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Success is a Choice by Tammy Crayk

How DETERMINED are you???

(by: NSD Tammy Crayk)


If you limit your choices to

what seems possible or reasonable,

you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,

and all that is left is a compromise. - Robert Fritz

Dear TOPGUN National Area:

I love this quote......10 years ago (prior to MK) I had limited myself to what I thought seemed "possible".....On January 21, 1994 I made a different choice.....To give myself and my family a "chance" at this "Mary Kay thing" to see if I could make a go of it......

10 years later we are enjoying an income of more than $200,000 per year from this "Mary Kay thing".....

Why am I succeeding? Because I CHOSE TO! I chose to do what other successful Mary Kay women told me to do.....did I have cancellations? YES! Did I get my share of No's.....YES! (I still do!).....The difference is:

I made a decision to become a PRO at my classes, to become a PRO at sharing the opportunity......I didn't wait for "someone else" to teach me to be a pro.....I had all the tools and "how to" I needed in my starter kit! I took personal responsibility to educate MYSELF!! You now have even more resources like my website , the hotline, and the MK website, that we did not have!! Once I was a "PRO".....then and only then would I decide to keep on keepin' on or to quit.

If you are at a standstill in your this:

Make a decision TODAY to become a PRO....Stop waiting for "someone else" to teach you.....take responsibility to TEACH YOURSELF!!

1.  Study your Skin Care Class Guide (it came in your Starter Kit and you can print a new copy from ).....

2.  Study the tapes that came in your Starter Kit.....

3.  Make an appointment with the Queen of Sales in your unit to observe her next class.....

4.  Order the  "FULL CIRCLE SUCCESS" video on Section 2 of the order form.....IT'S it....become a PRO just like NSD Debi Moore who does the class on the video.....

Success is a single decision away......I hope you will make that decision right here....right now.

With all my love and TOTAL BELIEF~

Tammy Crayk~ Proudly serving the TOPGUN NATIONAL AREA