm not trying to recruit you. (smile) I will just share info.  and let you make that informed decision after you've heard the facts. Now-for $10 off tonight-will you help me? (smile and HUSH!) " (You could also do this with phone orders from current customers.)

They always say yes-because this is exactly how I finished my DIQ! Now when she says "YES"- I say " Thank you so much for helping me-now what is your schedule for tomorrow-could I meet you for breakfast or would lunch be better for you? " (Or you could schedule a phone interview with your director 2 or 3-way!!) 

We then schedule breakfast or lunch on the next day and then I give her $10 off right then and there. I have found that by giving her $10 off prior to her appt. with me-she has an obligation to meet with me-so she won't back out. And if she does-it has only cost me $5!!!!! No biggie! However-I have not had ONE person to back out on the next day appt. -at the lunch on the next day-

The FIRST thing that I do is ask questions about her and her life/family. I don't immediately use "sentence/sentence/sentence"
about the company. I let her know that SHE is my interest today and would never want her to feel that I am there to "recruit" her.  I take the Something More Brochure and tear out my part-give her her part. I read word for word and she follows along in her part. 

I then explain the start up cost for the showcase and all that is included for $100. I do explain the profit / commission levels. I just present her with the Career Path program (the one with the picture of the cars on the front).

I also ask what they are making at their current JOB. I explain that it is a personal question- I know- but I would like to show them how Mary Kay could make her $ faster and with a lot less stress. They always provide me with bring home pay info and I compare hour-to-hour-then I explain that realistically-they would not work Mary Kay 8 hours straight every day-because they DON"T HAVE TO!!!!! YEAH! The whole process takes me about 30 minutes. 

I just compare money to money/hour to hour stress level to stress level and @ home time with their family. The difference is usually HUGE and so they see why Mary Kay could be great for them.  After all-they just came to listen-right?????? HA!

I have my $5 shimmer tote bag with a current Look Book in the front window with her date book, car window decal, a rose, recruiting info, and a full size retail set of Satin Hands ready for her to take home when she signs and gives me the check.

The tote bag is powerful! You can decorate them more and add colored tissue paper and a Mary Kay pin on the rose. They are beautiful.

When she signs-I then give her the extra set of Career Essentials so she can start training and learning right away. I have 4 extras in stock on the Career Essentials-they just replace mine when they get their showcase. (Actually, I would give her a copy of Mary Kay's autobiography to read - Carolyn) 

That's pretty much it! Really laid back and relaxed. Once I have her check-if time, I then explain the benefits of stocking inventory -I pull out the Inventory Options brochure and show all levels beginning @ $3600 Wholesale down to $600. NEVER mention a $200 at all.

If there is not time today, leave the brochure with her and you or your director can call her once she has had a change to look at it.  If she is hesitant on inventory-I send her home with "Ready, Set, Sell" audiocassette and meet with her within the next 24-36 hours for another little while. Usually-that closes them out and they fully understand the value of inventory-then it is just a personal decision as to what she plans to do with her personal business.

I tell her that is not pressure-I am just informing her about ALL that she can get for FREE  on her initial order-I used to be terrified of opening my mouth about inventory-for fear of being pushy or having them think that I was after their money- then I grew up and became a businesswoman and realized that through Mary Kay I am offering a lifestyle change and the decision is up to them-NOT ME!

I am loving the recruiting part of my business. It just feels so good to work with women at this level and know you're giving them an opportunity to change their lives.


Have You Pondered Pink? Questionnaire
Summer Pilot Program
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*Visual Starter Kit Flyer*
Facts on Working Women  
Reasons to Start Sept-Dec 
Avenues of Income Survey

A Mary Kay Record--$1 million a year
NSD Cindy Leon--Living the Pink Life
Sylvia Kalicak--Overcoming Odds!

Jennifer Semelsberger

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