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Thank you to the many Directors that have contributed below. It is hard to give credit specifically sometimes as everyone is so Go Give with sharing. So I would like to Thank you now to any and all where your name is not mentioned:

Skin Care Class 101

What will I learn?

Welcome to Skin Care Class 101! You've come to the right place for some helpful tips and suggestions for conducting a Mary Kay skin care class that have worked for other Independent Beauty Consultants and might work for you. You likely already have some great ideas of your own for conducting a successful skin care class, so you can decide whether or not to incorporate these outlined in Skin Care Class 101.

Mary Kay Ash always taught us that skin care classes are a great way to meet people, share the fabulous benefits of Mary Kay® products and develop your customer base.

How long will it take me?

The estimated time to complete this lesson is 25 minutes. To help you even further, you may also listen to the “Skin Care Class” audio track on the Career Essentials Audio Success Series CD and refer to the Skin Care Class Guide.

What should I do? 
The suggested dialogues to help you become more familiar with your presentation.

"The art of salesmanship needs constant refinement. None of us likes to be sold, but all of us like to buy. The job is not to sell anyone anything, but instead to find the customers' needs and fill them."

— Mary Kay Ash (American Women's Educational Development Speech)   


 This lesson contains the following topics:   


• Class Preparation       

• Team Building at Skin Care Classes     

• Conducting a Class       

• Closing — Group & Individual
• Follow-Up

• Preprofile all guests. We suggest that you call* all your guests and use the customer profile to record their initial skin care information. When preprofiling your guests, you may want to ask questions 4 and 5 on the customer profile and say something like:

“Hello, (guestÂ’s name)! This is ________, and IÂ’m the Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant who will be conducting (hostess's name) skin care class on Jan. 3 at 6 p.m. Do you have just a minute? IÂ’d like to ask you a few questions about your skin so that I can be prepared for our class. Which one statement best describes your skin type?" 


  “Dry, needs extra moisture.”


  “Normal, never too dry or oily.”


  “Pretty normal, except for some oiliness on the forehead and nose and/or some dryness.”   


  “So oily that by noon, I need a powder touch-up to help control the shine.”

“Is your skin tone ivory, beige or bronze? And do you prefer a full, medium or sheer foundation coverage?"

"Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you on Jan. 3. WeÂ’ll begin at 6 p.m., and IÂ’ll have a special place set up just for you.”   


 Click here for a copy of the skin care profile.   


  *Prior to contacting referrals via telephone or e-mail, you should consider whether such communication is consistent with state and/or federal “do-not-call” and/or “SPAM” laws and regulations. For more information on this subject, you can go to the “Tax and Legal” category on the Mary Kay InTouch® Web site. Otherwise, Mary Kay always recommends face-to-face contact, which should help you avoid any issues with these types of regulations.


• Pack products and supplies. You'll want to make sure to have all of your supplies ready in advance.    

Click here for the Packing Checklist for Skin Care Classes, Facials and Collection Previews, (also found in your Success Tools envelope), for a list of important products and supplies. 

• Four-Point Recruiting Plan. Mary Kay Ash always taught us that selling appointments, especially the skin care class, offer the best place to find prospective team members. The four-point recruiting plan, developed by Mary Kay Ash, is an important tool to remember during every appointment. Here are the four steps you may want to consider that can help you leave each class with prospective team members or referrals: 

  1. Before every skin care class, ask the hostess, “Is there anyone coming today who might be interested in doing what I do?”
  2. Present your heartfelt, enthusiastic I-story at every skin care class. Share why you began your Mary Kay business and what it means to you.
  3. Select at least one person at every skin care class, and offer them the Mary Kay opportunity. You may want to plant seeds by sending guests home with the Something More audio program, then meeting with them to tell them more about the Mary Kay opportunity.
  4. Offer the hostess a special gift for any person she suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant. DonÂ’t forget to offer the hostess the business opportunity if you think she would make a good Independent Beauty Consultant.    

