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Training Center Table of Contents
The ONLY booking script you will ever need. ( Lynn Gleason)
Ideas for Summer (Spring Model Portfolio at bottom)
Winterizing Your Skin 2017
NEW Semi Matt Gel Lipstick Survey
Directions for using the Facial Peel.. copy and paste and print
Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes.. CYnthea Herreid (They will save you money!)
INVENTORY. by Cynthea Herreid
World's Best pre-profiling script!! by NSD Vicki Auth
18 uses for After Sun Replenishing Gel
You are Gorgeous..Closing Sheet
Script for scheduling appts for your Professional Women's protfolio
Class close.. By Stacia Christianson!!!
Christmas Ideas Galore!!
adorable Star Gift Certificates..and Scripts
NEW Bubble Sheet with Booking Scripts ( 3 Versions)
Bathroom Model!!!
Skin Care Closing sheet
Image can Make us or Break us..and it determines our clientele..
Office of the Week.. Great way to get leads!!
4 Skills that will make or break ya!! NSD Leah Lauchlan
Listen for a Lipstick
18 uses for After Sun Replenishing Gel
Customer Care Survey!!!!
Amazing Valentine ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adopt a Grandparent
$1,000 Day sell a thon!!!
Silent Hostess!! ( you can use this any time of the year!)
Top Reasons to Consider Mary Kay
Winterizing your skin Product sheet / for Parties and Facials/ Holly Jerzak
Winterizing your Skin .. Marsha's Personal Dry Skin Routine
10 Great Reasons to Start a Mary Kay Career in Nov or Dec!!!!
Be Attractive
Holiday gift giving list
Stacia Christensen's Party Closing.. word for word script
My Holiday Wish List.. I want these items from my Santa
Jacque Schumacher's Customer Welcome Letter
Products I Tried today ..Checklist
Party and Pass it on Challenge
Drawing Box for Girls Night Out.. Missy Anderson
5 products for a 5 minute face look
MIllion Dollar Question Marketing!! DO IT AT YOUR PARITIES TOO!!
Scavenger Hunt for Models for Portfolio & HOT MAMMA POrtfolio
20 Ways to Jump Start Your Business in June
Booking Idea: Business Woman of the Week .. post on Facebook
Summer Pilot Program NEW 2014!!!
$1,000 day sell a thon!!!
Blank Gift Certificat.. adorable
Inviting Guests to meetings Diane Swenson & Marsha's ideas
HOstess Coaching Chart!!!!
Hostess Poem
Why doesn't she answer her phone?
24x24x24 Script.. Over $1,000 in sales by Missy Anderson
My favorite ways to fill my datebook/ Cynthea Herreid
Create your Virtual Business Card!!!
Getting Great new leads with the hand cream samplers!
NSD Tammy Crayk's 4 Hour Plan ...THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets go shopping ...Look Book game
Party Packing List Kristin Rogers Sharpe
18 uses for After Sun Replenishing Gel!!
$24 to 24 customers in 24 hours challenge!!!! DeNell Anderson
Adopt a grandparent & other ideas to finish your Star/ Julie Huneke
Sales Ideas to Finish your Star.. NSD Dawn Dunn
From 0 - $1800 in 34 Days!! Rheanna Edenburn
NEW .. Recruiting/ Your Future is Here!! / Includes BMW
Valentine Sales Conf Call/ Kim Bauer
The New Church Lady.. I see so many of you as the new church lady
Stacia Christensen.. Select a Star Prize that stretches YOU!!!/ Star Certificates
Hostess Guest list!! 60 guests in 5 minutes!!
Skin Vigorate Cleansing brush .. by an Esthetician. ( Darlene Uitmerkt)
Pajama Party.. Lynn Gleason
Booking script from a Drawing or etc. (Danielle Melanson)
The MYTH of the working woman.. marketing sheet
Make - up Bag makeover ( cindy Erdal)
Hae you ever Pondered Pink?
For your PErsonal Shopping.. ( List of people we buy for at Christmas)
Star Gift Certificates!!! Adorable. (
20 minute HOliday Gifts Appointments
Skin Vigorate Travel Set .. Facial on the hand!!
4 Point Recruiting Plan. Stacia Christianson/ Fall Advance
11 Great Reaons to Start a MK Career from Sept.-Dec.
Black Friday Sale
$10,000 Holiday Sales Plan
Trick or Treat Halloween Bag inserts..Take this penny to buy a new Eye Shadow
IF it's FREE, It's for Me! Car Qualifications
The NEW Church Lady.. I see so many of you as the NEW Church lady!!
