Directors~ Congratulations on a great Seminar 2005 year! We are on our way to a HUGE Seminar 2006!! National Area, Here we come!!    Love ~ Ellyn                              
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NSD Lisa Madson Info
Be sure to send a photo of yourself to the office (Both Lisa's and Ellyn's)!
Lisa's address
5750 Longwood Lane
Madison. WI 53711
Consultant Hotline- 608-661-9042
Director Hotline-608-661-9043
Lisa's e-mail is
Jeanne's e-mail is
Rita's e-mail is
We are in the office everday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hello Directors,
I've gotten a few emails regarding directions to Lisa's house for the 8+8+8 day.  I wonder if the easiest thing to do is to have you print out directions from Mapquest so that you specifics on where YOU are coming from. But in general terms...if everyone can find the Beltline....

Coming from Milwaukee, Chicago or East Madison, get on Beltline going west. Take the Seminole Hwy exit.  At the top of the ramp, take a LEFT onto Seminole Hwy.  Just as you're leaving the 'city' you will take  a LEFT onto
Dawley Drive.  At the first round about take a LEFT onto Kirkwall.  Take your first RIGHT onto Longwood.  The address is 5750 Longwood Lane.

Coming from LaCrosse or West Madison the least complicated (not the shortest) is to exit on Verona Road.  Take a RIGHT at the exit onto Verona Road.  At approximately the 4th set of lights you will make a LEFT onto PD/McKee Road.  Take PD to about the 3rd set of lights which is the intersection of Seminole Hwy.  Take a LEFT onto Seminole Hwy.  Take the first RIGHT onto Dawley Drive.  At the first round about take a LEFT onto Kirkwall.  Take your first RIGHT onto Longwood.  The address is 5750 Longwood Lane.

Again, I recommend the Mapquest idea.  I use it all the time when I am going to my facials and skin care classes.

1) Monday 12 noon conference call with entire National Area. It's 40 minutes long. The phone number is 646-519-5860 or 212-461-5860, access 8791#

2) Lisa's Director Hotline.  Lisa changes the message Mondays and Thursdays after 11 am.  Lisa's Hotline message is 10 minutes 2x a week.  608.661.9043  Lisa is the only one who hears these messages, so give her the opportunity to get to know YOU and share your activity, your heart, your concerns.  It's no difference than your consultants messages on your hotline.  When you have tons of consultants listen to your hotline message, how do you feel?  Leave a detailed message for Lisa too! 

3) Monthly Director recognition sheets.  These are published in Lisa's National Newsletter and due in her office by the 10th of the following month. I fax mine to her at 608.288.0554
 When a consultant sends you a summary sheet, you know exactly how to support her. It also shows you're accountable and take personal responsibility for your success.  When you check in on Lisa's website, go to the guest book and sign in so she knows you've been there!

4) Director Sales Meeting.  First, Friday of every month at the Sheraton in Madison.  9:30 am -noon 

5) Seminar, Career Conference and Leadership Conference-business trips that you must attend as a leader of your unit.  Period.  Plan to attend the Director's meetings as well for all the events.

6) CD of the Month.  When Lisa sends this to you, do you make a boatload of dubs and hand them out like water? They're pretty cheap to mail too. The 90 minutes is for you to share with your people!!!!! It makes them feel important and plugged in!  If you have consultants who qualify with team production of $2000 or more, you must have names and addresses to my office by the 10th of the month.  You can call them, fax them, or e-mail them.  Phone: 608-273-1694, fax: 608-288-0554, email:

7) NSD website!  Check out the guest book and see how Jennie Pepke uses it!  AWESOME IDEA!  Lisa provides this website just for you to offer support, education and communication for her Sales Directors to use!  Memorize this website and put it on your favorites list on your computer. 

One of the simplest formulas to achieve great success as a Director is to see 36 faces and add two new personal team members each month.  It will be the foundation of your future.  36 faces can be accomplished by holding 3 classes a week with at least 3 people in attendance.  Pick out one or two from each class and interview them.  Don't complicate this business.  This type of activity should be a priority for you until your unit is achieving $18,000 a month consistently.

Please click here for flyer! - Inner circle weekend-- Director Pacesetter

36 & 2 tracking sheet -NEW for 2006!  Recognition and Lunch with Lisa Madson!

Madson Directors Year Long Contests

Updated January 1st, 2006

1.) Inner Circle Weekend Top 5 (Gold) or Destin Trip Director Pacesetters--Contest dates: July 1, 2005 - Feb. 28, 2006

Top 5 Gold go to the Inner Circle Weekend with Lisa (You must have 50 unit members on or before Aug. 1). Dates for the Inner Circle weekend is April 21- 23, 2006.  Next #6 and 7 of the Gold category, #1 and 2 of both the Silver and Bronze categories go to Destin with Lisa. Stay at Lisa?s condo for free, but you pay all other expenses.  Dates for Destin are May 6th, 2006 ? May 10th, 2006

2.) Another trip to Destin- All Directors who do a Unit Club higher than Seminar 2005 (if you did $425,000 in 2005, you would have to jump to the $450,000 Unit Club at Seminar 2006) or who do National Court of Sharing will go to Destin, Florida.  You will pay for your transportation and all other incidentals.  Lisa will provide one condo.  WHEN we have 16 first line do Unit Club, the extra condos will be paid by Lisa.  IF we don't have 16 first line, we'll split the cost of all the extra condos between the winning directors.  As always, Lisa will travel to you when you do Court of Sharing or Unit Club (doesn't have to be higher than the previous year) and she will do a workshop and guest event in your honor.  (Remember her stipulation that you attend Career Conference, Leadership and Seminar for her to travel to you.)  If there is more than one winner in a city or area, she will combine the winners into one event.  Dates will be announced for this trip.

3.) Sean Key Party Seminar 2006 qualifications to go to Sean Key's house on Day 3 of Seminar will be:  Unit Club Directors, if you do a better Unit Club than in 2005.  (If you did $300,000 in 2005, you will have to hit $350,000 or highter in 2006 to attend.) National Court of Sharing with 24 Qualified recruits. When you are an Executive Senior Sales Director with a new offspring this Seminar year.

4.) 36 faces & 2 new recruits or 18,000 w/s each month January 1- June 30th, 2006

Track yourself for the next six months by either doing 36 and 2 or $18,000 wholesale in one month!

Over the next six months you must complete this sheet and hand it in by July 5th, 2006.

Recognition and lunch with Lisa at Seminar 2006!

 5.) Passport Challenge- see flier on website

     Be sure to be at 50 unit members by July 1st, 2006
track all company challenges!


Incredible - Reliable - On a Mission - Never Giving Up

$550,000 Inner Circle at Seminar 2006