• Mary Kay always said there is a new Independent Beauty Consultant at every class! Your hostess and guests are all potential team members. You'll want to keep in mind that your hostess is a great prospect, because she already has a business relationship with you.

You should also consider paying attention to all the guests at the class:


  — Do they love the products?


  — Do they ask a lot of questions?


  — Look for the sparkler in the group, the one who buys the most or the one who     leads the group.  


  — When you do identify that guest or guests, you will want to make sure you offer them the Mary Kay opportunity when you close the class.

• It's a good idea to arrive early to set up items such as mirrors, trays, Beauty Books, etc. Coach the hostess, if you havenÂ’t already.   Ask her to help by:


  — Greeting guests and introducing them to you at the door.


  — Providing assistance during the class.  


  — Assisting guests with the Satin Hands® Pampering Set and sharing Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover as they arrive.


• Ask the hostess, (point one of the four-point recruiting plan) “Is there anyone coming today who might be interested in doing what I do?  How about you?” You may also offer her a special gift for any person she suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant (point four of the four-point recruiting plan).

• Meet and greet each guest.


• Have guests fill out their customer profiles (if not completed beforehand).   


• Select foundation shade and formula, along with Mary Kay® Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation shade.   


 For the Mary Kay® Foundation shade and formula, refer to questions 4 and 5 on the customer profile. This will determine what type of skin they have (dry, normal, combination or oily), whether they have an ivory, beige or bronze skin tone and what level of coverage they prefer (full, medium, sheer). You may use the foundation Shade Selector Tool to help select the shade. Simply hold the clear sheet next to, but not touching, her jawline. The color that appears to blend in with her skin is the shade to try. To test a foundation shade:  


  — First, have the guest cleanse a small area on her jawline.  


  — Second, have her apply a test of the foundation shade you select. Be sure to have her blend it in and wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry and to absorb more completely into the skin.  


  — Third, if the foundation seems to disappear or blend with her skin tone, this is the right shade. Write the shade name on her customer profile, and dispense foundation into her tray for her to apply during the class. Or, if the first stripe is     not the right shade, try a lighter or darker shade.  

• You can use the Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation shade as a pressed powder for this class.

• Ask the hostess to

  — Share Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover with guests.

  Insert a disposable brush into the Endless Performance™ Mascara, and have the guest apply it to the back of her hand. Use a fresh, disposable brush with each guest, and make sure a used brush is never reinserted into the mascara tube. Shake the Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to mix the two phases. Apply remover to cotton ball for the guest to remove mascara and say, “The Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover whisks away even waterproof mascara without leaving skin oily or greasy. See how easy that was?” 


— Share Satin Hands® Pampering Set with guests.


• Seat the guests according to skin type.

  • Introduce yourself, thank guests for coming and thank the hostess.

“Hello, I am _____, a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, and I would like to thank all of you for coming. I want to thank (hostessÂ’s name) for hosting this class and let her know how excited I am that she would share her friends with me. I think sheÂ’s great.” 


• Share the agenda.

“Let me start by giving you an overview of what weÂ’re going to do today. You will get to try Mary Kay® skin care and some Mary Kay® color. Then at the end of the class, we will get together one-on-one to discuss your individual needs. We can also book a time for your next appointment. But before we begin, letÂ’s take a moment to introduce ourselves so we get to know each other a little better.”

“I know as we go through the class today, you are going to find products you just canÂ’t live without. I want you to mark them in the Beauty Book that is next to your tray. It is your guide, and you can take it home with you.” 


• Talk about the Company and philosophies.


• Share your one-minute I-story (point two of the four-point recruiting plan).


• Share the “Try Before You Buy Philosophy.”

• Share the importance of skin care.