Booking Script FOREVER!! Lynn Gleason
Recruiter's Responsibilites .. Denell Anderson
HOstess coaching.. Darlene Uitermarkt
The CLOSE.. Gayle Kolsrud
Christmas Wish List / Rheanna Edenburn
Perfect 10.. and Tracking your rise NSD Angie Stocker
Secrets of Celebrities. fountain of youth!
HOliday Pilot Program
Neighborhood Letter! ( great way to get started in YOUR neighborhood
Meeting Guest Closing Questions .. TOP Director Jordan Helou Eicher
Marsha's Individual class or facial close
NEw Updated Pink Commercial
Price Increase postcard/ you can edit it with personal info
Back to School Sale flyer. ( edit to to use with your personal information)
How to Manage your MK Money on Vimeo (video)
Wheels of Fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Summer Spa Event ..Invitation.. by Holly Jerzak
50-50 for the 50th Sellathon!!!! Thank you Joyce Siegert!!
Why you may want to become a consultant!!
What is a professional Beauty Consultant?
If it's FREE it's for me! Car Qualifications
Dazzle Me Party or facial table set up
Summer Pilot Program ( love this for teachers and college students)
$100 Free MK Shopping Spree With Me!!
Pink Bubble Tracking Sheet
Check up facial and class closing
NEW and UPdated.. PINK Marketing Commercial Break
Cynthea Herreid's MK Coupon for Donations.. or Silent Auctions
The Marketing Bag
11 Hot Jobs that every girl should know about5..
8 Reasons to START A MK CAREER NOW. by Marsha Morrissette
Bible Verses for tough times
How to hold a Stop and Shop
Gift Giving Check List!!!! take to all your appointments!!
Overcoming "She needs to think about it"
NEW...Winterizing Dry Skin / both Timewis Repair and Timewise Miracle Set
Diminishing the signs of aging during Menopause.
Tips for Repair Application Cynthea Herreid (give to customer)
Christmas Selling IDeas
Cosmetic Graveyard.. October Mail or email
NEW .. Party Choices.. Cynthea Herreid (keep on your desk as a reminder)
Lipstick Punch Card
Gen Y Information
MOre on TimeWise Repair from Medical Records...
Product notes/ Mk Research and Development staff
How to SEE the End Results you want
Linda Quillan's results from her 1st Repair Test Panel $1,375 and 3 bookings and 3 interviews 3
Don't fade away.. Robert Jones
"All In!!"
What kind of people do you let into your inner circle of life? NSD Pam Waldrop Shaw
Half Back Hostess program (darling certificate)
Financial Options/ credit card.. for starting or building inventory
Star Certificate/ calling script and customize your certificate
Booking Classes from a Class (Great private close!) NSD Lisa Madson
Lisa Madson's phone tree - 20 topics!!
Closing Set Postcard (Get Set for Beauty)
Recruiter Checklist to work with her team members
Guest Registration Card
A Script that works for booking any kind of appointment, setting up an interview or asking for a reorder!!
Table Close.. Set sheet. ( postcard size.. perfect)
Hostess Script for inviting guests to her Party!!! ( Julie Huneke)
100 ideas to network your business
How to use a Smear Sheet ( or Product Panel Sheet)
picture of MK's oroginal products and trays
10 Party Themes.. (Print for better clarity)
She needs to "THINK ABOUT IT." ..
Business Networking Model Portfolio.. forms
Gloria Mayfield Banks/ Youtube Video.. Leadership! You are a BEAST!!!
Moved to team building on left Menu.. Director's Compensation Chart ( great for marketing chats)
Moved to Team Building on left menu: Going on Target For your Free Car, Earning your Car, DIQ - Directorship!
Moved to Team Building on left menu...Listen for a Lipstick Marketing
100 face in 100 Days. My Way to Cadillac Directorship/ Jennifer Semelsberger Besecker.
January Booking Script/ Winter Seasonal updat?.. NSD Jan Thetfor. NEVER GOT A NO!!
What I learned from facialing 100 women in 100 days!!
