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Sales/Class Ideas

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2nd Appointments

Thank you Danielle Jackson:
Here are 2 Gift certificates/Gift cards that I created & keep in my purse. I use when I am booking a Facial or Warm chattering someone while I am out & about doing "Life's Activities"....I have a pretty good response using these! Thought I'd share it with you!!! (It makes it easy to talk to someone...don't ya think?

P.S. I'd use the small gift card one for everyday stuff because they print 10 per page. I use the other one when I make baskets, or do Referrals (Beauty Of Friendship Gift Certificate Program)

$10 Gift Certificates
$10 Gift Cards

Peach of  a DEAL

Script to help you sell Satin Hands
Thanks Angelee Murray for sharing

*Satin Hands Pampering Set Fact Sheet*
*Satin Hands Tracking Sheet*
*Satin Hands Summer Fun Pack*
*Satin Hands Sale Post Card


Hostess Event 
Ticket to Fun Party Destination!

Ticket to Fun Checklist

Ticket to Fun Party Suggestions

Ticket to Fun Invitaions



* Invitation*
*Product Info*
*$100 Set*
*Skin Care Class Outline
 *Referral Tic Tac Toe*
* Marketing Plan Game Card*
Customize Flip Chart
Dash out the Door Placemat*