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*Artist Looks Model Portfolio*
Here is a booking portfolio featuring the 11 Makeup Artists looks from the website that I put together... I have also included great training from Melinda Mercedes Balling on ways to approach building your business using model portfolios. Challenge yourself to book customers for all ELEVEN looks to kick off your New Seminar Year!!!

by Melinda Mercedes Balling, EESD One of the easiest ways to meet and book people when youre out and about (warm chatter booking) is to ask them to be your face model. It is so flattering to her and fun for both of you. If you havent put together your portfolio yet, youll just need a 3 ring notebook and plastic sheet dividers. You might want to also purchase dividers and break up in categories, for example Fall/Holiday Looks (current Look Book) Looks.. Set a goal to have several models per lookfor example: A red head, model over 40, brunette, bronze skin tone, etc.

Following is suggested dialogue you can use while you are out shopping, running errands, etc.Excuse me, but I couldnt help but notice (what pretty skin you have, how great your make-up looks, how wonderful that color looks on you, etc whatever you notice about her so you can pay a sincere compliment). Are you by any chance wearing Mary Kay? (Note: this lets you know right away if she already has a beauty consultant). If she says yes, say Great! Im an independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, who is your consultant? This lets you know if she has a consultant who is currently servicing her. Sometimes you will run into people who have lost their consultant. If she says No, you can say, Id love to introduce myself AS YOU ARE HANDING HER YOUR CARD, My name is __________. I teach skin care and make-up artistry for Mary Kay and I am involved in an exciting Company project. I am looking for attractive women who might enjoy being a face model. I would love to feature you as a face model in my portfolio. When appropriate you can add, I need a beautiful Red head, or your eye shape is perfect for modeling our new eye looks, etc. May I give you the details? If she is receptive, continue with, I would give you a complimentary facial, we would take a before picture, do a color makeover, and then take the after picture. Does that sound like fun? Great! If possible, schedule her on the spot (prevents telephone tag). After getting her commitment, you will want to say, ___________, I almost forgot to mention that you are welcome to bring a friend. Sometimes its fun to bring a girlfriend along. Ill be happy to give her a complimentary facial and makeover as well., but I want YOU in my portfolio. Give her the current Look Book, point out the 4 models. Ask her to take the Look Book with her and select the Look she likes best. Make sure your business card is attached to the front (double stick tape works great).
Look her in the eye, smile and say _____________ I will reserve this time just for you. You can count on me. Ill call you to find out which Look you selected before we get together on ____________. If something should change on your end, please let me know as soon as possible so I can schedule in another model and we can reschedule you. I look forward to seeing you on _________. Were going to have a great time. If you have an opportunity to schedule models in at your weekly Success Meeting, you could have a qualified class each week just by inviting women you meet while youre out and about. For example, why not set a goal to have 6 models confirmed each week. You are then likely to have at least 3 show up. Thats an extra class each week! Great way to use your time! Have fun creating your portfolio and building your business with this fun approach! Set a personal goal for each week for new faces!

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Lots of GREAT! ideas from Sherril Steinman

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