“Let’s talk about the importance of good skin care. We feel there are five essential steps necessary for your skin to look its best, and they are:


1. Cleanse twice a day to remove makeup and impurities.

2. Exfoliate to remove dead surface cells that dull the skin.

3. Freshen to refine pores as well as tone.

4. Moisturize to hydrate the skin to help keep it soft and smooth.

5. Protect your skin from the environment.”    


• Present Miracle Set products.

“Mary Kay created incredible TimeWise® products that easily and effectively achieve these five essentials and more! They are conveniently available as the Miracle Set, and when used regularly for eight weeks, clinical test results show an average of a 56 percent reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a 37 percent increase in skin firmness. Can you get excited about that? Now letÂ’s take a closer look at the individual products available in the Miracle Set and what they can offer our skin!”   


  — TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser.  


  — TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer.    


  — TimeWise® Day and Night Solutions. Ask guests to apply TimeWise®  Day Solution, then TimeWise® Night Solution to the backs of their hands.  


  — Present Protect Step.  


• Wrap up skin care steps.

“ThatÂ’s it! These simple steps weÂ’ve just completed are the same steps youÂ’ll follow at home. In the morning, first apply your TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser, your TimeWise® Day Solution With Sunscreen SPF 15, your TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer and your foundation. At night, apply TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser, your TimeWise® Night Solution and your TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer.

 Â“Now, take a look in the mirror. How does your skin look? And most importantly, how does it feel? IsnÂ’t it amazing what the right products can do? And to think, you are getting incredible anti-aging benefits!”
*over the counter drug product

• Introduce and discuss customized products.

“Well, now IÂ’m going to tell you how Mary Kay® products can address your personal skin care concerns and offer you a solution. Please turn to the customized skin care page in your Beauty Book. As you can see, we have an array of products for your additional needs — such as the extra hydration moisturizers that hydrate your skin and the Indulge™ Soothing Eye Gel that helps reduce the appearance of eye-area puffiness — products for all those little extra needs you might have. When we get together one-on-one, we can talk about the products that are right for you.”   

Play the Name Game. You could play the “name game” at this time. You might say something like, “Now letÂ’s have some more fun! Turn over your customer profile. The nicest compliment you could pay me would be to refer me to your friends. See the space to write in five of your favorite friends? The first person to write in their five friendsÂ’ names and phone numbers will go home with this wonderful gift.*”   


  * Prior to contacting referrals via telephone or e-mail, you should consider whether such communication is consistent with state and/or federal “do-not-call” and/or “SPAM” laws and regulations. For more information on this subject, you can go to the “Tax and Legal” category on the Mary Kay Web site. Otherwise, Mary Kay always recommends face-to-face contact, which should help you avoid any issues with these types of regulations.

During this portion of the skin care class, you can briefly discuss foundation and then share basic color using the MK Signature™ Look Cards. The focus is to have some color back on the face so that the women leave feeling pretty, with a classic makeup look. You'll want to encourage them during the skin care class to book a follow up appointment where you can discuss specific color looks. Consider the following:   


• Instruct on setting foundation using Mary Kay® Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation.

“Now that you have learned the importance of skin care, let me show you the difference color can make. First weÂ’ll set our foundation with Mary Kay® Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation. Apply the powder using the dry sponge, and gently press onto your entire face for a soft, matte finish.”   


• Instruct on a basic color look using the MK Signature™ Classic Look Cards.  


• Wrap up color.

• Review product sets and prices.  ** Refer to the product sets page in the Beauty Book and discuss sets and prices.

"Now we have come to my favorite part of the skin care class. This is where you get to find out how to take home these fabulous Mary Kay® products! If you turn to the next page, I get to show you the most exciting collection weÂ’ve ever had in Mary Kay. ItÂ’s called the Beauty Essentials Collection, and itÂ’s in this gorgeous Travel Roll-Up Bag.”  


• Describe the contents of each pocket.


• Provide an incentive. “As you look over these sets and their prices, circle all of the ones you would like to take home. Do not let money become a factor when you are marking the sets you would like. When we get together one-on-one, IÂ’ll tell you more about how you may earn some of those products free!”   


