Hostess Rewards

S.H.O.T. Hostess Flyer and Invitations

Hostess Perks Sheet
Interactive form!  Created by Cathy Koning

* Tower Of Gifts Hostess Flyer *

* Gifts Galore Hostess Flyer *
Thank you Jessica Wilburn

* Grand Rewards Program - Consultant Info *
* Grand Rewards Program - Customer Explanation *
* Grand Rewards Program - Customer Postcard *
* Grand Rewards Program - Quarter Totals *
Thank you NSD Karen Ford
Made interactive by Cathy Koning

* SHOT Hostess Flyer *

* $100 Free Hostess Flyer - Word doc *
Thank you Connie Burch

* Get Pinked Hostess Program *

* Hostess With The Mostest Flyer *

* Strive for Five Program *and *Cards *
Thank you Pamela Higgs

FUN new Hostess Plan!  This document is available on a full page for your Hostess Packets, and 2 to a page to fit nicely inside your guests' goody bags. I've also included "Play Money" to present to your Hostess as she completes each requirement, and a Hostess Coupon that will encourage her to listen to a Choices CD before you arrive at her class! Great FULL CIRCLE plan! Once you have her guest list with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, be sure so send each guest a postcard's SO worth the postage to be sure everyone has been invited!
Hostess Coupon for Listening to CD *
* Hostess Plan for Goody Bags *
* Hostess Plan $100 Free *
* Skin Care Class Postcard *
Thank you Kathy Ahlwardt and Susan Finley

* S.H.O.T. Hostess Brochure - Page 1 *
* S.H.O.T. Hostess Brochure - Page 2 *

Hostess Flyer *
Booking  Voucher *

Loaded Look Book *    * Loaded Look Book Hostess Sheet *
Thank you Angelee Murray

* 100 Free Hostess Flyer *

* Silent Hostess *
Thank you Polly Pace

* Mary Kay Bucks *

* Goodie Bag Outline *