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HOSTESS INFORMATION - Hostess packets, Hostess awards, Hostess ideas!

Mary Kay now offers professionally printed Hostess Brochures on Section 2.  Package of 10 for $2.50  Items #000266

Hostess Vouchers ($100 + $20 FREE Product)

Hostess Brochure

Girlfriends Invitations/Hostess Packet

Hostess Games


Hostess with the Mostess Program(Thank you Paula Johnson)

"4 Month Plan"
You will:
1)  earn $1000 profit each month
2)  gain lots of customers
3)  gain confidence
4) recruit and build your team
Open up your "heart" to see what God has destined for you to do.  Then open the attached plan to read the details.

Following are a few hostess plans that promote classes over $500.  Choose from:
Cadillac Connection Class Hostess (thank you Robin Blackman-Dunda)
Hostess Vouchers to use along with above Cadillac Connection Class Hostess Brochure  (suggestion:  show hostess while coaching her what she will receive if each coupon is completed!  Present hostess vouchers at her class in front of her guests (big to do!!) to get guests excited what their hostess is earning FREE just for having a class!!)
Hostess Specials (thank you Paula Johnson)
Hostess Specials Modified (Denise Jones)
Open all of them and see what works for you. 
Hostesses love FREE product!!

Peach Smoothie
(Satin Hands) Coupons