• Thank guests for attending, and offer the Mary Kay opportunity. “IÂ’ve enjoyed being here today and hope you have enjoyed it as well. I would really value your opinion of the products you tried today. So please take a few minutes to answer the questions on the back of the customer profile. Then weÂ’ll meet privately to select your colors and customize a skin care program that meets your individual needs. After seeing what I do, if you are intrigued or curious about starting your own Mary Kay business, letÂ’s talk about it in our individual consultation. OK, (guestÂ’s name), letÂ’s start with you.”    


  **Prices indicated are suggested retail prices.

• Using the Beauty Book and her customer profile, discuss the product sets she’s interested in and suggest targeted customized skin care products.

“Tell me, how does your skin feel? It looks great! I can see on the back of your customer profile you would like to take home the Travel Roll-Up Bag and Beauty Essentials Collection. I know youÂ’re going to love your products. Were there any other products that you were interested in? Great! How would you like to take care of that? Visa, MasterCard, check or cash?” 

• Encourage her to book an appointment (a skin care class or collection preview) by telling her how she may earn free products by inviting a few friends to her class.

“When we get back together for your follow-up appointment, wouldnÂ’t you like to earn some free products? If you host a skin care class or collection preview, you may earn free products as a bonus gift. How does that sound? Great! LetÂ’s go ahead and schedule a time. What works best for you, beginning or end of the week? Morning or evening? How about Saturday at 2 p.m.? Wonderful! Now, (guestÂ’s name), I would like to call you in two or three days to see how the products you purchased tonight are working for you. What time may I call you? Good, at that time IÂ’ll also ask you for the names of the guests coming to the class youÂ’re hosting.”   


• Ask if she might be interested in the Mary Kay opportunity (point three of the four-point recruiting plan).

“(Guest’s name), remember at the beginning of the class when I said that Mary Kay always said there is someone at every skin care class who would make a great Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant? Well, in the time we’ve had together, I believe you are the kind of person I’d enjoy working with! Starting your own business may or may not be for you, but I’d like your honest opinion of this short CD. It features stories of women who found something more with the Mary Kay opportunity. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t listen to this CD? Great! Could I stop by your office at lunch tomorrow and pick it up? And as a thank-you gift, I will bring you a wonderful new lipstick. Thanks again for coming tonight, (guest’s name). I really enjoyed meeting you.”

After the class, you'll want to consider the following suggestions:


• Thank your hostess.  Â“(HostessÂ’s name), thank you so much for hosting this class and for sharing your friends with me today. IÂ’m so excited for you to try even more of our wonderful products, and IÂ’d really love the opportunity to work with you again soon. You were such a help, youÂ’d be a natural doing what I do!” 


• Figure out how many products she earned as her hostess gift, and find out if thereÂ’s anything else sheÂ’d like. 


• Offer her another appointment.


• Ask for referrals*. (You might want to offer a small incentive if the referral books a class.)


• Ask if sheÂ’s interested in the Mary Kay opportunity (point four of the four-point recruiting plan). 


  *Prior to contacting referrals via telephone or e-mail, you should consider whether such communication is consistent with state and/or federal “do-not-call” and/or “SPAM” laws and regulations. For more information on this subject, you can go to the “Tax and Legal” category on the Mary Kay Web site. Otherwise, Mary Kay always recommends face-to-face contact, which should help you avoid any issues with these types of regulations.

"I truly believe that serving customers is one of the great factors that sets us apart from every other company. We are dedicated to serving our customers in the very best possible way."


— Mary Kay Ash

Two days after the class, you'll want to consider the following suggestions:


• Following up with all of your customers is the key to providing excellent customer service and developing lasting relationships that will support your long-term reorder business.  


• You'll want to make a note in your datebook to call each new customer within two days to check how her products are working.*

“Hi, (customerÂ’s name,) This is ________, your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Do you have a moment? I want to make sure youÂ’re getting lots of compliments on your Mary Kay® products and to see if you have any questions. Are your products doing everything you want them to do for you?” 


