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Hostess Coaching!

Nothing is more frustrating in this business than cancellations. Its the reason consultants may quite, but DON'T!  Hostess Coaching can be fun if you are serious...and EXCITED about your business!  Use the steps outlined below!

Mary Kay used to say that a class worth booking is worth coaching. This is how you Have high weeks EVERY WEEK! So read this and incorporate into your business!
To get the most out of your skin care class, you must become a coaching machine!!!!!

There's no need to reinvent the wheel!

a) Mention the check-up facial 7 times!
DO an individual close!

b) Is there any reason why you wouldnt want to share your check-up facial with a few friends?  Its just as easy for me to work with 3-4 faces as it is one!

c) Which works better for you:  the beginning of the week or the end of the week?
morning or afternoon?

d) remind them of the hostess program

e) explain why she should call with names and numbers:  if she has the names within 48 hours youll have a special gift for her.

The second the appt. is scheduled, it's extremely important to start coaching for her benefit. She wants to have a successful appt., she just doesn't know how. She won't know unless you help her, unless you give her the instructions she needs, unless you work together. So the very first thing you want to do is say, I want you to get more out of this than you put into it. Give her your hostess packet. Make her promise to read it and set up a time within 24 hours to get the names and numbers of the people who are coming.

Call her!  Hi Sarah!  This is ______________________ with Mary Kay.  I am so sorry we were unable to connect last night. I was on the phone a lot so I have been difficult to reach.  I wanted to make sure you had a chance to give me your guest list to earn your free gift!

***If she doesnt have a guest list, help her make one.
SUGGEST:  work, church, neighbors, friends not seen in awhile

Share how to be when inviting guests!

Tell her to call her guests and say, Hi Susie, this is Bett. Do you have a quick minute? I'm so excited, I've just scheduled an appt. with a Mary Kay beauty consultant! I can only have 5 friends join me for a free facial. She's going to pamper us and it's going to be a lot of fun. It's on Tuesday at 3:30 and I'd love for you to come. But it's on a reservation only basis, so I'll need a definite yes or no if you can make it.

Susie, I just want to let you know that for some consultants, Mary Kay is a hobby for me, it is a career!    I have a specific amount of appointments available so its crucial that we hold our appointment on the date we schedule.  This is the way I make my money, and I promise you:  rain or shine I will be there!  Can I expect the same of you?  Great!  Lets shake on this. Shake her hand if she'll let you. Remember, if no one else comes, I coming just for you. Then you wait 24 hours and call her on the telephone and get those names and numbers and the best time to call her guests. Encourage her to over-invite and to confirm each guest. The 'I'll try to's' and 'maybes' will never appear. Let her know that. Discuss where your class will be held and where the individual consultations will be. Stress that the refreshments need to be simple and that you'll keep them till the end of the class.

Remind her not to offer drinks and refreshments until the end of the class and that would be a great time to show the new "Consider the Possibilities" video while you're doing the individual consultations. Then go ahead and instruct her in her makeover and how to help with Satin hands when her guests start arriving.

STEP 2: FOLLOW UP NOTE: Sent the moment I get off the phone.

I just wanted to let you know how much Im looking forward to getting together with you and your friends. I have everything organized and have arranged my schedule for June 10. Ill be calling you the Friday before for the names and numbers of your friends. Well have a wonderful time. Cant wait to see your new
look! Thank you, Susie Consultant

STEP 3: OBTAINING THE GUEST LIST:Every Friday is coaching day for the next weeks classes. Find out at the time of the booking where and when you can call her the Friday before the class so youll know how to get a hold of her. This is the hardest part of the class but worth the time investment. Start early in the day and call her for the guest list. She wont have it 90% of the time, thats o.k. Your call will go something like this:

"Hi ___________, Im so excited about our class on _________ and Im just calling to get the names and numbers of the friends youve invited to come. (Shell probably say she hasnt had a chance yet) No problem, I just have to have it by today so I can spend the weekend getting everything ready and put together for our class. As soon as you get a 10 minute break today, call your friends and then call me back by 3:00 with whos going to be there. "

She will probably not call you ... So you will call her back and say:

"Hi ___________,I wasnt sure whether or not you had tried to call because Ive been in and out so much so I though Id better check back with you for the names and numbers of your guests. (She may still not have them) Lets do this. Give me the list of the people youre planning to invite. I wont call them until Saturday and that will give you time to get in touch with them." (Get a tenative guest list)

This is the most difficult but crucial part of coaching your class. If you work hard on the front end, the class will hold and youll have success.


I always touch bases with the hostess the day of the appointment. Even the best intentioned hostesses can get busy and forget about an appointment. The key is to be cautious not to let this be an opportunity for her to cancel if she has had a bad day. The call should go something like this:

"Hi ________
a. I wanted to call and tell you how excited I am about our appointment tonight.
b. Ive already spoken with __________(guests coming) and they are thrilled you invited them!
c. Ive got everything picked out and ready for your new look and youre going to love it.
d. Im just calling to confirm the directions (go over how to get to or from appointment).

"Thanks so much,

"Ill be there at _(time)_ sharp with everything we need for a great time."