MYTH of the Working Woman
Gas Glove Insert
Christmas 2011.. Buy from American owned small businesses
Economic Wisdom.a crisis is a terrible thing to waste
Fast way to get some new leads
Earn an extra $1,000 per month in 4 hours per week
Stop and Shop details/ hostess credit and script
9 STEPS & OR QUESTIONS IN YOUR SIMPLE Mary Kay marketing chat
Black Friday Sale. (email or mail)
ULTIMATE ROll up Closing sheet for guests ( print it off and put under a page protector. Use as a placemat until you need to use it for your close
$10,000 Christmas Sales Plan
The Basics of Product Knowledge. (Marsha's call)
Deleted file
Secret Santa WISH List. START USING IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Model Portfolio
Why we need to use Night Restore, C Complex and Night Solution together
Applying False Eyelashes/ Robert Jones
Deserted Island Booking Game..WORKS!!
Mascara Survey Bar .. ON THE GO!!!!!!!!!!
Book Pajama Parties!!!!
Customer Profile
2011-2012 Seminar Goal and activity sheet
How to Go and Stay on Target for your Car!"
Closing Sets for a Foot Spa Party.. (Mary Dewey)
TOOLS for completing your POWER PLAYER challenge!!!
Meeting People and getting leads... (drawing slips too)
Hostess Coaching Checklist.. Thanks Heather Julson
You don't need permission..
You Can Too.. 30 fabulous quotes
Get what you deserve. ( Ann Vertel)
HOW TO HAVE A $1,000 DAY!!
Foundation shade comparison chart.(all foundation types)
Make-overs for Brides. ( morning, midday and evening)
Customer Receipt System
Fountain of Youth & Communicating with age Differences!!!!
Taking Great Photos.. tips!
Queen's Hostess Packet
Facial Spa Escape Experience (Cindy Erdahl)
Good Morning America Segment.. U Tube Video
How our Foundation Compares.. shared by Carolyn Thompson
Marketing Chat info.. Leslie Helland
Star Gift Certificates & Script (NEW.. You can customize the amount!!)
EVEN EASIER TO MAKE.. Brush Cleaner (thanks Nancy Minarich)
Hostess Coaching Procedure. Sr. Director Lynn Gleason
Warm Chatter Booking
NEW..Get that J-Lo Glow!!! ( a fun new party or facial!!)
Finish Strong u-tube Video. (Thanks Amanda Free)
MK's Words of Wisdom/ 6 Most Important Things List
Brush Cleaner.. ( If you want to make your own) Ruthann Renaud
Helping Men shop for Valentine's Day ( SCRIPT)
Hostess Flyer.. including SCRIPT for Inviting her guests (Thanks NSD Mary Diem)
Success Hostess Coaching NSD Tammy Crayk
60 seconds of truth and joy.. enjoy
Drop the CLUB...
WORK IT!.. Life and Other Distractions
Change your way of thinking thru God's power..
Winterizing Dry Skin
Beauty Set Sheets ( THis is Denise Engebretson's Close. We all use it. EASY!)
Moved to Team builing on left Menu... Team building questions...
Have you ever considered owning your own business? Marketing sheet for you!!
Helping men shop for Christmas (Scripts from our Conf. Call)
Recruiting Notebook
The Power of a Business Card.. Carolyn Thompson
15 ways to finish your Star
"Let's Go Shopping" 2011 Look Book Game
7 Day Blitzen Challenge.. Start today!!
Mary Dewey's Conference Call class notes on Great open house tips
Tray Layout for an Appointment
Getting 100 Leads in a week!!
The Power of Making up your mind!!!!!!!
Fragrance Workshop.. Fabulous!!
Lynn Hill's Open House Invitation
Million Dollar Dreams Goals Setting Sheet - Kim Donovan
Thank you for Sharing (want to get 5 new referrals?)
Who would I sell to?
Mary Kay Thanksgiving Dinner
100 Ways to work your business (Getting NEW Customers)
A Great MK Success Story .. She came from Corporate America
Working with your team - Shared by Janine Malcolm ( Fall Advance)
Poem.. "The blessing of NO." Shared by Carol King-Schrodt
Leadership Panel & Job Survey Stephanie Audino
Girlfriend Time..One BIG reason to Go to or Hold a MK Party with Girlfriends!!
How to use the 6 Most Important things list ( NEW.. 3 lists!)
Giving up may give your career new life!
Lynn HIll's Announcement for 1 of her Stop and sharp & Professional
Marsha's Holiday action plan
Inventory Discussion for New Consultants - Barbara Pleet
Getting Referrals!!!!
Fountain of Youth Set.. EXCELLENT!! Denise Kucharski
What women want Marketing Survey
Tammy Crayk.. Overcoming Frustration. ( Notes from Dianna Fuller)
Don't Open your e-mail 1st thing in the morning.. Secret to getting ahead.. get started.