• Consider calling any potential team members. You can go back through your customer profiles and schedule team-building appointments with those customers to whom you never offered the Mary Kay opportunity before. Or, you can follow up with the people you’ve already talked to who may not have said “yes” at the time — their situations may have changed. Remember, all your customers are potential team members.


• If you didn’t book a second facial or other selling appointment with your customer at the class, you can use your follow-up call to do so. You could also send a handwritten note or e-mail to follow up and include information about any upcoming events.


• Every customer counts! You may want to keep good records and track your customers and their purchases. These records could lead you to future bookings, future team members and financial security. A great system many people use to follow up with customers is the 2+2+2 system. It’s simple: Call your customer two days after her initial appointment, check with her two weeks later at her next appointment and call every two months for reorders or to suggest new products.

This is an excellent link for Product Knowledge (new)  from Canadian Director Arleen Fritz-Thank you.
                                           PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE - Education Station


Great job! YouÂ’ve just graduated from Skin Care Class 101. YouÂ’ve had the opportunity to learn how to prepare and conduct a skin care class and follow up with guests. So, can you see how easy it is? ItÂ’s really step-by-step. YouÂ’re on your way!  


DonÂ’t worry about being perfect during your skin care class presentation. Just focus on the basics, and your technique will improve with time and practice. Remember to smile throughout the class and have fun. You want to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Best of luck, and come back any time you want a skin care class refresher!

                                        ON CARDS FOR YOU!!!
I do a variation of this, using the water   products, and I also use the E.Lauder and Clinique example or Lancombe, etc; really is quicker.
                                        click :   This IS my Skincare Class 

            Check out your placemats below for a professional, easy to follow along with table close.

(has new Black Compact and Mineral Products on it)
I print 6-10 and have them laminated for my facials and shows.
Put them under the tray/mirror and then at the end when you are doing your TABLE CLOSE you/they will have something to "follow along with" as you are explaing the sets, prices and what they get free with sets purchases today.

Or choose a simple placemat where you give the bag for Hostess Credit and supplements @1/2 price with purchase...
Click here for a simple placemat That I use.created July 08 by Ramona - (I now use page protectors for the placemats)
New Placemat with updated packaging and Serum C below from AngelIe Murray.

CLICK HEREfor a customer service quiz ...
How are YOUR customer service skills?

Below you will find more tools, idea's that you may want to incorporate into your skin care classes as you grow your business. Remember too many idea's can be overwhelming..try one thing at a time. First perfect the above. Then branch out.


Tools to Help your Skin Care Classes ROCK!
Thank you Angelee Murray
New 2009 Placemat with New Product and New Looks with Packaging Update!

Click HERE for pdf Placemat.

Suggestion:  Have Laminated or put in
clear sleeve page protectors!

I love this placemat because it has the updated product and look on it!!!!!

To MAXIMIZE your Roll Up Bag that you use for Demo at your facials/shows......
1.  Make sure that you have your 4-POCKETS filled a certain way.
2.  Make sure that you know how much EACH POCKET IS TOTAL.
3.  Have your Complete Roll Up at a "Certain Price Today" with the Bag Free!
My suggestions when packing your Roll Up Bag:
POCKET 1 (TOP POCKET):  Set1, Set 2 and Foundation  $128
POCKET 2:  Set 3 and Set 4   $115
Pocket 3:  Set 7 and Set 8   $114.50
Pocket 4:  Set 5   $48
( I would sell the Full Bag with Roll Up Free for $379)
All the other product you could possibly show at your appt, but these are the products I WOULD focus on, know my prices and go with it!

CLICK HERE for your "Price per Pocket Tags" you can print
and put in each pocket to keep your prices correct!
(Just cut them into)

You can practically do everything "wrong" during the class, but if you don't CLOSE IT properly, you will leave with an empty money bag.... Ohhhh Noooo!


