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Fishbowl & Facial Box Promotions

Place 6 new bags and sign in our Guest Book to recieve five STAR BUCKS!!! 

Facial Bag FRENZY
Facial bags are a simple, affordable solution to acquiring more
leads and bookings!
    for a fabulous sheet to print and stand inside one of our MK Signature "Little Big Bags"


Facial Bag FRENZY 

Need LEADS?  Here's a great idea:
Take the new gift box and transform it into a facial box!
It is really eye catching and will get lots of attention. Form it into the box form and glue your business card on the 2 sides of the sides of the lid of the box. (opposite of where the ribbon comes out of the sides)

Take an exacto knife and cut a slot in the side of the box below one of your business cards. Be sure to have a stack of the information cards of your business card sets for people to fill out their info & deposit it into the slot in your facial box. Glue another card below the slot with this on it:

    "Sign up for your free Makeover. Your entry also qualifies
    you to enter my monthly drawing for $50 Free COSMETICS!"

Take several boxes around to business owners that you do business with (drycleaners, dress shops, bakery's that do wedding cakes, florists etc,)
....ask if you can place your boxes in their shop for a test period of 1 month!

Offer the owner a nice thank you gift & I would check on the cards inside
weekly for quick follow up!  If the location is far from your house, then simply leave them several self-addressed stamped envelopes and ask them to empty it once a week and put the names in the envelopes you provide.

Offer her a wrapped Foot & Leg energizer as a thank you gift. (free product gift that we get with our orders!)  Give away the stuff you get for free for ordering!  This is why MK does these product bonuses so we can build our businesses at a lower cost to us!

Order your gift boxes today! They are a limited edition! Get several in
so you can build your business for many months to come! They are 3 for $2.75

As you travel through life today, get God to drive!
Joyce 'Follow Up Queen' Brines

for lots of leads in just a few weeks!
Thanks to Director Kathy Kozej

From: training  (Dawn Sweeney)
When you have lots of names you are always in business!  Jodie Vanderman
built her team from these!  She moved here and didn't know anybody!    Now
she is getting ready to pick up her Hot Red Grand Am!  DIQ Cherise Coles
took the idea and placed a basket of MK products in businesses and had
people register to win the basket.She asked 8 places, 5 said yes.  2 of
them gave her a total of 8 leads, one gave 12, one gave 33 and one gave 70
something!  The key is getting more than one out; one or two may be a dud
but the others won't be!  If you have a clear container, always fill out a
few entries and put them in the container.  No one likes to be the first.
Usually National stores like the stores in the mall do not let you do this,
look for those independent shopkeepers that are frequented by women and do not sell skincare or cosmetics!  Some ones that have worked are small
restaurants (I hear Chinese are good), drycleaners, nail salons, hair
salons, jewelers,tanning beds (watch out for teens), veterinarians, car
washes etc.
How many can you get out this week?  While you are waiting for these to
fill up , you can pass out goody bags!
Love and Belief,

THANK YOU Candy for putting this on email so we all have this
information. Candy is one of the top Directors in Northern California and
is building offsprings like crazy.  This is one of the ideas that has
helped them the most to build their business.  I really recommend trying  

From: Candy Jackson
GET 50-100 NAMES EACH AND EVERY MONTH!!!!   HERE IS YOUR WAY TO TOUCH MORE LIVES and WORK SMART AT THE SAME TIME !!  Many of you have requested the scripts, announcements, etc. that we have used for our facial boxes.  
I now have them on my computer!   YEAH!   There should be 3 attached.   
There are variations that I've seen on this but this is the base for where
we started in our unit!   We also refer to these as the  "Fishbowl
Thank you Director Sue Redding for first introducing these to us 18months
ago at our January Workshop.  Sue built her business in a brand new town
(Las Vegas) in 4 months to Directorship utilizing the fishbowls/facial
boxes along with the other ways we book.   I know it has been a HUGE
blessing for my AWESOME  Directors and DIQ's too !!!  Since you cannot be everywhere all the time, this allows your business to work for you while
you are doing something else!!! If you don't want to use a fishbowl, use a
small box.  You can get small white cardboard boxes at Michael's.  Cut a
slit in the top, attach the pen and put some nice glamour type stickers on
them (tastefully).  OR You can also order facial boxes through
"getorganizedco.com".  They're more expensive but can work great!!!
Glenda uses small plastic containers she buys at Walmart (that you could
put pasta in) and then hot glues some lace or ribbon around the top and
attaches the flyer. It's important to keep your container looking
professional and not too frilly.  We want to attract professional women
too! We recommend 5 facial boxes out at all times in a variety of places to
attract a variety of women  if you want to build a strong team!!!   Then if
you end up with too many to follow up with promptly yourself, then you can
dovetail to your team and that helps build their confidence!!!  It has been
a great tool for dovetailing and recruiting!!!    It really doesn't take
that much time to place them.  If you carved out 4-5 hours over the next 5
days you should be able to get them all placed!
One more tip, if the Manager isn't in, ask for the time he or she will be
back.  Get the phone number and call back that afternoon or the next time
you know the manager is in.  Follow up and Follow Through are so important. 
  Then just explain the promotion to him like you would if you were in
person.  You can always do the follow up in person, but sometimes your
schedule won't match with their schedule so a follow up phone call has also
worked just as well!!!! Have a blessed day!   We have some wonderful women on our team that  wouldn't be in Mary Kay today  if it weren't for these facial boxes!!!!   "If just one more woman finds out how truly great she is
it will be a GREAT DAY!" Mary Kay Ash
Here's another variation of the idea- Just wanted to pass on this cute idea
from Sr Conultant Barbara Cook in NJ.
Barbara is having great success with facial boxes!  She has several out at
all times and rotates them, if they are not producing any names.  She has
been using the empty boxes from the Bee-lieve Mugs or Star Mug. I think the
Bee-lieve Mug is sold out (but you might still have some on your shelves) 
but the Star Mug is still available on Section 2, Catalog, Sales Incentives
( it is a limited edition item, so when it sells out - it is gone!) cost is
$3.50, #6971.
Barbara cuts a slit in the top of box, wraps tulle and curly ribbon and
ties into a bow on the top of box! She then glues the below saying/picture
on a colored peice of paper and glues on the outside of box. This makes the
box very eye-catching and colorful.  You can use the information side of
your card and just stapled together and attach a pen with curly ribbon to
Just take the box in to businesses that you frequently visit and ask if you
can place a facial box in their store.  Don't forget to offer them a
pampering appointment.

JUST FOR YOU!!  Fill out the form and drop it in the box!  GOOD LUCK!       
     Mary Kay Beauty Consultant