Hear, Speak, See the VISION The 3 V's and Positive Affirmations
Mary Kay always says if the goal doesn't make you sick, it isn't BIG ENOUGH!!  Ask yourself, what is my throw-up goal?  Once you determine what it is, you need to ?


You need to 3-V your GOAL!

? you need to visualize that goal in FULL COLOR!  Have a goal poster all over your house.  Make one and copy it.  Plaster your house!  What you see is what will become a reality ? with the correct amount of effort behind the goal.

VERBALIZE - Be careful in who you are telling your goals to.  In some cases (unfortunately) you will have to just PROVE the success to them.  Remember ? you will be successful when you act like the position you are becoming ? before you are there.  Tell your ?balcony people? your goal ? your cheerleaders and the positive people in your life. 

VITALIZE - This is when you are matching the time and effort with your goal.  If you want to be a STAR, are you consistently having $300 weeks?  If you want to be in your RED JACKET, do you have 5 to 10 interviews lined up?  If you want a CAR or DIRECTORSHIP, are you doing 2-4 classes a week and getting a minimum of 5 new names a day?  Are you ?networking? to meet people?  Are you asking for referrals when out and about?   This is telling the BALCONY people in your life your goal and asking them to hold you accountable.  This is telling your family that you really need to give your business the time it deserves and that you want to give it your ALL for the next 6 months.  This is asking your Director to keep you accountable by asking what is on your books ? every time you talk!  This is letting FAITH - not FEAR LEAD  YOU!

With these 3 things in place, you will be more committed to achieve success.  I want nothing less than the BEST for you.

To HEAR THE VISION ... you need to AFFIRM your goal!!

What is your affirmation??  Are you telling yourself everyday what you are doing to achieve your goals?  When you get up and put your make-up on in the morning, are you affirming your goal?  When you brush your teeth at night, are you affirming your goal??  To create your affirmations ... this is what you need:

*  They need to be positive!
*  They need to be in present tense!
*  They need to be exciting!
*  They need to speak of where you what to be!

Here are some examples:

?I work my business daily and achieve my weekly goals. I meet and call new people every week. Each month I easily interview and recruit five sharp women by consistently working full circle with the 4-point recruiting plan. I am a Master Booker! Everyone wants to book with me! My date book is always full. I easily obtain a minimum of 2 new bookings from every appointment. My classes always hold on the original date booked.?

?I love doing skin care classes. I love to learn, and I love to share what I learn because every woman deserves to look and feel her best. My classes are fun, I meet lots of new people, and I make great money!  I look, act and feel like a winner because I believe in myself and so do others. I plan my work and ensure that it allows me quality time for business and my family. Every day I strive to be the best me possible!?

?I am no longer afraid to be on the phone to work my business.  My phone calls do not upset my customers.  They are happy to hear from me because they need to reorder product!?

?I am no longer barely making ends meet.  I always have more money than I need.?

?I easily dissolve all limiting beliefs, judgments and information from my thoughts, from my subconscious, and from my energy field. Because I don?t hold judgments, I am free to set new goals as needed. I have strong positive feelings about my goals. I feel confident that I can repeat my successes on a regular basis.?

?I love doing skin care classes!

I make them fun, meet lots of new people and make great money.  My classes hold because I coach the hostess and I make her feel like my business partner.  Because I help her stay excited, this paves the way to a great class.  I sincerely compliment each guest and make them feel important.?

?I am always a STAR CONSULTANT because I work consistently and persistently toward my goal.  The prizes, recognition and praise I receive make me feel I can reach new heights.  I look like, feel like and act like a winner because I believe in myself and so does everyone else!?

What you create needs to keep you going each and every day!! That's what helps maintain your commitment!!

TO SPEAK THE VISION ...You need to be POSITIVE about the GOAL!

To be positive about the goal, you need to flood your life with positive books and tapes!  You need to listen to your mentors on tapes and CD's instead of the radio!! You need to read for a 1/2 hour every night to feed your soul with positive reinforcement from the day!! You need to listen to what is coming out of your mouth!!  Ask yourself:

*  What am I listening to?
*  What am I reading?
* Who am I hanging around? Are they positive or negative? Can the negatives be removed?
* How am speaking? Is it positive or negative?

Here are some suggestions for reading materials:

All of Mary Kay Ash?s Books (Section 2) Have you read her autobiography yet?!

Shad Helmstetter ~ ?What to Say When You Talk to Yourself?

Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield ~ ?The Aladdin Factor?, ?Dare to Win?, ?You Can?t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought?

Bruce Wilkinson ~ ?The Dream Giver?, ?The Prayer of Jabez?, ?The Secret of the Vine?

Rick Warren ~ ?The Purpose Driven Life?          

Jim Underwood ~ ?More Than a Pink Cadillac?

Lynn Grabhorn ~ ?Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting?

Once your ?3 V?s? are in place, can you see that your goals will be achieved?