Individual Consultation

You can practically do everything "wrong" during the class, but if you don't CLOSE IT properly, you will leave with an empty money bag.... Ohhhh Noooo!


Simplified Hostess Packet
Recently, I've been so excited to work with this new hostess packet,
and I wanted to share it with you!  I'm finding it much easier to assemble and pack these for classes, rather than using the Little Big Bag (which often gets mashed).

(click here for It's Girl Time Hostess Packet)

I purchased these white pocket folders at Staples for 5 cents each!

Insert your business card in the card slots.
Left pocket:
Current issue of the Look
Outside Order Sheet (Click here)
Right pocket:
Company hostess brochure with hostess program insert of your choice
12 invitations tied with ribbon (print 4 to a page front & back on cardstock)
Postcard Page 1
Postcard Page 2

You'll want to put 10-20 of these together and take them with you to your classes.  Give them to your hostess at the time you book the class and go over each pieceof information in the packet.......don't forget to fill in the blanks on the hostess brochure!

Click here for labels for the cover of the folder.
The labels are 2 1/3" x 3 3/8".  There are 8 on a page. 
The AVERY # is 8395.

I always send this postcard to my hostess to confirm the class date & time
and to request her guest list.  Then you need to FOLLOW UP with a phone call, get her guest list, and PREPROFILE the guests!
Click on the postcard above and print these 4 to a page on cardstock.

Don't forget to include the Choices CD & Form
Choices Form

Hope this helps keep things simple for you!

UPDATED!!! The following Book-2-Look "free gift insert sheets" have been updated!  They include booking and sharing the opportunity incentives to INCREASE the value of their free gift INSTANTLY at the show!  Awesome!


We use the"Book 2 Look" Envelopes at all of our Debuts and Celebration Parties ... Guess What?  WE BOOK EVERY SINGLE PERSON!     
......YOU CAN TOO!

1.  CLICK HERE to print your lables for the outside of your 6X9 envelopes. (thank you Dana Watkins!!!)
We print the labels on FULL SHEET LABEL paper, then cut them out and attach to the front of the envelopes.  This works better than "already made" labels.


2.  Make up 20-30-40+ envelopes!

3.  At your skin care class or party, say:  "OK, how would you all like to win ___________?" (a free Microdermabrasion set.... $100 in Mary Kay, etc?)

4.  Say:  "Great!  Everyone take 1 envelope and don't open in not...take one, do NOT open it, okay.... let's start here with you, Susie." Continue around the room until everyone has selected an envelope.

5.  Say: "OK! My goal is to do 30 faces in the next 30 days!  If you will allow me to practice on you, put your name on the envelope  - remember, in EVERY ENVELOPE THERE IS FREE MARY KAY AND IN ONE OF THESE ENVELOPES IS THE FREE _________!  If you will have 1 friend join you, write the number 2, if you will have 2 friends join you, write the number 3, if you will have 3 friends join you, write the number, 4, and so on.  REMEMBER, EVERYONE WILL GET SOME FREE MARY KAY FOR SURE!  AND... YOU ALL ARE HELPING ME WITH MY HUUUUUUUUUGE CONTEST AND WE WILL ADD UP THE NUMBERS HERE IN A MINUTE TO SEE IF WE GET TO 30!"

6.  AFter they get finished, go around the room and add up the numbers on the envelopes.  If it is for instance, 25, then say:  "Great!  We are at 25 faces! I only need 5 more faces to meet my contest goal!  Can anyone add 1 more face?"

Make 8 placemats in clear sheet protectors.
Click below for a GREAT placemat (front & back)!

Click for PDF

Back of the placemate:

(641) 715-3900 code 19474#
Roll-up Bag Hot Line!

Have your Starter Kit out with products on display.

Prepare light refreshments (no alcohol please) and light snacks.

Set up your black trays and mirrors w/ styrofoam trays in them.

