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MARY KAY SKIN CARE CLASS!! (Includes Opening, Closing & Private Consultation)


Welcome ladies and thank you for taking the time
out of your busy schedule to be here today. 

I am Independent Beauty Consultant
with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I would now like to thank our hostess _____ for gathering us together. I have a special thank you gift
and she will also be receiving _____as her hostess credit.

Since you will be taking your makeup off in  front of
everyone we might as well get to know each other.
Please say your name and how you know the hostess.

Now ladies, could you get excited about saving time &
money & feeling a difference in your skin in just a few
minutes a day? Well, I am about to  show you how.

There are 3 parts to our pampering session today.
First, you will have a facial and learn about streamlined
skin care that delivers younger looking skin.
Then you will experiment with some basic color for lips and cheeks.  Well get into eye color at your next appt so for today youll just go around the eye area.
And.. third at the end of the class we will get together one-on-one to answer any questions and discuss your individual needs.

So sit back, relax and enjoy. And should you be
tempted to have your own Mary Kay products, I
carry inventory with me.  So theres no waiting!

Lets get started by opening your beauty book to the first page.

Penny Brown's Opening and Closing!!!


Purpose for opening Get them excited about being there, explain what you are going to do, set the stage for booking.  And most of all, HAVE FUN!!!  If they see you truly enjoy what you are doing, you are setting the stage for interviewing.

Always do a 3 part class opening!!

                         Opening Script

Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here tonight.  My name is ___________ and Im an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Im just very excited to be here tonight for your pampering session.

There are three things we are going to do tonight. 
First of all, you are going to have the opportunity to learn about streamlined skin care that delivers younger looking skin.  This is truly the most important thing we will be doing tonight because all the glamour in the world wouldnt make a bit of difference if you didnt already have clean, fresh, healthy skin, dont you agree? (nod)

2.) For the second thing we are doing tonight, youll be choosing a basic color look to try.

3.) And, lastly and my personal favorite part of the evening, I get the opportunity to meet with you one-on-one to answer any questions you have, select a time for your individual makeover and you can let me know if there are any products
that you would like to take home.

Thank the hostess with praise and thanks.   I would like to take a moment to thank our incredible hostess, Sheri.  If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt be here.  To the guests Doesnt she look beautiful?  (Assuming you did her makeover first) 

When we get together one-on-one to do your makeover session, you can be glamorized as Sheri.  Who could get excited about that?  Who loves free products? If you choose to share your second facial with at least two other women, you will have the opportunity to get some products for free!  Do you all have two friends?  Pause and lean in toward them.  Make it fun here.   In MK, by hostessing a MK Pampering Session, we have incredible products and cosmetic accessories.   Most of our hostesses just like to use their hostess credit to get free products.  It really is our way of saying thank you to our hostesses because thats how our business grows -  through our hostesses inviting their friends in and allowing us to share our product line.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy. And should you be tempted to have your own Mary Kay products, I carry inventory with me.  So theres no waiting!

Lets get started by opening your beauty book to the first page.

Table or Class Closing

Now, Im sure you all have 2 questions you are dying to ask.
  1) How much is it ......and
  2) when can I get it.

This is your Beauty Essentials collection!   And its less than the price of a cup of coffee a day for skin care from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes!  It is valued at  $417...But tonight, your Beauty Essentials  Collection is just $369..(you are getting the " the Travel Travel roll up for Free!!"

So take a look at the sets on page 16 and circle the ones you are interested in. 

1.) Today when you purchase 3 sets you get the 4th   lower price set at 
                         half price

2.) When you purchase 4 sets you get the 5th  lower price set FREE!

When you begin with the Beauty Essentials collection tonight you get the the roll up for free!!

Now, let me put this in perspective for you.

Closet Close   Real quick, Im going to have you close your eyes and think about your very favorite outfit.  The one that makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it.  How much was it?  How about any special things you have to go with it add it up - jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, purse, belt,  How much is it?   $100, $200, $400?   How often do you wear that outfit last week?  Last month?  How about in the last 3 months?

       ****Your Mary Kay products is something you do every single day and its not just for right now, but its an investment for your skin today that will result in younger looking skin for years to come.


1.) cash or check
2.) Master Card, Visa and Discover
Working Girl Plan
Creative Financing
5.The Smart Way.. having a few girlfriends over and get free or discounted product.

****The next part of the class is where we get together for our one on one consultations. Ill need you to bring with you your profile card and your beauty book. Does anyone need to leave early? Great why dont I start with ________ and while Im meeting with her, the rest of you can sample fragrances and look through your beauty books.

Tell them who is next so they are not just sitting around waiting.

CLASS CLOSE #1: 8 Point Close at the Individual Consultation

    1.  Did you have a good time?

     2 Doesnt your skin feel great? 

     3.) Until your check up facial, did I answer all your questions?

    4.)   on 2 or the guests...

