Consultant Training
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Connie Ackroyd's awesome ideas

Thanks to Connie Ackroyd for the amazingly
phenomenal meeting we had with her!!!

Below I have added links to the material she used
at the meeting. If you missed the meeting check it out.
Everybody needs to print this stuff off and start using it TODAY!

Eye Make-up Remover Coupon

Awesome Booking Script

Quarter 1 Success Sheet

Top 10 Placemat

Career Path Flyer

Hostess Extravaganza

PartyYour Way to Success

Connie Ackroyd's Advice

The August issue of InStyle features Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye
Makeup Remover
in "Deals & Steals" on page 184 as an
ATM-friendly buy. The product is praised for its efficacy in the delicate eye area..."removes every drop of eye makeup-- even waterproof mascara and liner-- with no irritation."

OMG!!!!!!!!! Can YOU get EXCITED!!!!


Visit Mary Kay fan page on Facebook and upload this post to
your FACEBOOK!!!! Tell EVERYONE about this FABULOUS Product and send them to your WEBSITE to SHOP TODAY!!!

Offer the special in the attachment above to all your Customers who REORDER between now and July 31st to help you finish your goal.

Throw an online sale, BLAST this out to anyone that has skin and show your EXCITEMENT for this Press RELEASE!!!! Give them a time frame for your special and rack up those sales TODAY!

Couple this with an EYES CREAM Social Par-tay--Eyeshadows and Ice Cream Sundaes!!! WHO-HOO!!!! They will LOVE that! Hostess gets FREE Eyemakeup Remover for booking in 2 weeks and helping you with your goal. Use the special to close. And get ready to BASK in the $100 sales!!! Who-hoo!!!!!!!!

Finish the Month out with your PERFECT START!!!!

Today is July 21st.......YOU CAN DO IT!

3 parties x 5 people each = 15 people

15 people x $100 per person = $1500 in sales!!!!!!!



YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Connie M. Ackroyd