Purchase a roll of double-sided tickets for raffle drawings.


Click Here:  Outside Order Sheet for Hostesses (to put in Hostess Packets)

What a way to get your

Click Here: 
Click Here: 

• White Tower - $3.65
• Black Tower - $4.10

• Gold Tower or • Silver Tower $7.30

Class Basics

Opening the Class
The Class
Table Close
Individual Close
Packing Checklist

Guest Invitations - Help your Hostess confirm her guests for a successful class!  Print these postcards on cardstock and mail to her guests!

Coach Your Hostess

Independent Senior Sales Director Amy Haynes of Greensboro, N.C., says itÂ’s important to coach your hostess so she will know what to expect from her skin care class. She says coaching your hostess not only can help make the skin care class more profitable, it can also result in a new recruit! HereÂ’s what Amy suggests:

Initial Coaching

  • Deliver a hostess packet. Call your hostess to ask if you can stop by for a few minutes to give her the things she needs for her class. Be sure to include Beauty Books and a product sample. Amy usually includes a Hand Cream with Sunscreen SPF 4 sampler. Quickly explain the contents of the hostess packet, emphasizing hostess points and outside orders.
  • Get your hostess excited about inviting her friends and earning hostess points. Point out that bookings from her skin care class can boost her hostess points. Show her your hostess point calculations from another class to give her an example of what she could earn with two bookings and outside sales.
  • Stress commitment. Let her know that your time is limited and that you wonÂ’t let her down.
  • Ask her for a guest list. Remind your hostess that you will call the guests three days before to complete their skin care profiles. Tell her you will do everything you can to help build her guestsÂ’ enthusiasm about the class.
  • Encourage outside orders. Show her how it can increase her hostess points. Remember, you can use her outside order list for referrals at a later date.
  • Find out what she wants. Does she want the hostess gift special or particular products? Remind her that you will do everything you can to help her earn what she wants with her hostess points.

Telephone Coaching

  • Call your hostess three days before the class. Make it a quick, but effective call. Let her know how many people you have contacted and who will be coming. Get additional names to fill in for those who cannot attend.
  • Check on outside orders. Remind your hostess that outside orders will help her earn hostess points.
  • Be excited. Let her know you canÂ’t wait to help her earn what she wants.
  • Confirm the time you will be arriving. Always arrive at least 30 minutes before the skin care class begins.

Pre-class Coaching

  • When you arrive to set up for your class, greet your hostess with a smile and a sincere compliment.
  • Briefly review the hostess program. Check on the status of outside orders. Make sure all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those ordering are included. Let your hostess know you canÂ’t wait for her to get her product or order her hostess gift special. If she qualifies for the hostess gift special, you may want to order the gift at the skin care class so other guests can see what they can receive by holding a class.
  • Personalize her facial. You may want to let her select color cosmetics while you set up.
  • Drop recruiting hints. Ask her to watch you tonight to see if she might like doing what you do. Ask her which of her guests would be good doing what you do. Offer her a small gift for any person she suggests who becomes an Independent Beauty Consultant.

DonÂ’t Forget To

  • Secure a guest list. Guest lists make the class happen. Without it you canÂ’t call to preprofile, you canÂ’t confirm, and youÂ’ll probably have a disappointed hostess.
  • Keep in touch. Regular contact with your hostess is essential. If you express little interest in holding the class, she may cancel. Make her feel so special she canÂ’t possibly cancel. Use your guest list as an excuse to keep in touch with her during the time between her booking and her class.
  • Offer her the Mary Kay career opportunity. YouÂ’ll make a big mistake if you pass up the chance to help her change her life. What if someone hadnÂ’t taken the time to share the opportunity with you?


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Party Options Flyer
Power Statements - We're hearing more and more about Power Statements.  Maximize your selling potential by adding these to your dialog!  They are short, to-the-point, attention-grabbing statements on the products we love!  Print these on Avery 5160 labels (or equivalent), and adhere to your Beauty Book where it will help you the most!  * 
Page 1 *  * Page 2 *

TimeWise Selling Terms

I-Story Outline - Does your I-story have all the essentials?!?

