Booking--Is it a Challenge for You? from NSD Pam Shaw




By NSD Pamela Shaw 

Booking--Is it a challenge for you?


Wouldn't you agree we have sooooooo many tools in Mary Kay that help us to succeed? We KNOW what we need to be doing, but the "doing" doesn't always get done and then we get frustrated. My suggestion is to use the analogy on this page to develop a script and then practice, practice, practice saying it until you are comfortable with it and you are getting the results you want. Even the best bookers STILL have their script in front of them when they are on the phone!  Remember, if you have something that already works for you and you are happy with the results, then keep doing it. However, if you are not happy with how many bookings you have and are not excited about your dialogue, use the analogy to help develop one of your own!


When you book only with your heart, you say, "You just have to try this product lets get together" When you book only with your head, you say things like, "I need to have 5 classes. Would you have a class?"


It takes courage to book and consistently book with a purpose, a mission, and a drive. It takes courage to have a plan B. So lets talk about the analogy of booking.


The ANALOGY is broken down as follows:


1. ENTHUSIASM (The tone in your voice) "Hi Jane"


2. CURIOSITY... "Im so excited, this is Sue with Mary Kay Do you have a quick second?" (She is now wondering why you are excited.)


3. PURPOSE. "The reason Im calling is that our company just came out with {insert current limited edition or product launch promotion here} and I'm offering {insert current Company or unit contest or gift with purchase promotion here} for women who try them and I immediately thought of you! I knew you would want to be one of my first customers to see them."


4. SPECIFIC PLAN..."Wait there is more. I am in a Pacesetters Class working with my Future National as we are building a National Area and my part is to conduct 10 appointments before the end of {insert current month}. Jane, you will make the difference. I really respect your opinion of our products and I know you have at least 3 girlfriends that are as open and honest as you.  Heres what I would really appreciate you doing for me, if possible. I would like you to invite 3 or more of your friends to help me test market these new products by trying them and giving me their honest opinions."


5. WIIFM... (Whats in it for me!) "As a special bonus to my first 10 hostesses, I am having a special drawing for a $50 gift certificate you could use on your future purchases with me in addition to your regular hostess credit."


6. ASK... "Is there any reason you wouldnt want to invite a few friends to try these new products THIS WEEK?" ...(Give her a choice of your pink highlighted or star dates that are empty on your datebook) ..."Which is better for you.. Beginning of the week or the end. Great.. I have Tuesday.. About 6:00 or 7:00 Great


7. CONFIRM... Jane, if you had $75 to spend on Mary Kay products for just $25 What would you select? (Give her time to say some products. She is now owning the time you agreed on and this class is being confirmed in her mind) great and then we can add??? (Just add one or two more products to get her thinking) Jane who are you going to invite? Which friends and family do you have in mind? (She will at this point rattle off a few names) Great. Now remember no more than 6. Jane, thank you so much for booking your class. I want you to know that I am in business for myself and I will be there rain or shine and I will do everything I can to insure you the maximum hostess credit I will be calling you in the future to get the names of your guests and directions. Thank you again for booking your class and being one of my star hostesses in this special time. I wont forget your support and belief in me!  


(This is adapted from Anatomy of a Script by NSD Pamela Shaw.)


Thank you Polly Pace & Ruth Sinclair for sharing.