10 Best Make-up Secrets Revealed
One Booking script forever!!Recorded Call
Overcoming Frustration Recorded Call....NSD Tammy Crayk
AMY NELSON'S 10 party e-mail booking script....
10 Shows in a week FRENZY.. You will WANT to print these sheets
Secrets Of A Successful 10 Party Week!!
21 Steps to help accomplish your 2010-2011 goal
Alternative to Warm Chattering
The Mary Kay Story.. ( thanks to Mary Dewey for sharing)
Setting goals for 2010-2011
5 Insights on Selling to Women
What would 100 Skin Care Customer do for you?
UPDATED...How to hold a Lipstick Wardrobe appointment or party
7 ideas to reach a big sales goal
Mary Kay Customer Appreciation Sale. Diane Swenson
BE a 4 Quarter Star. (Your plan for consistancy and focus)
How to use cucumbers in your Parties
Who is in your network?
Gayle Kolsrud.. The value of an I story..
Filling your books NOW with this great test market idea...
18 Ways to Finish your Star (Sr. Director Lynn Gleason)
"Why Mary Kay" marketing sheet
Star gift Certificates & Calling Script
Pat Doering.. Appreciation Appointments...
Financial Options/Credit card to start your business or build an inventory
10 best makeup secrets revealed.. From the Daily Glow
What are the Odds.. by Coach Ann Vertel
Listen for a Lipstick Marketing sheet
Psychological Secrets to Moving on up .. Do you have a weak link that needs to become stronger?
Make-Up Samples in Stores may be tainted with e-coli, conjunctivitis, herpes and etc... read the article ( Dianna Fuller)
10 makeup mistakes you may be making
It's in the Bag marketing....
Spring Make-Over portfolio
Foundation Conversion chart...
Emotional Mangement .. recorded
Work like a man ..but with a woman's heart. ( Thanks Mary Dewey.. this reinforces my Emotional Management class!)
But . Who do I sell to?
Finding the "YES" amidst the "No's!"
For the Husbands
Burnt Biscuits
Tracking Sheets .. A Tracked number grows!!
10 Rules for Zooming in your Mary Kay career
Shot at $100 Free Hostess Credit Program
Hostess. Party Bucks ( $100 products FREE)
Hostess Extravaganza....Amazing Hostess credit Program!!! $250 Free Products!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is amazing
CLOSING SHEET: Top 10 sets ( Denise Engebretson)
So that's what recruiting is all about..
Tracking your Career Car
12 Minute Skin Care Class or Facial
Building a successful and profitable business
How to Do a Trunk Show
Conversational bookings. TIPS!!
1 package of Brownie Mix and Crystal Light for the hostess!!/ 90% Hold Rate!!
Emotional Management.......
Fabulous Mary Kay Videos to inspire and motivate you....
Winterizing your Skin appointments
1 Sheet Marketing....excellent!!
Facial in a Bag - Thank you..Kim Donovan
Miracle Set Focus Group/ 35% discount (Thank you Kim Donovan)
Become a greeter to the world - Denise Kucharski
Cruisin to and thru DIQ -- Denise Kucharski
Top 10 Great Reasons to START a MK career in January!!
Year end Organizational tips!!!!
Goals for 2010 to give you Hope and a Future- select 5 and run with them!!
Ways to finanace your MK Inventory.
Star Gift Certificates.. scroll down and print...
Blank Gift Certificates.. ( thanks Diane Swenson)
Secret Santa Wish list
Ticket Survey Sheet ( use at each class and facial)
6 Most common Holiday Objections.. Learn how to turn them to everyone's advantage
Black Friday Pink Sale!! Adorable!
Black Friday Sale. Letter to e-mail or mail (Shared by Daphne Christensen)
Are you interested in the earning Potential Plan to the Golden Years?
Open House invitation and Wish List-Diane Swenson
Who uses what shade of foundation?
Text Booking Scripts ( passed along by Kim Donovan at the Fall Advance)
Recruiting Objections with NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks
Product Coding System-Shelf Life
Lynn HIll's stop and shop invitation.. DARLING!
What is it about Successful People in Mary Kay!!
TIme management/ NEW Accountability Sheet/ weekly plan sheet
Future marketing calls.. TBA
The 5 Best Closing Question in closing a new team member.
2 Great Booking Scripts ( Jennifer Semelsberger)
That my friends is Difficult!!!
