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What makes our Microdermabrasion set different is several things when comparing it to L'Oreal's:

-L'Oreal's is positioned to use it only in the a.m., due it's second step; ours can be used either in the a.m. or p.m.

-L'Oreal's 2nd step is only a moisturizer with an SPF; our Replenish, Step 2, is a nourisher that feeds the skin with rich anti-oxidants, a 3 tea-complex; again, which can be used a.m. or p.m. with your regular skin care routine

-From a consumer evaluation, our Refine, Step 1, is much more aesthetically pleasing when using; ours has more crystals, thus better results; our Refine, Step 1 base is much easier to remove than the L'Oreal Step 1 which is very sticky/tacky & hard to remove

Lisa Cohorn
Director, Brand Development
Mary Kay Inc.