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Generating New Leads.. Office of the week ...Kim Cowdell


Script and Tips

"Hi, ____could I please speak to the office manager?

When he or she gets on the phone....

Hi, do you have a quick minute?  My name is Donna and I was in your office the other day, and I am so excited to share with you that your office has been chosen as Office of the Week. Your staff was so wonderful and I appreciate the great customer service. 

Mary Kay is celebrating its 45th year and as a tribute to this we are honoring women that work all over the US each week at a different office.   We know how hard they work and this is our opportunity to say thank you. To sow my appreciation,  I will be bringing goodie bags to your office for all the women and will also give them a chance to win a Mary Kay shopping Spree online!  How many women are in your office?   Will they be there tomorrow?


Great - I want to make sure I have enough gift bags for everyone.

You can count on me to be there to spoil your staff.  Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and I will of course have the best gift for you.  

Have a fabulous day. "


*Make a HUGE BASKET and on the outside of the basket make a great sign that says "OFFICE OF THE WEEK"  Inside it have your stuffed cellophane gift bags tied with pretty tulle or ribbon.  Samples can include lip gloss, miniature satin hands lotion, candy, $13 gift card, and your business card and write on back:  Free Skincare Facial and Custom Color Consultation.  Id also include a thank you note/card showing your appreciation!   

*Offer everyone a chance to win a shopping spree on your personal website.  (use the facial box entry forms or create your own) 

*Invite everyone to enter by putting down their name, address and phone number.  Make sure you say "Don't forget to fill out your entry form for free retail size product.  You could be the grand prize winner of the week."

* Collect the entry forms and thank them! 

*Follow-up with the other entry forms within 2 days! 

*Call the Grand Prize Winner and select Runners Up!



**You MUST LOOK PROFESSIONAL....remember we are in the cosmetic industry so make sure your make up looks impeccable... and you are wearing a sharp suit or professional dress!   Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself "Would Mary Kay be proud of how I am representing her company?"


Follow Up Script is as follows: ..................

This can also be used for facial boxes and fish bowls as well...

Hi, Is Suzy home?  This is Donna with Mary Kay.  Do you remember filling out an entry form at (name the place where you got their name)?  Well, I'm calling to let you know you were picked as one of our winners!  Isn't that great?! (wait for her response.)

Well, you have won a $15 gift certificate (or whatever amount you choose) to be used with an absolutely FREE EXTREME MARY KAY MAKEOVER.  Isn't that neat?  Have you ever had a Mary Kay makeover before?

(If NO) Great! Then let me explain what happens, I come right to you (or if you have a Mary Kay studio you work with let her know where it is) It is fun, fast & free and there is NO OBLIGATION.

(If Yes) and she has a consultant send her back to her consultant.  If she does NOT have a consultant but she has had a facial....say

"Great when did you have your facial last?  We have so many NEW items I am dying to get your opinion on.  Now what would be good for you?  I have Tues or Sat available (Book her!)

Give her important information and directions.  Also fill out question 1-4 on the profile card.  Ask the best time to reach her.

"Now Suzy you are more than welcome to have some friends join you.  They also receive the free pampering session.  But there is one catch; you can only have up to five friends join you.  Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to share your pampering session?"

Tell her you will call her in advance to get her list of friends if she chooses to share so you can get answers regarding their skin....

Give your name and phone number and say "I will be there rain or shine and I cannot wait to pamper you.

***Send out a thank you note immediately....say something like this in the note.....

Hi Suzy!

You are in for a treat.  I am so looking forward to getting to know you better and spoiling you rotten with our fabulous products.  I will be calling you in a couple of days to follow up.  Have a great week and Ill see you Tuesday at 6.