Product Knowledge Quiz - This is  fun  


Lipstick Personality - This is a fun sheet to spark conversation and introduce MK Signature Lipsticks.


CLICK HERE:  Coaching your hostess to success!  Thank you NSD Tammy Crayk for your awesome suggestions to coaching with success!  This has all the great details on making your class stick and become 100% successful!

CLICK HERE:   Shopping Show AGENDA IN DETAIL (how to do a Holiday Show)


Click Here:  BOOK10-HOLD10-SHARE10 Tracking Sheet

"Hi, ____ this is ____!  I am SOOO EXCITED!  Do you have a quick minute? GREAT!  Guess what I just heard?  ---  Mary Kay is having a SPECIAL right now through _______ and I had to CALL YOU 1ST BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WOULD WOULD WANT TO BE IN ON IT!   Guess What?  You can buy your choice of EITHER $100 OF MARY KAY FOR $33 orrrrrr  $75 of MARY KAY FOR $25..... all you have to do is get together with me and try one of our new Glamour Trend Looks and share your Makeover with 3 people I don't know.... ISN'T THAT GREAT!!!! What is best for you, _____, _____ week or ____ week? "

(After you get the last 2 weeks of a month booked in the slots you want to fill, then start booking the first 2 weeks of the next month.  When you get the first 2 weeks of "that month" booked in the slots you want to fill, then start booking the last 2 weeks of "the next month", and so on.... Book 2 weeks at a time before you move to the next 2 weeks. )




Click Here:  Outside Order Form with Hearts   


Coaching $75 for $25- Hostess Flyer by Pam Shaw


Traditional 10% 15%  20%  Hostess Credit Click Here:   Hostess Flyer from MK   

Click here for the "Left - Right" Career Information Game to play at your Classes!

(you can actually make a "game" out of this at your shows!  the person with the most names gets a gift!  have a time limit like 30 seconds or 1 minute and have a cute tied-up gift with a bow!)

Use the card when asking for referrals at classes AND when delivering re-orders.
Tell customer about your goal to finish ... 1st car, Star Consultant, Cadillac etc ... as well as your goal to finish 15, 30, 60 or 100 FACES. Also say to her, because you are such a wonderful customer and you love the product, I am certain that you have friends and family that you could refer to my business. If she will give me their names and sign the postcard, I will mail it and follow up with them in a few days!!  
Print your Postcards!
Thanks Wendy Watts for this idea!



Party Option Flyer

Beach Party

Hostess Credit
Hostess Tips
Class Outline
Booking Scripts

Eyes Cream Social

Ice Cream Personality

Kiss & Tell

Lipstick Marketing
Lipstick Personality 1
Lipstick Personality 2

Trading Faces


War on Wrinkles

Winning The Age Game

Las Vegas Legs




"created" this color application guide to be used when booking the second facial, or to entice women to attend a makeover event. I went to the site and pulled off the pictures from the virtual makeover, spent lots of quality time on "paint", and have a great teaching tool!
I am teaching my consultants to print these off, put them in an expandable file and use them when booking the second facial. For example, during the ind. consultation, we select the Color 101 look AND determine her eye shape/lip shape at that time. This info lets me put together a Goody Bag just for my hostess. It includes the Color 101 card, lip liner demo, eye liner demo, lip gloss demo and the application guides for her eye shape and lip shape for her to keep.  I've been having JINORMOUS (sp?) success with this PLUS it gives my consultants more confidence with what to do with the hostess makeover! A little education on determining eye shape and they are good to go! Feel free to share ~
Love and blessings,
Kellie Z. Hammett
Sr. Sales Director Driving Pink






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*Skin Care Class Guide*
Skin Care Class Packing Sheet*
Skin Care Class Observation Checklist*


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