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Who to Recruit.. by Marsha Morrissette It has covered all the stages of my life.

How To Recruit My Personal Meeting Guest

A Conversation Between Friends

We are sitting at lunch when my best friend casually mentions that she and her husband are having a hard time making ends meet financially. Even with both her and her husband working, she is going to have to get another job. We are considering many options, she says. Why would you recommend Mary Kay?

It changes your life, I say without hesitation. But now I begin to really analyze my Mary Kay career as I consider offering it to my best friend.

I look at my friend, trying to decide what to tell her. I want her to know what she will never learn and New Consultant Training. I want her to know that embarking on a Mary Kay career means she'll be required to do much more than match a foundation shade or sell a tube of lipstick. I wish she could know the stories and triumphs of so many whose lives have been changed by their choice to try Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I wish she could have been there to watch Darlene win her Mary Kay career car - watching the look of accomplishment and pride on her face as she sat for the first time in her free car.

My mind races back to Ruth - who started Mary Kay so shy that she wasnt able to speak more than a couple of words in front of a group - who through taking Mary Kay baby steps, was able to conquer a lifelong fear of talking in front of a group.

I wish my friend could meet Susan, who was able to singularly support the family while allowing her husband to go back to school to accomplish his lifelong dream.

I thought of Christie, who on less than 15 hours per week, was able to earn a free car and become a Mary Kay Sale Director - while working a full-time job.

I wish she could have heard the message on my answering machine from Nancy as she called to tell me that today was Thomass last day in day care - she would now be able to stay home with him full-time - all because of her Mary Kay career.

And the beautiful story of Cindy - who always struggled with low self-esteem - and how Mary Kay replaced her dunce cap with a beautiful crown as she was honored as the top director at Seminar.

I wish my friend could have seen the tears in Walts eyes as he watched his daughter, Dottie, earn her Mary Kay red jacket - thanking me for helping bring life and hope back to his daughters life.

Should I tell her that her own childrens lives will be forever changed as a result of a Mary Kay career - that they will be heard telling each other, You can do it! and I believe in you! when trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. You will drive by a car dealership and hear your 4 year old son say, Look at all the free cars. You will smile - and not tell him any different. That your childs outlook on life will be different than that of their friends. They will have witnessed the power of a dream fulfilled, the importance of a work ethic and that those who really gain in this life are those who give of themselves. Her children will grow up and seek for a career they love, just as mommy did, rather than settling for a job they despise. And they will believe that mommy can achieve anything - because she chose to face her fears directly and conquer them one by one.

I should tell her that her relationship with her husband will change. He will look at her differently - respect her for the discipline, tenacity and motivation it takes to do what she does. She will over hear him bragging of her success on phone conversations to his father and his friends. I want to describe to my friend the exhilaration of helping someone win a free car, pay off a credit card debt, make her first $50/hour, or earn a prestigious red jacket. But then I realize that these moments cannot be described - they must be felt in the heart. I realize that the only way she can fall in love with this company is to experience it herself. I give her the only thing I can give her, my work that Mary Kay will change her life. And knowing that my best friend trusts me as a sister - without hesitation I tell her that if she decides to make Mary Kay a part of her life, she will never regret it.

Beginning a Mary Kay Career Any Time
by Executive Senior Sales Director Marsha Morrissette


A.  I am so glad that I started my Mary Kay career when I was 23 so that short time later when we decided to have children, I had a choice to be a stay at home mom . . . with a great income.

B.  In my 20s, I valued the fact that MK had no sales or time quotas. I could be my own boss. And the fact that MK has no territories so I could sell product all over the United States.

C.  It allowed my to be in a situation where in addition to being home with my family, I had something of my own . . . But was still able to attend the childrens school events and travel with my husband.

D.  I have had the privilege of earning what I am worth . . . and not what the job is will to pay! For nearly my entire lifetime.

E.  My children were raised watching their mom work. Watching her set goals . . . reaching some . . .and not reaching others. They learned while I earned. They now have a desire to really make a difference!


A.  I would want to start a career in my 30s because if you have children, they are beginning to hit the years where they really need you home . . . and they really need your time at their events.

B.  I would start a career at this time in my life because I know what it is to look forward to financing college educations and buying new homes . . . and your MK career can be just the way to do that.

C.  It is the time that you spend many hours sitting on bleachers, benches and committees with other parents . . . and it became my favorite way to build a customer base.

D.  Mary Kays values of Faith 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd are so important in life at this time.

E.  By this point in a womans life, she knows how valuable she is. She knows what jobs are willing to pay . . . and she knows that she is worth far more than what someone else will give her. And MK is her way to be paid what she is worth!


A.  I would begin a MK career in my 40s because it is the perfect way to fill that empty hole in your heart when the children leave home and go off to college . . .or off on their own.

B.  A woman in her 40s is fun and confident about who she is and she attracts people to her.

C.  A woman in her 40s isnt afraid to take a chance on herself . . . she knows that to start a MK career she only needs $100. And it is easy for her to compare that to the time she went on the shopping spree . . . bought and new outfit . . . wore it to a party . . . got a stain on it . . . sent it off to the dry cleaners . . . and when it was returned, the outfit had shrunk! Or the time she went out for a very special dinner . . . and the bill was over $100 . . . and was disappointed in the food! At least with her Mary Kay Go Kit she gets to demo Timewise sets, every shade of foundation, Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover, mirrors, trays, demonstration glamour products . . . nearly $400 worth of items that she can use with her friends or to build a business or on herself!

D.  A Woman in her 40s is tired of corporate politics, late hours at a job, vacations scheduled around co-workers, hours traveling to and from work on the freeway, little time left for household chores and being over-worked and under-appreciated.


A.  A woman in her 50s values the fact every Mary Kay Beauty Consultant gets all the tax deductions of owning a business. She loves her country . . . but would like to keep more of the money she earns.

B.  A woman in her 50s appreciates the fact that she can just stay home and give a facial at her kitchen table one day . . . and then fly to the other side of the United States to conduct a class with a friend the next.

C.  She values the fact that MK has been rated the #1 skin care an color cosmetic company in the world for the last 8 years . . . so the success of her product speaks for itself.

D.  She is at a time in her life where she wants to use every product available that will diminish lines, dryness, blotches and whatever! And now she gets them all at 50% discount.

E.  She puts special value on the kind of women she associates with in this company . . . Happy, Positive, Goal Oriented, Love People and Supportive. And knows that her training meetings will give her everything she needs to be as successful as she wants.


A.  No one in the job market realizes what she is worth . . . but she does! Any Mary Kay gives her to opportunity to prove it!

B.  She loves being her own boss and working whenever she wants . . . and never feels guilty about setting lots of time aside for travel, grandchildren, church and long lunches.

C.  She can earn extra income to help along with retirement.

D.  She gets to got to Dallas once a year and attend the world-famous Mary Kay Seminar . . . and play dress up in her fabulous evening gowns!

E.  She keeps herself younger than her friends because her spirit is young . . . she never stopped growing.

F.  She can promote herself to management in this company . . . after all, there are no age limits.