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In 1 inch of skin there are:

19 yards of blood vessels

95 oil glands

650 sweat glands

Over 19,000 sensory cells

Over 40% of customers misdiagnose their skin type and just keep trying the

wrong products.

Caring for your face involves Maintenance, Repair, and Prevention (MRP) -

skipping these steps leads to breakouts, flaking, and premature lines.

Keeping your skin exfoliated prevents makeup from wearing off by lunchtime.

The skin is so thin under the eyes that it contains less natural moisture and

will show aging quicker.

Skin changes with the diet, seasons, medications, changes in climate and

pregnancy. See a professional to help deal with severe breakouts.

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol constrict blood vessels and prevent nutrients

from feeding the skin. This speeds up the aging process.

Dry Patches can mean oily skin. If oily skin is not exfoliated, the build up of

dead skin cells can make you face appear flaky then adding moisturizer will

aggravate the problem.

There is a rise of women in their 40's and 50's complaining of breakouts.

With the increase in stressed, rushed lifestyles, the skin care routine is the

first to go . . . and it shows.

Exercise increases blood flow of nutrients and water to the skin surface and

makes collagen thicker. Both keep the skin supple and younger looking.

Never skip washing your face before bed. Your skin can't do its nighttime job

if it's not clean: To get rid of toxins and repair the effects of daily stresses.

Info taken from an article in "The Image Networker