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Team Building

It's In the Bag-Treasure Chest Marketing

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3 Interviews Per Day Script

Putting the Best Face on an Economy

Marthas Dialog for Interviewing

Martha's Interview Dialog


Career Path Filp Chart

Mary Kay and the Economy on TV

Women and the Economy

Don't participate in this recession

Recruiting Notebook Aug08 RecruitingNotebookAug08

 Recruiting Notebook - New for 2008!

* The Generations Guide 2008 *

Pacesetter Training, April 14, 2008 By Michelle Brooks *

* Team Building Interview *

* 13-Minute Marketing Survey *

* Consider the Possibilities: Six Most Common Reasons to Start a Mary Kay Business *

Beauty Meets Beauty *


Mary Kay Corporate has designed The Team Building Notebook for your ease and education in sharing the Opportunity.  
This can be ordered as a Section 2 item, part number 008440.  Please be sure to refer to your printed literature and agreement for specific company guidelines on team building. 

4-Point Recruiting Plan*

Woman Of The New Millenium Profile*

D.I.S.C. for Team Builders*

Inventory Options Worksheet*


*Interview Communication Sheet*
Thank you Sarah Hjelle-Bjorgaard

* Team Building - It's Easy as 1,2 3 * 
Thank you Pam Shaw

Interview Guide *

Problem Identifier *

Is She A Perfect Fit?

Have you ever wondered what to look for in a new team member? Here?s a checklist of attributes that could be helpful for a new team member. If the answer is ?yes? to these questions, you may have an excellent new prospective team member!

* Does she use Mary Kay? products? If not, you?ll want to book her in a class.
* Is she a woman of her word? Does she return phone calls? Does she show up when and where she says she will? * Is she honest?
* Does she have a warm heart? Does she like people?
* Is she someone you would enjoy spending time with?
* Does she want to grow and improve in some area of her life? Does she want to improve her self-esteem, earn more money, have more fun, learn new things or make new friends?
*Would you be proud to personally introduce her to your Independent National Sales Director?

Having trouble building your team?  Click * 


 Proven Script for 5 Recruits *

Booking a Practice Interview *

Overcoming Objections * 

She Needs To Think About It *

The 5 Most Effective Interview Questions *

*Have You Ever Pondered Pink? - updated 2/06.*

Have You Ever Pondered Pink II*

DASH Marketing*


Understanding D.I.S.C.

     D.I.S.C. for Team Builders-  Direct from Mary Kay!
D.I.C.S.- Understanding different personality types and how best to handle them!
D.I.S.C. Personalities- Here is a great way to learn the different personality types we encounter every day!

DISC by Animal*
A cute and fun twist on DISC that also includes overcoming objections!

D.I.S.C. Graph 


Opinion Poll *

* 10 Commandments of a Successful Recruiter*

Rules For Zooming*

Mandatory 5 Things To Do To Get To Directorship*

Earning A Gold Medal*
Thank you NSD Mollye Morrow

Track To Plum*

Starter Kit Flyer *   
Thank you Karissa Watson

Reasons To Sell Mary Kay! *

True Success Stories*

Recruiting Layering Chart  *

Direct Sales Comparison Chart *

Top Signs You Need Mary Kay*
Thank you Sherril Steinman

* Chocolate Marketing *

Lipstick Marketing *

"Pucker Up" with Mary Kay! *

* Mrs CAB - Guest  * Mrs CAB - Consultant *

Candy Bar Marketing*  Love Your Opinion*

Problem Identifier *

Starter Kit Flyer *   updated 7/20/06 

* Business Start Up Costs Comparison*

Imagine The Perfect Career 
Updated with new Starter Kit and new product  pictures!
Created by Cathy Koning

Summer Pilot Program
Created by Cathy Koning

* Team Building Tool*
Use this simple profile at every class & with every person so you and your director have details to follow up with each guest

Marketing Plan Game Card*
Follow Up Flyer *
Dialogue *
Thank you Sherril Steinman!

$600 Order 

Interview Guide 

5 Minute Marketing 

Overcoming Objections
  - Flow chart for overcoming selling, booking and team building objections!

Chocolate Marketing  

Why Sell Mary Kay!

Team Building Questionnaire

Problem Identifier

Change Your Life

Your Future in Mary Kay
 - Click here for printable version!

M&M Micro-Miracle Set   

2005-2006 Recruiting Packet

Lipstick Marketing 

"Pucker Up" with Mary Kay!

Hatbox Marketing  

Money $taying In Your Family

Lipstick Marketing Your new team member may be only a lipstick away!

The Perfect Opportunity CD:  Click hereto listen to information on "Sharing the Opportunity" from some Rhonda Shasteen, Executive Senior Sales Director Allison LaMarr and Senior Sales Director Melissa Beckett.  Click here to get the Perfect Opportunity CD Questionnaire. 

Don't Hold Your Pennies So Close To Your Eyes You Can't See $100 Bills!

Click here to get the "Perfect Opportunity CD Questionnaire"  - Thanks goes to Sarah Bennett-Moore

10 Steps To Your Red Jacket

Tell Us What You Think

Two Incomes and Still Broke- This is a real eye-opener!!!  Based on the book "Two Incomes and Still Broke" by Linda Kelly.

Mary Kay Inc. and the Direct Selling Association distributed a video news release on Wednesday, October 19th, publicizing the continued growth and popularity of the direct selling industry.   

The content included the following information:

  • Flexible hours, job security and increased income are among the reasons more Americans are turning to direct selling

  • Today, it's estimated that nearly half-a-million new independent sales people join the ranks of direct sellers each week and in 2003, direct-selling sales increased by about $1 billion.

It also features Rhonda Shasteen, Sr. VP, Marketing and Melva Slythe, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director.
The video news release was distributed to the top 25 cities in the country.

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Direct Sales Comparison Chart- Mary Kay is the only* cosmetic company that Consultants make 50% across the board!  And one of only a few companies that even offer 50%! *based on information from Work From Home website.

Career Path  

Closing Questions  

Left-Right Marketing - The Story of Mary Kay presented in a fun way!

Layering Chart- Recruiting is a layering process and this chart will help you keep track of each step of team building.  Each layer is essential to get the results your efforts deserve!

This Is Not A Fairy Tale!  

Interview Tips- If you are serious about building your team and acheiving your dream, you must read Pam Shaw's tips for conducting an interview!

What's In It For Me- This two-sided brochure introduces your prospect to the benefits of the Mary Kay opportunity.

Builder or Wrecker- Which one are you?

Communication/Interview Sheet

Marketing Plan  

It's In The Bag- Fun why to introduce the benefits of a Mary Kay career to your guests!

29 Ways to Win Your Car- Great ideas plus a tracking sheet to get you driving free!

What To Look For- Not sure what you should be looking for in a new team member?  Check this out!

Team Building Layering Chart- Great tool to verify you are working your business full-circle!

The 'Inner' View- Thoughts and ideas by Pam Shaw and Robin Rowland

Follow Up!  Follow Through!- Great script, including tips and ideas, from Tammy Crayk!  Thank you, Tammy!

Objections - How to overcome objections during an interview before they occur!

Recruiting Notebook- Place printed pages in page protectors in a 3-ring binder and use at every class, every facial!  Why?  Read 'The Odds of Recruiting' again!

4x6 Recruiting Notebook - Designed so that each page will slide into a pocket-size photo album.  Great to carry with you everywhere!

The "Odds" of Recruiting

Responses From the Heart

Women and the Economy Marthas Dialog for Interviewing Putting the Best Face on an Economy