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Jump Start Party

8.  Consider scheduling a jump start party to launch your business. Your Recruiter or I will be helping you with  YOUR JUMP START (this sheet describes it)  We'll talk about it more during your Orientation. But you will want to be thinking about a date and time.  Hold it in your first 30 Days and receive your Mary Kay Money Bag!  Message me on Facebook, sign the GUEST BOOK, call or text the Hot Line (651-538-0538) or email me lgleason@marykay.com and let me know the date you have in mind so I can put it on my calendar.  When it comes time to hold your Jump Start then just click here and read this Before your Jump Start Party... for some last minute suggestions.  You want SIX ADULT WOMEN (over 18) WHO DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER MARY KAY CONSULTANT willing to have a facial and give their opinion of the product, so you will recieve your Mary Kay Watch!  Click here for some more Ideas.
Plan to have invitations received one week before Jump Start Party
Time  (just put start time, i.e. 7:00 pm) When you fill in the invitation, don't put an end time, only a start time for your Party.  There is a definite start and finish to the event, and you don't want people to come and go in the middle, because they will miss out!

Personalize each invitation with a note:  "I'm counting on your being there!  I need your support! (your name)"
Put invitations on bright colored paper and write note in contrasting ink. 
Here are several Invitations 
that you can choose from to use for your Jump Start.  Postcards can be printed on card stock to mail.





INVITATION 6 (Unless we've discussed differently... they WILL be getting a facial, but not taking off their eye makeup, so this invitation may be confusing.  Use your own judgement if you want to send this one... maybe write a note on it?) :)


Here is ANOTHER INVITAION that can help you get more inventory.  
Be sure you ONLY mail/give an invitation to people that YOU are SURE DO NOT already HAVE a MK CONSULTANT!  Your main responsibility will be to get people to your Jump Start Party. There is a place for you to brainstorm people to invite on THE BUSINESS POWER PLAN .  Remember you want six adult women who do not already have another Mary Kay Consultant so that you will get your Mary Kay Watch so I suggest you invite and followup with at least ten women!  

When it's time for your Jump Start CLICK HERE for what you will need to prepare.