UnitNet TextBlast Announcement

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This is a great way to communicate directly and quickly with your Unit by sending text messages to their cell phone.

Send a TextBlast to your unit members individually or using groups you create.

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Feature/Pricing Details

Feature/Pricing Details

  • Unlimited Texts
  • Schedule to send in the Future
  • Does not come from your personal Cell Number
  • You or your office staff can send the messages
  • You can create contests
  • Create groups like Red Jackets, DIQ and send them special Messages
  • $9/month for 25 contacts (unlimited messages)
  • $15/month for 50 contacts (unlimited messages)

If you have a UnitNet Web site
  • $9/month for 50 contacts (unlimited messages)
  • $13/month for 75 contacts (unlimited messages)

A UnitNet Member that has been using TextBlast sent us this feedback:

"I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the opportunity to use TEXT BLAST!
This tool has allowed me to reach consultants that do not pick up emails and provide them time essential information in a format that they use immediately! I am now reaching a larger base of my unit allowing communication to flow and grow my business!
Thanks UnitNet for this Awesome new service!!!

NOTE: TextBlasts can only be sent to USA cell phone numbers 

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