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3 cent copys at Office Max for Mary Kay Consultants and Directors

I am so glad to hear that word of our program is spreading so quickly. 
We are serving thousands of Mary Kay National Directors, Sr. Directors, and Consultants all around the country.

 All you need to do to take advantage of our program is to bring a copy of the  pricing document below  with you to any of our stores along with your Mary Kay business Card. Have the CopyMax Sales Associate complete a CopyMax Work Order. That's it. You will not need to continue to bring the price sheet in after your first few visits. These sheets are being sent to all of our stores and they will be kept at the counter.

Please pass this information along to all of your offspring Directors, Consultants, and others Mary Kay people that you know.

Thanks so much, have a great pink day!  Please call if you have any questions.

Burke M. Paul
Corporate Account Manager
OfficeMax Document Services
Houston / SE Texas
Direct Dial 281.216.0531
Direct Fax 281.596.4517

Burke M. Paul
Corporate Account Manager
Houston / SE Texas
 Phone 281-216-0531
Direct Fax 281-596-4517
Alt. Phone 281-277-4760
Alt. Fax 281-277-4767
DirectMax Account Number: Paid Individually
MaxPerks Customer ID #: 100013894

Black & White Copies on 20# White regular or 3-hole, any volume $0.033
$Black & White Copies on 20# Colored Paper, any volume  $ 0.043
Black & White Copies on Card, any volume  $0.055
Machine Folding  $0.025
Hand Folding  $0.05
Digital Color 8.5x11 on 24# Laser Paper over 1,000 impressions  $0.49
Digital Color 8.5x11 on 24# Laser Paper up to 1,000 impressions  $0.79
Laminating 8.5x11, includes trim  $1.00
Padding  $0.35 

 10% Discount on all other Good and Services Offered by CopyMax 

A Work Order must be completed, register validated, and faxed to Burke 281-596-4517 for all Mary Kay purchases.