About UnitNet

Message from the President of UnitNet

UnitNet has grown to be a full communication system for the Director to interface with her vastly dispersed team. We have put in many tools that make UnitNet far more than a venue for a Newsletter. Today you can train, motivate, inspire and even create audio messages via "voiceCast" on your UnitNet Website . We have included a total concept of enabling you the Director to be able to have full use of the internet without having to learn complex internet languages and systems. We have made using the Internet as easy as using common computer tools and programs. We have also increased our Customer Support to further help you to understand how to use your Web Site. This includes phone, email, and chat technical support as well as our special Live walk through to acquaint you with the system once you sign up.

We hope you try UnitNet and see for yourself just how easy it is and that like so many of our satisfied users, "They can't get along without it now".

UnitNet Inc.