Booking The Party

Booking the Party
Parties are the most efficient and fun way to build your business because parties make it possible for you to introduce and sell your products and services to several women at a time ? while having a good time! You?ll find lots of tips and tools for making parties easy for you and your hostess. Choose the ones that work best for you and get the party started!
Tips to Help You Plan for Success
Booking and Coaching
You?ll find helpful tips and techniques on booking a party, coaching a hostess and coaching a guest. Click here.

"Let?s Talk!" Social Network
Need ideas on how to book a party or coach the hostess? ?Let?s Talk!? Social Network is a great place to find and discuss these ideas with your sister Independent Beauty Consultants. And be sure to share YOUR own ideas with them as well.

Party Themes
A Mother/Daughter Makeover party, Sensorrific fragrance party, Radiant Bride party ? you?ll find lots of ideas for party themes that can get your customers excited about hosting a party.
Click here.
Sharing Success
See video segments straight from top independent sales force members!
"There?s No Party Like a Mary Kay® Party"
"Partner With Your Hostess"
"Parties on the Books"
The Art of Booking and Coaching
Hear all about the art of basic booking and coaching skills from three top Independent Sales Directors. Choose from these topics:

"If You?re Out of Bookings, You?re Out of Business"
"Mastering the Skills of Booking and Coaching"
"Everything Starts When You Book"
Tools to Help You Connect With Customers
New! Hostess Brochure
The hostess brochure makes a Mary Kay® party look fun and easy ? because it is! And what girl wouldn?t want to get FREE* beauty products? The brochure shows your hostess all of the ways she can earn rewards, so use it to encourage your customers to host a party. Available on Section 2 of the Consultant order form. Pack of 10 for $3.

*Available through Independent Beauty Consultants only and with $200 in retail sales
New! Build-Your-Own Hostess Flier
Create your own customized hostess flier from a list of topics. Print out the brochure and mail it or hand it out to customers. The flier is a great tool to encourage someone to host a party.
New! Party Postcards
Mail a postcard to your customers to encourage them to book and host a party. The postcards are colorful, fun and engaging! They?re available on Section 2 of the Consultant order form. Pack of 20 for $1.
Your Way to Beautiful? Brochure
What a great way to introduce your customers and potential customers to Mary Kay®! The brochure has everything a beauty enthusiast will want ? age-appropriate skin care tips, targeted skin care solutions and even shade recommendations from a makeup artist for specific eye colors. It?s fun to try the shades on guests at a party!
Buy the brochure in packs of 10 on Section 2 of the Consultant order form for $1.50 or have the Preferred Customer ProgramSM mail the brochure to your customers for just $.45 a name.
New! Mary Kay® Trend Report Spring/Summer 2011
Now available to all your customers, not only your hostess, the new trend report will keep your customers up to date on makeup and fashion trends. So show your customers the latest trend report. Then encourage them to host a color makeover or Trend party to try an on-trend look. You?ll find the trend report on your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site under ?Host a Party.? You also can print a professional copy at the FedEx Office DocStore.
The Look® Hostess Ad
Here?s a printable version of the hostess ad from The Look that you can display at classes or parties. It?s a great conversation starter! Download and print the hostess ad here. The ads also can be seen on The Look eCatalog.
Customer Product Fliers
These Company-approved product fliers explain all the fabulous benefits of Mary Kay® products, so they?re great tools for encouraging customers to book parties and earn FREE* Mary Kay® products. You also can print a professional copy at the FedEx Office DocStore and customize it by adding your contact information.

*Available through Independent Beauty Consultants only and with $200 in retail sales
Before-and-After Form
Download and print this template to feature before-and-after photos of your hostesses and guests. Use the photos as a booking tool or consider putting the form in a binder to promote your business. But be sure to get each customer?s permission to use her photo and the before and after form featuring her makeover.
Host a Party website on and Your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site
Promote this site to your customers as a way to entice them to book parties with you. The site has been updated with a new look and features fabulous hostess rewards and party ideas.
New! Hostess MKeCards®
The e-cards are beautiful, colorful and enticing. Send MKeCards® to your customers to encourage them to host parties and earn FREE* products and other hostess perks.

*Available through Independent Beauty Consultants only and with $200 in retail sales
The Look eCatalog
Send The Look eCatalog and invite your customers or potential customers to create a wish list of products. Then talk to them about hosting a party so they can earn the products FREE*.

*Available through Independent Beauty Consultants only and with $200 in retail sales
Get social! Excite your Facebook® friends about hosting a Mary Kay® party. Check the approved posts in the Digital Zone.
Sweepstakes and Contests
Sweepstakes and contests always get people excited, so they are a great way to reach new customers, get bookings and sell. Sweepstakes and contests create awareness for Mary Kay® and interest in you and your products. So watch this site for upcoming sweepstakes and contest news.
New! Online Mary Kay® Trend Report Spring/Summer 2011
Women like to stay up to date on makeup and fashion trends, so e-mail or post the trend report to your Facebook® page. Then your customers can print it, forward it to friends, send their comments on sticky notes or post the trend report to more than 200 social media channels. That?s great exposure for you and your Color Makeover and Trend parties!