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Hello; you have reached the ___________________and the office of Mary Kay beauty Consultant_________________________.

          Put on a smile and be of good cheer?the waiting is over and the New
Year is here.  Leave us a message at the tone and we will get back to you
later when we're close to the phone.  Happy New Year????..

          There's a face with that voice-I know it's a fact.  And I know that
you'd like to get in on the act.  New Mary Kay products are coming out this
year, customers are applauding with excitement and cheer!  I know you don't
want to be left out of the loop?so leave me a name with your  number and I'll
give you the scoop. ( Pass the word)

This is Valentine's month. So take the time to say I love You to those you
hold dear??????.Mary Kay customers you truly are the heart of my business.

Mary Kay Customers?.there's new products to embrace that will do wonders for your face, dark circles fade away leaving your radiance there to stay!  Keep
an eye out for the Look. Our springtime up-date book. Arriving in your
mailbox soon!  Thank you and have a great day!

               The luck of the Irish, a pot of gold?a little more rain and
we'll all start to mold!  So burst forth a smile?let your sunshine unfold. 
And leave me a message and I'll return it before this day gets too old.  Have
a Happy St. Paddy's month.

It's March?.so with the luck of the Irish, a pot of gold, a Mary Kay face it's age never told.  Now take the challenge if you be so bold. Be one of our new faces as Spring products unfold.   Hope you'll help me reach a goal!  Just leave me a message?..

200 new faces I want to be mine?.to clean them with Time Wise so they sparkle and shine. Then dust them with powder add glamour to go.  Would you be one and who do you know?  I could sure use your help so leave me a message so I can schedule you in.

Spring is here it's clear to see?..there's sunshine and blossoms and
leaves on the tree.  So now is the time to up-date your look, just leave me a
message and an appointment we'll book!  May you enjoy a sunshiny day?good-bye

30 faces this month we'll make ready for Spring.  An hour of pampering will make your heart sing! The convince of home with the products on hand, could make you customer of the month and it will be grand!  Will you help me meet my challenge?

There's a mighty big goal that's taking us places?.to put Mary Kay products on (2000) faces.  Each opinion we value as we share what's new. 
When would a facial be convenient for you.

The summer sun is lots of fun------but protection is the key!  Why
not play it safe with a Mary Kay sunblock, that's easy as can be!  Just leave
me a message and we will get together soon.  Thanks, and have a wonderful

 This is the office of INDEPENDENT Mary Kay Beauty Consultant_________________.  Hope you are enjoying the summer.  Enjoying the sun, using sunscreen protection, Mary Kay's got a great one!  Leave me your
name and a number????..Thank you and have a bright sunny day!

The day's are longer?.there's so much to do.  We are out and
about so we have missed you!  Just leave us a name and a number to ring and
when we get in we'll so just that thing.  Thank you and have a great day!

A new season a fresh new start a new generation of skin care?.will
you be a part?  Reserve your sample of the new TimeWise formula today. 
It's for the woman who makes every minute count!  Leave a quick message and
I'll soon return your call.

Excitement is brewing I tell you it's true.  There are wonderful
new products for the beautiful YOU!  Let me share all about them?book a
facial or class. You'll want to see them so don't be the last!  Leave a

The colors are changing the weather is too. Would an up-date facial
be good for you?  Leave me a message????

Season is changing the weather grows cold, a new look in glamour if you be so
bold.  The colors are soft blending with care.  Just leave me a message and
I'll call you back there.

It's the month of Thanksgiving I know it is true.  And I'd like to
say thank you for just being you!  Your message is important, I want to reply
So leave me your number, who's calling and why.  Have a Thankful day??...

The season is full of all the sights and sounds, where hurry and scurry
and long to-do lists are found.  In the midst of it all a moment of peace
there can be when you sit down and do your gift shopping with me!

It's the holiday season..a time of good cheer.  Do you have all the
Mary Kay products you need for this year?

There's a chill to the air and the leaves are all dropping?there's
cleaning and cooking and long lines while out shopping!  RELAX?breathe deep
and rejoice, your shopping can be done within the sound of my voice.
Let me, your Mary Kay Consultant, help you with your gift buying needs!  And
gift wrapping is free when you are shopping with me!  So leave me your name
and a number to call.  And I'll give you a jingle so we can take care of that
list once and for all.

Now work your work and play your play and whatever you're doing have a great day!