*Correct booking approach:  (get below eye level look client in her right eye smile and nod up and down)

_____________, At every show I always select a couple of people that I would most like to have as my future hostesses, (pause) and tonight I have selected you!  Tell me, (pause) is there any reason why when we get together for your check up facial you couldnt invite a few friends to share with you and have a show?  I think you would be a great hostess!

          all the rest of the guests....
 Did you prefer to share your check up facial with a smaller or a larger group?  Which would probably be better for you?
.. When is normally best for you.. The beginning of the week or the end of the week?  Morning or evening? .. Tuesday or Wednesday. (notice are always giving them a choice).. Now.. I just want to ask you to put your name, address and phone number on that date.

  5.) Now.. is there any reason you wouldn't want to go ahead and get started with the Beauty Essentials Collection..  I know you would love it!!  (head is on a yo yo ..up and down)

6.) Since you did schedule a make-over session with a few friends you can enjoy the hostess credit program I offered this evening. 
           How would you like to take care of that?

(if no Timewise sold)

Is there any reason why you couldnt have a class and earn some products as a gift?  I think you would be wonderful!

7) I want you to feel like youre getting a whole lot more out of your show than you put into it.  Can I give you a few suggestions on how to have a successful show? 

Coach and give hostess packet youll get 10% of anything I sell just for sharing your appointment with your friends and youll get 15-20% if your friends book a show and that includes outside sales that you can collect before your show!

8) Offer the opportunity:

 "You know, __________, theres one more thing I want to tell you because I really believe it.  I think you would be great at doing what I do.  I look for women of your caliber everyday & I am just so impressed with you!

Out of all that I briefly shared with you tonight, what impressed you the most?"

Stay in conversation with her, stress the points that SHE is interested in and then proceed

"Is there any reason why you wouldnt take this tape and listen to it within the next 24 hours and then quickly meet with me to give me your opinion of it? I think you would be a great asset to my company and my team!"

(Offer her any one item in our line for ? price if she'll meet with you within 24-48 hours)

Have her send in the next guest and repeat.




Here's a wonderful way to build your team and share with other women you meet! It's the best way I've seen! Thanks to new director Tammy Suggs from Wilmington, N.C. She has been kind enough to take the time to share how she schedules sharing
appointments with gets results.... 

As I am closing the class and doing the individual consultations with each guest present-I total her sale and offer her $10 off of her purchase @ that sale in exchange for her time.  I tell her : I am in a challenge to share company information with 10 women this week . Just for listening you would be helping me reach my goal and I would like to give you $10 off tonight because I appreciate your ears and your time. Now I know that Mary Kay is something that you probably would never consider-and that's OK. I'm not trying to recruit you. (smile) I will just share info.  and let you make that informed decision after you've heard the facts. Now-for $10 off tonight-will you help me? (smile and HUSH!) (You could also do this with phone orders from current customers.) 
They always say yes-because this is exactly how I finished my DIQ! Now when she says YES - I say Thank you so much for helping me-now what is your schedule for tomorrow-could I meet you for breakfast or would lunch be better for you? (Or you could schedule a phone interview with your director 2 or 3-way!!)  We then schedule breakfast or lunch on the next day and then I give her $10 off right then and there. I have found that by giving her $10 off prior to her appt. with me-she has an obligation to meet with me-so she won't back out. And if she does-it has only cost me $5!!!!! No biggie! However-I have not had ONE person to back out on the next day appt. -at the lunch on the next day- 

The FIRST thing that I do is ask questions about her and her life/family. I don't immediately use sentence/sentence/sentence about the company. I let her know that SHE is my interest today and would never want her to feel that I am there to recruit her.  I take the Something More Brochure and tear out my part-give her her part. I read word for word and she follows along in her part.  I then explain the start up cost for the showcase and all that is included for $100. I do explain the profit / commission levels. I just present her with the Career Path program (the one with the picture of the cars on the front). I also ask what they are making at their current JOB. I explain that it is a personal question- I know- but I would like to show them how Mary Kay could make her $ faster and with a lot less stress. They always provide me with bring home pay info and I compare hour-to-hour-then I explain that realistically-they would not work Mary Kay 8 hours straight every day-because they DON T HAVE TO!!!!! YEAH! The whole process takes me about 30 minutes.  I just compare money to money/hour to hour stress level to stress level and @ home time with their family. The difference is usually HUGE and so they see why Mary Kay could be great for them.  After all-they just came to listen-right?????? HA!

I have my $5 shimmer tote bag with a current Look Book in the front window with her date book, car window decal, a rose,   recruiting info, and a full size retail set of Satin Hands ready for her to take home when she signs and gives me the check. The  tote bag is powerful! My DIQ Glenda-actually decorates them more and adds colored tissue paper and a Mary Kay pin on the rose. They are beautiful. When she signs-I then give her the extra set of Career Essentials so she can start training and learning right away. I have 4 extras in stock on the Career Essentials-they just replace mine when they get their showcase. (Actually, I would give her a copy of Mary Kay's autobiography to read - Carolyn)