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Conference Calls

Conference Calls!

Daily Hotline Call!
(Begins May 26, 2008)

How would you like to hear each week, from Pearl Queen Kim McClure, Exec. Sr. Cindy Machado,
 Trip Director Betsy Richard, Million $$ Director Leah Nelson, Exec. Sr. Director Carmen Felix (and me:)?
 These are incredibly successful Mary Kay Business women who are great friends of mine!
Well, now you can, on a Daily Hotline call that is set up for you that will be updated every day by one of us!
It begins today on Memorial Day!  You can call in anytime after 6am for the updated recording!  
Here is how it works!
 I will be sharing one day a week on the HOTLINE!  I will be sharing a motivational thought or two and then recognize YOU, our Unit!
 Your recognition will be on the day I speak which will be Wednesday!  
Our Unit recognition for the week will be on there!
You will need to update me with all your $100 days, New team members, high sales, moving up and any random things that you have!
 I will not take this from accomplishment sheets - y
ou must call or email!
 I will share with all the units and they will do this with theirs, when they speak!
This is soooo fun because all the above TOP units will be calling in each day and on Wednesdays they will hear about YOU!

The number to call is 641-715-3900 pin 26717#
 Key it into your Cell Phone this second!!  There will be a password the Teaching Director will give you.
Keep calling in each day!  I will do a RANDOM DRAWING DAY each week!
 You won't know which day I do the drawing so keep letting me know EVERYDAY the password:)

Wednesday Nights!

NSD Cindy Williams Training Calls!
 9:00pm Central

Hear from the best of the best,
as Top Directors share their knowledge with you!!
No need to mute - Just listen in and LEARN!
Dial 605-772-3500 and enter code 412599720#
Check our Calendar for more details!