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Success and Your Image.BY NSD Jan Thetford

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IMAGE: First Impression
By Jan Thetford, NSD
Did you realize that you never have a 2nd chance to make a great first impression? Have you ever stopped to think that YOU as a Mary Kay consultant or Director are the only Mary Kay that someone knows? Do you realize that your actions and your attire as a Mary Kay consultant or Director reflect on
all of us? I know most of us get to going so fast that sometimes we loose sight of these things .

As I sat in new NSD Assimilation this past week in Dallas and had the honor of hearing our #1 National Sales Director,Arlene Lenarz, speak of the importance of keeping the Mary Kay image intact I was reminded of several
things I knew but still needed to be re- reminded of and so I am taking this email opportunity to remind you of those same things.

Mary Kay Image is an attitude. Mary Kay Image is a dress code. Mary Kay Image is a code of ethics that we strive to uphold because Mary Kay herself is very serious about the image that we project to our community by the words we say,
the way we treat others around us and our attire.

Mary Kay Image is not something we can choose to uphold or not uphold,rather it is expected of us to uphold it by the woman herself. When we uphold the Mary Kay image as outlined by Mary Kay herself we honor her.

So......with all of that said I would like to outline the basics of Mary Kay Image that is expected of all of us representing this awesome company.
#1 We must wear a dress, a business suit,a skirt and blouse,a beauty coat, or company attire (Red Jacket with a black not too short skirt,hose, and black pumps) to EVERY Mary Kay function....(.regardless of weather),every sales meeting,workshop,business debut,skin care class or facial. I do realize that the fashions are quite casual these days and pant suits are very in with Corporate America, but guys, Mary Kay women have always been a cut above and we must always look like we represent
the #1 selling brand of Skin Care and Color cosmetics in the land.
Along with our skirts and suits Mary Kay asks that we wear hose(yes,even in the summer) and close toed shoes. We need to sport a cute in haircut and manicured nails. It is never OK to wear pants to a sales meeting even if you have had a rushed day and no time to change. Think ahead and put a skirt in the can change in the bathroom if necessary.
#2 If you are in a Red Jacket it is important that you attend Mary Kay functions wearing that red Jacket with a black skirt and white blouse if you are a Red Jacket,Team Leader, or Grand Achiever, and a black blouse if you are a Future Director or DIQ. Don't ask for exceptional. Consultants,don't get upset with your Directors when she enforces these guidelines. It is her job.Directors, you absolutely need to be in your Directors suit at every function with sharp Top Notch Accesories.
#3 Pick your Top 3 pins to wear on your lapel. We are professional business women and having a zillion pins on at one time looks a little overdone and can detract from our professional image.
#4 Watch out for gum chewing in public....especially if you are conducting a class or talking in front of the group. Gum can be very distracting.
#5 We are not to have any alcohol at any Mary Kay function and I love that because it keeps us acting our best in a work environment.
#6 It is our job to coach our guests at functions that the meeting attire is professional dress and they will probably feel more comfortable if they do not have on jeans or sweats. They will appreciate your honesty,because no woman likes to go to a place
she's not familiar with and be under dressed. Coach them!!! They will appreciate you.
#7 Please take care to turn off your cell phone before entering your Mk function. It is very distracting to the speaker and very rude to those around you. If you absolutely must keep it on for a phone call then please quickly leave the room to talk. You'll want to coach your guests on this issue also.
#8 Please don't bring small children to meetings and asks your guests to do the same. Children are precious and we all love them but a sales meeting atmosphere is not an appropriate place for a child. We can not expect them to act like adults and be quite,because they are not.Its like taking a 2 year old to an adult movie and expecting them to not just doesn't work.
#10 We musn't get away from standing and clapping out of respect for a Sales Director or NSD when they enter a room or are introduced at a function. Mary Kay always expected us to stand for those women out of respect for their accomplishments. Lets all take responsibility for this Mary Kay image issue and when we do it will not be a problem. My speech is now over....HA! ...for the moment.
Love, Jan Thetford NSD

By NSD Pam Shaw--If you want to look successful & make a great first impression
do a check up from the neck up and back down again!

1. How is your hair? Has anyone said lately, I love the color! What a great cut! Your hair looks awesome! If not, go to the best colorist, the best stylist you can find and GET IT DONE!!!

2. What is the look of your best business suit? Is it out dated? Is it cheap (I don't mean what you paid for it; I mean fabric, style...) Does it fit? Is the hem right for your leg? Is the color the best for you? You are making a statement... what is it?

3. Shoes...what are you wearing? Are they cheap? Do they look cheap? Are they a comfortable heel? Attractive heel? Nice leather? Good tip (not click clack...I used to call those my fall in the mall shoes! ha!)

4. Hose.... are they beautiful and look special on your leg? Never wearing black hose with white or red shoes!

5. Make up.... who is especially good with the product in your area? Ask for advice or a makeover.... Are you still wearing the same shades in the same places you were a year ago?
Lip stick? Same? Liners? Same? Make sure you look your absolute best!!!!

6. Personal...have you had your teeth cleaned recently? I mean it! Go to the dentist and get that plaque off! What do your fingernails and toenails look like? How is your breath? And what breath mint do you carry with you?

7. What does your ink pen look like?

8. Brief case or folio?

9. What does your purse look like? Is it cheap? Too big? Too small?

10. What are your business cards being carried in? Make sure not tattered.How accessible are they?
11. Are your earrings outdated? Cheap? Too big? Other jewelry? Too much, too little? Go for classic!

12. Do your clothes fit? Do you need to have a jacket taken up, skirt up or down, sleeves raised?

13. Are your leather articles polished? (Shoes, purse, etc...)

I am not suggesting that you all run out and purchase a ST. John knit, but I am suggesting that you take an honest look and ask the opinion of a classy friend who will tell you the truth. As you purchase new items, make sure they are classic, quality, and fit the look you are after! I'd rather have one suit that I feel like a million in, than to have a closet full of cheap and outdated items that don't fit, don't appeal to the fashion world (we are in the beauty business), and don't work at growing the quality of my business. Like it or not, appearance is the first element a person has to judge whether she wants to do business with you. We dont get a second chance at a first impression. You will get a chance at heart later, but first, your look will sell or send! Take a close look and dress up for your Success Breakthrough!!