Committing to the Commitment
For YOUR eyes only.. The ultimate Price comparison of MK and others
BOOKING FIle.. NSD Tammy Crayk
The easiest way to book with a Model Portfolio (such a fun project)
Shelf Life of Cosmetics ( Dianna Fuller)
Good driving advice in a rain storm
27 Ways to say "Follow up Facial!"
Kim McClure using her PURPOSE to book a Party!!!!
100 Faces in 100 Days portfolio
NEW Recruiting Packet
Ever wanted to be "at the right place at the right time?" You ARE!!!
Getting OVER Fear!
"Listen for a Lipstick" - Marketing Sheet
NEW Career Car Options
Top 10 Reasons to be a Star!!!!
Consultant Prayer
The art of Networking
Party/facial Closing ( 4 Sets & 5 ways to pay)
Essential Beauty Sets Sheet (use when closing)
What women want ( updated) Thank you Andrea Shields
Timewise Replenishing Serum +C Selling and Booking Script.
Your Key to seeing it as a DONE DEAL!!!!
Tips for putting together an " I Story with Passion!" EESD LaRonda Diagle
Help with your MK business.. children / or hired help
Sell the Timewise Replenishing Serum + C like crazy
ABCs of Team Building
Top 10 reasons to Grow your MK Business
NEW DIQ Rules.. and Q&A
Web Party.. by Daphne Christenson (she just held a $300 long distance Web Party)
Too Young? Too Old? Think again. NSD Dacia Weigandt/Trust in the Process!!
Hostess Coaching Sheet
Summer Hostess Credit Progams
Acres of Diamonds in your own back yard!!
Working your business full or part time for the income you desire.
Living Break Tru Minded... Joel Osteen
Neighborhood Survey... Acres of Diamonds in your Own Back Yard!!!
Anita Garett Roe's Closing of her interview
Bridal Information & Callling Script.. ( SuAnn Hibbs)
When Prospects don't return your calls.. by life coach Ilene Meckly
Who Do I ask?
Teacher's Summer Pilot Program
NEW.. Referral Sheet
Moving up the career path to management in MK!!!
10 Tips to Going UP!!!!!!
Building your MK Before & After Portfolio
Getting Back to Work!(by Top Director Jen Semlsberger)
Winners Visualize their success.
Putting together your Model Porfolios
"Listen for a Lipstick" Marketing sheet
Deal or No Deal . ( put the fun back into booking)
Time Management Tips by NSD Emeritis Arlene Lenarz
Do you really want it.. "AH"
"$100 Free when you party with me" Hostess credit flyer
100 Days of Success Plan
Optimism is a Wealth Magnet
Lip Wardrobe Appointment
4 Sets and 5 ways to Pay Class and Facial Closing (print 1 for each guest at the class or facial) Thanks for input from Denise Engebretson
Movie clips.. Inspiraton, humore & true stories
MK is a Prestige brand in the market place....
Make-Up tips
4 Stages of a Successful Interview
Warm Chatting/Look Book-Gift Certificate ( VERY NEAT!)
16 MORE uses for Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover
27 ways to say "Follow Up Facial"
UPDATED Monthly Coupon Book (Thanks Kim Donovan)
Your Plan for sales & profit (thanks Kim Donovan & Patty Campion)
Debt Worksheet. Become Debt Free in 2009!!
2009 Winter products Flyer & invitation. Perfect for 15 minute "Store to the Door" appointments
Andrea Schields Skin Care class Thank You Andrea..
HOT off the Press... Fabulous Dec and Jan ideas!!
Class Closing.. Nicole and Denise
Satin Party
35 Bits of Wisdom (Thanks Linda Jahnke)
Helping Others with their Christmas shopping while you are On the Go. Simple Script
Thanksgiving Weekend Mail, E-mail or Phone Sale
Customer Coupon Book. Dec. 2008 - Nov. 2009
Part Time MK vs. Full Time MK
Marcia Sadowski's Open House ideas....Holiday Bucks
Mom's Cranberry Dessert with Butter Sauce
Wear RED in 30 Days!!
Grandma Doris's Pancakes
NEWS- Ultimate Mascara & Waterproof Mascara - FABULOUS!!
Book to Save.. Lynn Hill's latest booking idea
101 Ways To Work Your Business.. taught by Paula Daninger at the Advance!!
Gas Gloves....SO adoreable! Great $10-$11 gift! Patty Campion
Packing like a pro for your Skin Care class. Karin Kaihoi
Lucky Penny Booking Idea
NEW 2009 Career Conference Cities and dates
Product Ingredients Q & A Video
Chocolate Fudge Cherry Cake ( Morrissette Family favorite.. SO simple!)
Mineral Powder Workshops ( Hosted by you or by clients)
How to Deal with "NO".. Fun chart!!!
Christmas Gift Giving List
All Things Christmas!!!!!! So many ideas!!
What I learned from Facialing 100 women!!
7 minute Audio on Team Building.. It will get you started!!
Fabulous Foundation chart.. with EVERYTHING ON it!!!!!
Seasonal Selling Ideas
Getting fabulous referrals!!
Audio.. Listen as the MK Queen of Team building shares her story.
IRS Sale...check it out!!
2008-2009 Focus Folder
"Lipstick Roundup" Silent Hostess
Generating Leads..Leads.. Leads!!
Lipstick sample survey questions..
Building 100 GOOD Skin Care Customers
Referrals are the Heart of your Business Sheet
New Mineral Powder Color Training. Robert Jones Information!!!!
The Art of Networking
A Winning Start ( anytime!!)
Life is 10% what you make it & 90% how you take it!
Updated Hostess Credit .. Girl Time Rewards!!!
Master Asker - Advice
"10 perfect Reasons to Join Mary Kay!" Great 1 page marketing sheet!
Working Full Circle "worksheet"
Powerful Words to help you recruit.. NSD Kathy Helou
Mineral Powder Smear Sheet/Compact Combinations/& Info on this NEW PRODUCT!!!
Selling Mineral Powder Information
Call all of your clients.. " I So Get You" Check List!"
No more "No Shows!"
Classes with Mineral Powder.. Darlene Rutledge
Make your Mineral Powder ON the go Brag Bag!!
Fab 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hostess Packets
New Hostess Credit is working like a miracle!!
IPA .. Income producing Acitivites
Girlfriend Vouchers ( booking and hostess credit)
Eco-Friendly Party Tips
Packing for your Skin Care classes like a Pro!!!!
MK Boot camp...Absolutely MUST KNOW these Words!!
Mineral Powder Marketing
MIneral Powder Foundation Information
Yes.. You CAN book during the day!!!!!
Thank you God" Prayer
Reach for RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Mineral Powder Product information!!
Team Building.. Jennifer Semelsberger
Star Gift Certificate
Generating Leads.. Roses to Professionals NEW . Julie Danskin's tips
Packing for your classes
Meeting/ marketing close
Booking And Recruiting Chicken List
Super Skin Care/ Appointment "Check List"
Class Invitation Postcard ( Kim Donovan)
Leads..Leads.. Leads.. ( Thanks Tamara Leppla)
Updated Director Compensation Pie Chart (NSD Wanda Dalby)
"Gift of Friendship" - getting referrals
New Product knowledge questions and answer sheets.. EXCELLENT!!
Teacher's Pilot Program
Building Class A customers like yourself!!
Mineral Powder Information
41 Benefits of becoming a MK Sales Director!!
Home Visits
Start Saving NOW for Seminar
50 Names of women you know who have SKIN!!!
Psoriasis, Eczema and Rosacea Tips
Triple Hostess Credit Program.. Lisa Madson
Generating New Leads.. Office of the week ...Kim Cowdell
Look Book Dialgues
10 Most commonly asked questions about a MK Career ( Brochure)
The Art of Networking ( SOOO many ways to get leads)
Tuck me into Bed party/Dash out the Door party/Hostess Credit Plan
Team building.. including Listen for a Lipstick
INSIGHTS in selling to WOMEN!!
How to Create your "I Story"
The Blind Horse... Mary Dewy..
Team building
Goal Setting Worksheet
Inventory Chart
Holiday Survey.. Getting NEW Leads!!
Great to explain Marketing to Husbands
Dr. John Maxwell.. Your attitude is your Greatest Asset
$5.00 Girlfriend Voucher/ Invitation to Mk Party
How to have a $1000 Week.. notes from the Conference Call!!
Th REAL FACTS on Women and MOney
Pamper me Pink Invitations
Plastic Mary Kay Gift Cards
Creating an I-Story with Passion.
Wrinkle Flyer
$10,000 Holiday Sales Plan
Customer Reordering made easy thru Automatic Refill
10 Reasons to Start your MK career on the Fall!
25 Beauty Book Giveaway Challenge
Scheduling Interviews.. Marsha's script
Look Straight Ahead!
Recruiting scripts..
In the Bag marketing idea
Book 5 by Friday!!!
Abundance Mentality.. Excellent!!
How to Hold Glamour Classes.. simple
Advanced Class ..Lots of Information
Recipes by marsha
HOt Mamma Scavenger Hunt Portfolio!!